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  1. The state of Oklahoma is not my standard.
  2. I honestly take 3rd and 10 over 2nd and 20 if I'm OU.
  3. Probably better he didn't catch that.
  4. Spencer Sanders not going away quietly into the night.
  5. Herbstreit is such a faget. It was not well after the whistle. Everyone in America was watching live you clowns.
  6. Omg are they chanting SEC? You idiots aren't even winning.
  7. Wow. Big play for OU to start their drive. Just in the wrong direction.
  8. ztejas

    NBA 2021-2022

    Durant played every minute in the 2nd half. He had 39/9/7 and 4 steals. And he's inarguably their best man to man defender. I'm not sure he's human. Really hoping Harden doesn't tank KD's legacy in the playoffs but it's super early and they're still 1st in the East.
  9. Hang on... writes down "voodoo69" on list of posters to neg the shit out of
  10. Can one of these guys on D play quarterback?
  11. I don't know. Pretty sure we've won like 65 games against them.
  12. I don't know. I didn't see that pick coming. I need to brush up a bit.
  13. This is honestly awesome in a really fucked up way. And Gundy is stupider than shit. That's two down territory after that botched FG. Why are you dumbasses throwing it 20 yards downfield.
  14. ztejas

    NBA 2021-2022

    If they can get sleeper agent James Harden on the other team every night they have a shot.
  15. I'm amazed OU didn't recover that for a 1st down.
  16. 40-24 incoming. Bet Caleb hits a deep shot for 6 on 1st or 2nd down.
  17. Everyone in the stadium knew he was missing that but Gundy. What a cuck. Lmfao.
  18. Bedlam for the osu sideline and fans.
  19. They really didn't. Baylor just lined up and beat them because they're shitty and can be had. Just like Texas should have beat them.
  20. Omfg Sanders almost just tossed a pick 6 hhahahaha
  21. Osu doesn't score here this is done.
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