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  1. shit, you think the Bad Bush is between some old mama-san's legs.
  2. Yep - the bastard son of a thousand maniacs. So, MTG’s half-brother.
  3. It will matter. Libs are done crying and will be flinging shit like a rabid chimp. Next level hostility with receipts of poor governance. Cruz came on like a tea party surprise over Dewherst, and will go out like a candle so weak it is put out with a fart. A mild Cool Ranch Dorito fart expelled by an eighth kid sitting in the back row of social studies class (not a crazy Ghost pepper flavored Dorito fart expelled from an eighth grade in English class)
  4. If he were to testify, Tuberville would have the real impeachment hat trick: instigator of the insurrection, victim of the insurrection, juror for impeachment for the insurrection, and witness to the insurrection trial.
  5. So, the best is yet to come? If it's what you say, I love it.
  6. x x, 18, x 1, 3, x, x 9, 17 7, 12, 15 8, 10, 14 11, 13, 16 19, 2, 5, 6, 4, x
  7. Funny, but we are not going to rip off Tech’s slogan.
  8. High crimes? It's rung on so many different levels.
  9. Were you the Servant Girl Annihilator? You left ten years after the last killing in 1885, so the timeline is plausible.
  10. In and Of Itself - Hulu. A film of a guy's one man play in NYC, but it blew my mind. Unlike anything I had seen before. I suggest not reading too much about it before watching.
  11. Has anyone ever done more to sabotage their own reputation in such a spectacular manner? What a three-month tailspin for "America's Mayor": -Borat 2: Caught on film being sexual / creepy as shit with someone he believed was a minor -Four Seasons Landscaping -Sweating diarrhea down his face while spouting diarrhea out of his mouth in one of his numerous, slanderous press conferences -Almost certainly headed to a bankrupt future due to the aforementioned slander <torbush.gif>
  12. Which one of you beautiful bastards gets credit for the Buda billboard.
  13. Looks like The Pin Man is going to finally lose his virginity. It will not be by choice.
  14. Feller is a cock-eyed scoundrel. <Allegedly> Fucked Donna Campbell’s staff member <Allegedly>. I’m not one to judge a man for the fidelity to his wife, unless you stomp around in a “Christian” cloak of righteousness. It’s a bad look for the self-righteous and some of that stink eventually rubs off on Christianity. Ground swell is developing (gushing) to primary his ass. I will donate to both the R and D for his replacement. Wish we could have the FBI drag him off without waiting for two more years.
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