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  1. interesting. do you know if his teammates went to his birthday party?
  2. guess I need to go to sonic soon. chili cheese tots and a super sonic jap burger sounds pretty good.
  3. this spare is horrible. death week? worst segment in years.
  4. “back home.” I love this kid. really hope he sticks around when ewers flips to us.
  5. how would it be any different than a dm? wasn’t it essentially just a dm attached to a rep? maybe it was anonymous on surly, I really can’t remember. but it doesn’t seem like it would be hard to do. and then we could bring back the neg rep comments thread. http://www.shaggytexas.com/board/showthread.php/128648-What-s-the-best-neg-rep-comment-you-ve-received
  6. moesha, sister sister, that’s so raven
  7. what have you heard/read on juan davis?
  8. yeah 👍🏼 I saw it in the OU thread on the football board.
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