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  1. RiverwalkMiner


    Picked up my first Music On Vinyl edition. I know they have some controversy about digital or analog sources, but the sound is amazing.
  2. RiverwalkMiner


    I agree. I have a $10, 60 year old copy of Marty Robbins Gunfighter Ballards and the sound is so deep and rich.
  3. RiverwalkMiner


    As far as Taylor goes, my daughter has had no issues with the Target version of Lover. 1989 plays well. Reputation picture disc is iffy. That's way too much T Swift info for a grown man to know.
  4. RiverwalkMiner


    Any recs on a receiver or preamp/amp combo in the $200 range? Current setup is Pro-Ject Debut III, Jamo speakers and Sherwood receiver. Sherwood is fine, but i want more tone control. Can't wait to get back to crate digging again, someday.
  5. New Chicano Batman dropped today. I'm digging it. Tour dates also announced.
  6. I'm really enjoying the new album Chickaboom from Tami Neilson.
  7. Trombone Shorty. Feb 8th San Antonio. laissez le bon temps rouler!!☂️
  8. http://youtu.be/oc48ELH16zA Orville Peck
  9. Hell yeah!! I saw him open up for Tom Petty on the Great Wide Open tour back in '91. The people who are "too cool" for the opener really missed out.
  10. Thanks for posting this. I just realized I saw them open for Chicano Batman 2 years ago. Now I'm going down the YouTube rabbit hole.
  11. Labor Day weekend trip update, amazing trip! My daughter's heart was stolen by the city in minutes. Toured The New School and walked around NYU. Saw Beetlejuice and won lottery tickets for Betrayal, did stage door and got playbills signed. Blown away by Central Park (my first visit). Took a nice tour by the conservatory group of the park. Saw the Mrs. Mazel exhibit at The Paley Center. Dinner at Joanne's (part time girlfriend choice). The only I missed was Los Tacos #1 in Times Square, they were closed, but I'll be back. Next trip we get out of the Manhattan bubble.
  12. Thinking of taking a chance on a $30 upper level Morrissey ticket, even thought he's cancelled 3 times on me before. Just how bad is the sound in the Erwin Center?
  13. Yes, this is what I meant to say, neighborhood walking tour. Lots of options on Trip Advisor. Beetlejuice tickets are booked and will monitor TKTS app for second show.
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