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  1. How’d that Soldano sound?
  2. tbone_

    Getting old sucks

    IT band. Gotta bust it up with a foam roller.
  3. Which bonds? Ibonds? Tips? Something else? Don’t ibonds have a max $10k annual investment? How much stock can that be offsetting.
  4. That is a serious pos car. Looks in good shape though.
  5. At the risk of outing myself as the moron that I truly am - what is a Texas Rho? I don’t recall that particular tribe from my foggy days on the 40.
  6. Counterpoint: the guy at my mechanic shop took the wheel locks off my Firebird when I realized I didn’t get the wheel lock key with the purchase like they were regular lug nuts. Slowed him down zero. They might at least cause someone to pass up your car for a different one though.
  7. Also, how perfect is her facial expression in that pic Yes Boudreaux, she has a face.
  8. Quoted because only decent post in this thread.
  9. Corollary question: wtf do rising rates and inflation have to do with tech stock valuations?
  10. I’m thinking D-Day has something more than just vengeance wrt Howard. Feels like it should have something to do with her bigger life goal of doing good.
  11. That shit was 70s not 80s. 80s switched to plastic on seatbelt locks and everywhere else.
  12. That’s so bad ass. Tell me the back seat faces backwards.
  13. Also, the top colleges have way more nfl talent than any usfl team.
  14. UGA would kick the shit out of every usfl team I’ve seen. They are a looooong way from the nfl.
  15. I don’t think GS is automatic over Dallas
  16. You left out this which was quite possibly the shittiest mass produced car of all time My parents were always sedan Deville types too, but tried one of these when they first came out. Think they took it back after about 6 months.
  17. Isn’t the cut defined as the line that makes the weekend group the right size?
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