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  1. because people need groceries and not everything is delivered. Delivery for my parents in a smaller town is running a week after ordering now. Now all the fuckers at home depot, you kinda have a point, but it's perfectly acceptable to go and pick up shit you need like groceries.
  2. maybe should be in the 'shit my kid says' thread, but my 9yo commented that "you can't worship if you're dead" when wife and I were discussing all the dumbfucks that keep trying to worship face to face no matter what. Now hotwheels is hold my beer on reopening them.
  3. well, to be honest, flights are probably $20 each way right now. So sell the Calc2 book and hop on plane with money left over for drinks
  4. get 10 extra hours per week due to no commuting. So save gas $ and have extra time. Lunch was not too much at $5-7 per day, but I guess it adds up. getting takeout less often. maybe once per week now cancelled lawn service after confirming the old lawnmower still works, but still paying maid and afterschool nanny even though we have not used them in 2 weeks. so net savings, I would say.
  5. lol, they could have ID'd every last person on that beach by either tracking to an end address or compelling Google to give up the goods. There was an article posted a month or so ago about the guy who was arrested (or person of interest) in a home break in because they saw his phone passed by the house 3 times the day of the robbery. He was exercising riding his bike at the time.
  6. any more news out of Mexico? are they still in yolo mode?
  7. staying on flonase religiously has helped a ton. now added a 12-hour allegra in the morning and will probably end the day with a benedryl before bed.
  8. i think he is just doing everything possible to get out ahead of this. That has seemed to be his mission from the start.
  9. like the meme says, if you want a test, cough on a rich person and let them get tested.
  10. solely based on the Texas dashboard website, the private testing dwarfs the public testing. The 2 drive through sites in Dallas county can only test a max of 250 per day (each). They list that restriction as 'federally mandated'. No idea on the criteria for private testing
  11. i think it's called venmo. you lose, you pay the bet amount.
  12. comeon, Danny totally scooped the Michael Jackson death
  13. yeah, one thing I am guessing on is if they would still like tips in cash. money is dirty AF, but cash would not be on the ledger. anyone with service friends confirm which is better for them?
  14. no shit, FLA should have just let the spring breakers greet the cruise ship that wants to dock there. and then call down an orbital strike.
  15. finally, graphs and shit! back on track
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