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  1. Pretty cool seeing LMA, the old Longhorn go HARD at Jaxson Hayes, the youngin'. At least 3 baskets that quarter he just went into his chest and used that old-man strength.
  2. Forty six & 2 killed me. Pneuma, Descending, Invincible. Wow.
  3. Park? Just leave the scooter in front of the building and walk off.
  4. This is exactly what I was going to post. That was only 5 or so years ago. That bad?
  5. Fuckin' stoked. Off of work at 5, quick stop at home to "prep" and then smoke and stroll to the Erwin Center.
  6. I thought about our LHN guys after reading Acho's tweets playing the victim and boiling down our (alumni/fans') reaction to "haters in Austin". Motherfucker you aren't important enough to have haters. I never really had an opinion on him at all until he sold himself to play another opinion guy on ESPN. He was a solid guy that I think got hurt often but was talented and played some solid games for us. Those guys are a dime a dozen in the UT history books. I could rattle off 10 of those guys at his exact position. I like Ricky (and Jordan and hell even Griffin, etc.) because they get on the TV and call the games and discuss the matchups and Xs and Os but are still our guys, our boys. Acho didn't want that lane, he wanted to rile people up and spout his opinion, but now is crying over twitter because he got a backlash about it. He wants to be Skip or Stephen, but has only gotten 1/10th of the shit either of them have gotten, and is already bitching. "Haters in Austin" is such a juvenile reaction to what should be opening his eyes to the lane he picked for himself, but some people are too stupid to even see the decision they made for what it is.
  7. I wouldn't put it past Dana. But yes I agree this is absolutely a cherry-picked fight. Earlier today I thought about where it leads, should the goose win, and would *think* that the most fair (not the thing that makes Dana the most money) would be to give him the loser of Tony/Khabib. Either would be absolutely huge. Masvidal would make sense too, but Jorge wears him down. Usman/Conor? No thanks.
  8. I agree with all of y'all pretty much. I can definitely see it being a mischaracterization or misunderstanding. I refuse to believe that he'd be dumb enough to say that outright. The parts that bothers me most is 1. Why is Warren so hurt by it now? It's not like coming forward after sexual assault or something where maybe victims have a hard time being believed, but even then they're still usually extremely reactive to the perpetrator. Why would Liz go through the entire year being cool, but now can't even shake his hand, like she's triggered now? (I only bring up assault bc I've seen it already being compared to other "instances" where women aren't believed, like assault...... stupid)... 2. I see these little instances of the media trying little grenades at the more progressive candidates and it irks me. I'm not sure if I'm just paranoid, but damn it seems like they really don't want Bernie, and obvs really want Joe.
  9. Well, well, well, look where we are. I saw the video of her brushing off a handshake after the debate and it really chapped my ass. Not sure if that's making more out of it, but it sure seems like it, and she might be losing a supporter over it. This thread isn't very good, but I wanted to see what people thought about this. I had Warren at the top of my list with Bernie a solid 2, but definitely 2, and now I'm rolling my eyes hard at both Warren and her campaign. Apparently he said this shit over a year ago but now she's pissed off enough about it to leak it and make it this awkward deal that she can't even shake his hand now? Fuck that. Weak ass coordinated attack plan. I understand that Trump can call your wife fat and talk about your father, your intellect or whatever he wants over on the other side, but I'm not down with the weak ass tactics weeks before a big primary. Maybe that's why we're losers though.
  10. So do we send him to a summer coaching clinic and let him have at it? Or have one of our coaches teach him what to teach the players rather than just teaching the players? That was more of my point. I'd agree in general you can teach (some things) without having done it yourself at a high level.
  11. Dude didn't play college ball right? Not even sure how much high school ball he played. IIRC he was a college student and part-time waiter that somehow worked his way into a support role with Herman's UH teams. I know the guy's a huge plus on our team, but I don't want him coaching anybody about football technique.
  12. Just an observation here, and our tough ass schedule has probably already been discussed in the thread, but I saw a tweet from the Jazz about how nobody is talking about their winning streak, which is now up to 10. Their opponents? Nets, Wiz, Hornets, NY, NO, Magic, Bulls, Pistons, Clippers, Blazers. Tonight they play NO again. If you go back another 6, there's only 1 team with a winning record in that group too. 2 of their last 16 opponents had winning records. Maybe this happens every year with this many teams, but how they get a run like that, 16 games w/ 14 losing teams, and we get 16 games with only 6 losing teams, but 2 coming against the Grizzlies, who are hot af right now but still under .500. Anyways. GSG. Tough one tonight.
  13. 100%. Mueller is the ugliest HEB in town. How is the BBQ/Beer end so nice but the actual grocery side looks like a crossfit warehouse. Allandale is a good one, for being in such a busy area there sure is parking all the time, and quick service. I try to keep it real and stay to my neighborhood E. 7th location. They finally finished the updates and the beer section is great, I like it. Even though I've heard (white) people complain about how shitty it is. The clientele is changing rapidly, obviously.
  14. Holy shit, I left the movie thinking of Good Time, which I streamed years ago on my laptop. I don't remember much about the movie other than it was average, but super chaotic and trying to be "edgy" with all the street shit. It's allllll making sense now.
  15. IIRC they were usually San Antonio 9s. Which is like Austin 6s. Not sure what you're all riled up about, seen hotter on campus. Does this new style of 3-ball continue for LMA/DDR or is this just a hot streak that will be over in a week? And Patty is having a hell of a season. His performances for Australia in the off-season really had me wondering how we could run a guy like that out of SA. He still has a valuable part on the bench, as long as he's surrounded by the right guys (i.e. not Forbes).
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