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  1. yeah, I saw a FB post from a red-ass aggy "praying that Mond tore up his knee and never played another down" it just does not filter through to aggy that yes, black people may be tired of getting shot by the cops and persistent racism. and that athletes are may have an opinion about it.
  2. if it works it works. At my old company we had mfg machines (epoxy dispense) that were rocking DOS and working fine as of a few years ago. We would have to resolder EPROMS to the motherboad occasionally. The CPU was all fancy with its math co-processor. I think it was an 80386
  3. - What it does is, every time there's a bank transaction where interest is computed, you know, thousands a day, the computer ends up with these fractions of a cent, which it usually rounds off. - What this does is, it takes those little remainders and puts it into an account. - This sounds familiar. -Yeah, they did it in Superman III.
  4. yeah, there is a whole lot of Tom Hanks holding a robot shaped like a building lately.
  5. complete with grainy Ring footage?
  6. soooo, is the blowu kstate game still happening? And i know it's already starting, but there is going to be for real spiderman finger pointing.gif when teams are missing games and their opponent from last week also blows up with C19 issues. maybe 2 weeks between playoff rounds for full quarantine?
  7. i think that is my quote. but yeah, i have already said i don't like wearing them. I put them on right before entering a store and take it off when leaving and not around people. and no one should wear them in a car alone. I think you are just making up stuff again to assuage your fear of looking bad because no one else is wearing them. In Dallas, in the stores i have been in the most (Specs, Pool supply, Target, grocery store) it's been 99% people are wearing masks. Probably because it's super fucking easy to do and they're not pussies; plus it's just common fucking courtesy to the store employees who have to wear them too. And that's all i'm saying. How masks ever got political or became a virtue signal (I guess for some) is just fucking baffling. The docs and state officials said wear em, it's not hard to, so what's the big deal?
  8. now do how many times he attended a church service.
  9. many people have seen men dressed in all black with tremendous backpacks filled with cans of soup on planes talking about how they cannot abide with college football going on. maybe that is team doom and gloom.
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