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  1. If you're on Instagram, check out Jesse Pyle's feed. She was in EP last week and hit up 1700 and Desert Oak, both look legit. As a EP native, I will die on the hill that says Chicos is a damn embarrassment to the city. L&J should be on everyone's list. Kiki's a close second.
  2. This 100%. Did not disappoint at all.
  3. Pretty happy I left Cooks as my WR3 last night (16 points). I guess speed finds a way, even with a no QB.
  4. My best surprise was Morrissey in 2019. The wheelchair landing on my right and the stairs on my left, just one seat, in row 1 on the mezzanine. A row of one, the perfect metaphor for Moz's loneliness.
  5. I'm watching it on Twitch. This is our year. Miners are going 12-0! 😂😂
  6. RiverwalkMiner


    Loving the 80's graphics and The Nice Price sticker. I've not paid much attention to Mayer in the past, but I think this is modern day Yacht Rock for sure.
  7. Almost 30 years later and I still remember everyone walking out just stunned by what we just witnessed. Being 52 now, 90's indie cinema is my happy place.
  8. Saw it opening night with no spoilers, totally expecting Quentin to lean into the murders. I laughed all through Cliff vs the Hippies, it was a surprise and a release. I saw it 3 times in the theater, including the 35mm at Alamo. I don't know if it's just a age thing. I took my 17 year old daughter and she loved it and is reading the book now. If a loud car drive by I'll say " bunch of god damn fucking hippies" as I drink directly from my blender.
  9. I was doing French Press almost exclusively. The Moccamaster is pulling out new and different flavors from the beans. I fell in love with the design at first, but reading and watching videos sold me. My girlfriend complains that her coffee is not hot enough, and I tell her that's because she used to her cheap drip boiling her coffee.
  10. Yes, I'm happy with the Scala. There is a small post grind static issue but I've read that's a issue among lots of grinders. Yes, there are some leftover grind, I tilt it forward and tap the back, (like burping a baby) before removing the dispenser. It is less expensive than the Encore.
  11. Just got the pistachio green model and the smart plug hack is great. The classic design, color and flavors just make the mornings better. It really is a beautiful machine.
  12. I bought the Solis Scala burr grinder last month, and I'm loving it. Check out the Seattle Coffee Gear review on YouTube. I'm unboxing my new Moccamaster this weekend, so I can't wait to play with the grind settings.
  13. Pinkerton in SA for Father's day, easily #2 behind 2M as best in town. Talked to Grant for a few minutes, (surprised to see him) so you might be right about the SA location taking priority. Not pictured - several bottles of Ranch Water.
  14. Durand Jones going in a different direction and I'm totally down with it.
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