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  1. Thanks for posting this. I just realized I saw them open for Chicano Batman 2 years ago. Now I'm going down the YouTube rabbit hole.
  2. Labor Day weekend trip update, amazing trip! My daughter's heart was stolen by the city in minutes. Toured The New School and walked around NYU. Saw Beetlejuice and won lottery tickets for Betrayal, did stage door and got playbills signed. Blown away by Central Park (my first visit). Took a nice tour by the conservatory group of the park. Saw the Mrs. Mazel exhibit at The Paley Center. Dinner at Joanne's (part time girlfriend choice). The only I missed was Los Tacos #1 in Times Square, they were closed, but I'll be back. Next trip we get out of the Manhattan bubble.
  3. Thinking of taking a chance on a $30 upper level Morrissey ticket, even thought he's cancelled 3 times on me before. Just how bad is the sound in the Erwin Center?
  4. Yes, this is what I meant to say, neighborhood walking tour. Lots of options on Trip Advisor. Beetlejuice tickets are booked and will monitor TKTS app for second show.
  5. Any recs on a walking tour company? Definitely not looking for a bus tour. I'm taking my 16 year old daughter for labor day weekend. It's her first trip, and only my second. Staying in midtown. Also looking for steak restaurant recommendation for adult birthday celebration. Already had Sparks in April.
  6. I totally recommend seeking out this movie in your area, I really enjoyed it. I don't know why it made my laugh but, at 51 I was the youngest person in the theater. For a nice companion piece, check out the podcast "Rolling Stone Music Now" June 4 - Jakob Dylon.
  7. LP at Emo's on March 2nd. Second LP show in 3 weeks, Me and the girlfriend just saw her on the 16th in New York.
  8. RiverwalkMiner


    Keeping my Discogs app updated, has saved me from buying albums I already own several times. I've also had good luck with purchases from the Discogs marketplace.
  9. Simple MInds last Friday at ACL Live was outstanding. I think most people forgot about them after the Breakfast Club soundtrack, but they made some great albums in the 90's. The new album is also very good. JIm Kerr mentioned the last time they were in Austin was the 80's. It was my first show at the Moody and I had GA. It felt like a club show. I really the size of the theater and the sound was very good. The best part about "heritage acts"? No one holds up their phone for the whole show.
  10. RiverwalkMiner


    I was in town last week for The Simple Minds concert and I hit up End of A Ear. I really liked the store and their used prices. Of course I've been shopping at Waterloo since forever (back when vinyl was kept where Lululemon is now). I will be adding End of A Ear to my list of stops. I picked up Pearl Jam - Backspacer, Joe Jackson - Live, Bright Lights Big City Soundtrack, Style Council - Internationalists, Jane Siberry - No Borders Here. Jane is pretty unknown, so I was really happy to find this vinyl. I also picked up a new amp from Sound Gallery. Any other stores in town I need to check out next time?
  11. I was at the Pearl Jam concert at Safeco Field that night and saw the story on Twitter during the show. The thought of that dude flying by the stadium did cross my mind. Some people posted that they saw the fighter jets fly near the stadium. Crazy!
  12. RiverwalkMiner


    Thanks, Jazz was the soundtrack to my youth. My dad was a public radio station manager for over 30 years. I raided his closet last summer, and I still have about 40-50 more to add to Discogs.
  13. Pearl Jam - The Home Shows 8/10/18 Pre-show - The atmosphere around the stadium was amazing. The fact that PJ had not played Seattle in over 5 years really had the whole city pumped. We got into the PJ Wishlist Foundation pre-show party, and I won a show poster from the 2016 Wrigley Field shows in a raffle. Between that and a few drinks, I was buzzed and ready for the show. Show Time - Amazing 36, 3 1/2 hour show full over special guests, covers and deep cuts. Tributes to Tom Perry and Chris Cornell. At one point, Kim Thayil from Soundgarden, Steve Turner and Mark Arm from Mudhoney were all on stage with PJ. That means on stage was; 100% Pearl Jam 83% Temple of the Dog 80% Green River 50% Mudhoney 50 % Soundgarden 40% Mother Love Bone This trip was a 50th birthday gift to myself, it was like the soundtrack of my life.
  14. RiverwalkMiner


    I agree Discogs has helped me stop from buying doubles several times. I'm "csvalles1228" on Discogs. I got back into vinyl after my divorce in 2016. My Discogs collection is almost up to 200. Can't imagine that would have happened with the wife still around. Ha!
  15. Rewatched Saving Mr. Banks. I would love a full movie of Tom Hanks as Walt Disney.
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