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  1. you have 5 weeks and are set on not getting any surgery. if it's not better in 2-3 weeks no harm in getting MRI and maybe a cortisone shot prior to the trip.
  2. there's a finite number of races, right? the max on the slider in opensea sorter is 2030. It will be interesting to see what breeding rights even cost. can you set your own price for stud fees? but you could probably sell an unraced foal from that horse for at least 1 ETH. I think i saw mares will be able to birf 2 foals per month.
  3. https://knowyourhorses.com/horses/23385 beast of a horse at Buterin. just listed for 3 ETH. 7 races total and won all 3 at 1000m. 4.9 odds at G-race. - just graduated to class III from class IV so they are trying to sell before any class III data is known. - sold for .24 ETH 4 days ago. check out this one. 1000+ races; 2.25 ETH profit, beautiful U-shaped finish profile https://knowyourhorses.com/horses/16896 - bred from 2 parents with 13+ odd in G-race - in a race with this on later https://zed.run/race/CppzIH1p
  4. also, if you search on the regular opensea.io (not the matic.opensea.io) you can dial in stuff even better with the races. you can set a range of # of races and range for win %. At least all the sorting option are on the left side of the screen for me. and obligatory "about tree-fiddy" for the current value.
  5. this one just went for 1.5 ETH https://knowyourhorses.com/horses/2698 I had been eying it and made a bid at 1 ETH, but then cancelled when i saw the other one i bought.
  6. bought on opensea yesterday for 1.2ETH ~$4950. was listed at 1.5 ETH. like NGE said in a previous post, finding low odds horses is difficult. I saw it had G-race odds of 6.28 and was not selling for 3+ ETH and started seriously looking at if I wanted to drop that coin on it. Tried 1 ETH, but no dice. So check out his last race. some very good horses in it. https://knowyourhorses.com/races/yfZCCdW ($25 entry) my horse finished 4th, but look at the G-race odds for the top 3. They are all lower than 7 odds on G-race. Syrax (https://knowyourhorses.com/horses/6573) is a progeny of Wal
  7. Z10 - $124 Z9 - $209 Z8 - $330 Z7 - $625 Z6 - $1,509 Z5 - $3,809 Z4 - $6,432 Z3 - $13,602 Z2 - $19,538 Z1 - $36,900 That's what i saw on twitter as the pricing for the drop.
  8. so here is what i have picked up on how to try and judge a horse. break it down in 2 categories 1) Already raced - look at the Griffon race (first race) and look at the odds. anything in single digits is good. under 8 better. under 5 could be a monster. Saw one horse under 4 and dude said he turned down a 5ETH offer and this was for a Buterin. (https://knowyourhorses.com/horses/26271). That guy is going to be able to sell the foals for $$. -- always always check on kyh AND ZED before buying. opensea lags terribly on if something is raced or not raced. I did not check and tho
  9. yeah, i hope so. debating on whether to transfer it out to another wallet, but i don't really know how that works. there is an option in the settings to transfer horse out to another wallet.
  10. can someone do me a favor? look at my stable and tell me how many horses are in there: https://zed.run/stable/ncp-sombra weird glitch for several hours now. I had put a bid on a horse. It looked liked the owner then took down the auction and the horse disappeared. on and off the amount would show deducted from my WETH in ZED, but a refresh would always come back with the right amount. Then l look just now and the 2nd horse is showing up, but sometimes my wallet has full amount and sometimes it does not. metamask wallet is showing full amount and horse is not showing up in my ope
  11. if want a horse that looooves finishing 4th, then take a gander at my pride and joy, Energy Rush: https://knowyourhorses.com/horses/21743 I am entering as many cheap races as i can to take data. I seen talk of a U-shaped finish profile being ideal, meaning lots in the money and lots in 11th/12th.
  12. like transfer within the game? I asked ZED support about merging an email and metamask account a few days ago, but have not heard back. I just bit the bullet and transferred everything manually.
  13. yeah from having fucked this thing up on my own, here is what i would do in order 1) create metamask account, no need to fund right away. this wallet address will be used by ZED and opensea (PM me your seed phrase, jk...) 2) create Zed account using metamask to log in (don't use email to create account) 3) link metamask to opensea.io. should just go to website and click on wallet icon and it will do it automactically. 4) in ZED, transfer ETH from any other wallet (or you can buy with CC). This will show up as ETH in ZED and metamask wallet 5) Transfer ETH to WETH
  14. i ended up selling https://zed.run/racehorse/7953. made .15ETH (~$600) off the sale. The horse was not winning, but was placing enough to keep at class III. in just talking with one of the sellers on Discord, the guy who owns this horse https://knowyourhorses.com/horses/26271 said he turned down a 5 ETH offer. said he made .5 ETH in winnings yesterday. So if you can form a ROI monster, those can be sold for big bucks.
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