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  1. Username...... blue and yellow can in background..... something something.....
  2. Nice job everyone, but SurlyBDR is owning this thread. MOAR please.
  3. Smoking some Beef “Dino” ribs- sides of crock pot of pinto beans, scalloped corn, Brussel sprouts, potato salad. Chips, salsas, queso, Jalapenio-pimento cheese dip, guacamole. Peach cobbler with some 1905 vanilla ice cream.
  4. Hit: Everyone in Breaking Bad.
  5. This is on you. That’s where you fucked up right there, hitting her with a trick question right off the bat.
  6. Horns1

    Neil Peart RIP

    Cranked up all or parts of 2112, A Farewell to Kings, All The World’s a Stage, Caress of Steel, and Hemispheres tonight. Drum solo after “Working Man” on ATWAS......phenomenal. All of it though, so damn good. Such a talented writer, aside from the sheer musical ability. Sucks. Farewell to (the) KING.
  7. Been kinda sick the last couple weeks, lots of nose blowing and coughing. Worked a half day Christmas Eve, and kinda felt like I needed to sit on the throne before leaving the office, but we just finished locking up and were ready to leave, so decided to tough it out till I got home.. Then while driving, I remembered I still had to get some booze for BIL’s present as well as some eggnog the wife wanted, so stopped at Twin Liquor real quick. Got out of truck, walking into the store and a sudden major cough erupts. Let’s just say that’s not the only thing that erupted the moment I coughed. Damn near made it the whole year dammit. Still got what I needed at Twin though.
  8. Damn, thanks for all the feedback. Can't say I am really surprised, as no specific places seem to resonate for that region, ( like Franklin, Snow's, Mueller's, etc do for Central Texas) . It's apparently just a mythological thought that KC has great BBQ. Oh well, still have bourbon and football.
  9. Headed up there for Texans vs Chiefs next weekend. Did a little preliminary online scouting, and have Slaps, Joe's, Jack Stack, and Bryant's on the radar, but looking for some solid "first hand" recs from anyone that's experienced the Que scene up there.
  10. I ordered a Smoke a week ago. Two days after I ordered it, and before I received it, I get an email from Thermoworks offering 20% off several different items, one of which was the Smoke. I had never ordered anything from them before, so I was added to their email blast list when I ordered 2 days earlier. I replied that I had just ordered it and not even received it, and would love to have been able to partake in the 20% offer. Sent the email at 7am, had a reply by 7:30 am, a very well written one, not a form letter response. Basically the guy stated he completely understood my concern, and that it's difficult to send the offers out when there's always people that had just ordered something, and they would honor the offer and credit me the 20%. Probably the best and most efficient customer service I have ever received online. As far as the product itself, easy to set up and operate, helped me to really pay closer attention to the air temps next to the pork butt I was smoking. Receiver didn't fare well through the stone walls of the house, but that wasn't unexpected. All in all, a pretty positive first impression.
  11. Solid entries by Buzzrock and blacklab. Congrats.
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