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  1. @Longhornfrenzy just want to say you are doing the Lord’s work, seriously, I read about 30 seconds of this shit and my brain turns to jelly. You dive headfirst into this cesspool day after day. Bless you.
  2. Yeah, and I didn’t catch it the first time, but the guy he passes in the tunnel is his body double, same clothes.
  3. Also, last season Lalo made a crack about Gus being mad at Hector for killing his boyfriend.
  4. I was always a Flunkie guy myself...
  5. And I was just thinking what a glorious time we live in when I can hear Wreckless Eric and Sparks in commercials..
  6. In the flash forward from season 4, Saul asks Francesca to be at a pay phone at 3pm on 11/20 (his birthday) to take a phone call. Theorizing this is Kim (since who else would call Jimmy on his b-day) and since it is to this specific pay phone and not one of Jimmy's burners or his personal phone, the person calling is being monitored, so he theorizes Kim is in prison. The Howard plan somehow blows up and due to her controlling nature and self-reliance ("you don't save me, I save me"), she takes the fall for her own doings. And since she is is prison she will get out at some point and that leaves the door open for some kind of perhaps chance encounter in Nebraska.
  7. I dvr it and purposefully wait until it's over so I can zip through the commercials (amazing how fast the show goes by that way). I don't look at twitter, I don't pull up this thread, nothing, until I've watched the episode. Then I get online for reaction and comments. It's pretty easy to not get spoiled if you don't want to.
  8. Really hate to see them turn on each other. Shame.
  9. Not to keep hyping this guy's channel but he knows his shit. This brings up some laughable theories but also some pretty good ones, the last one I could see happening.
  10. I don't but I do have this https://www.discogs.com/release/13971222-Pink-Floyd-Rarities-A-Tree-Full-Of-Secrets
  11. I ran across this guy's youtube videos last week, he does a fantastic job at breaking down the episodes, finding easter eggs and connections, split second scenes that you probably wouldn't notice unless you went back and watched the episode a few times... The breakdown of last week's premier is really good as well..
  12. Kim's anger for Howard reminded me of this scene, had to watch it again..
  13. Great article with some more Kim insight How ‘Better Call Saul’ turned Kim’s ‘scammy side’ into an indelible turning point
  14. Don't get out of Taylor much for BBQ (not that we eat the cue around here much, I usually just make my own) but the wife didn't feel like working on the yard today so suggested a mini BBQ crawl. Since the boy lives off of S. Congress and Oltorf, suggested he meet us at Moreno Barbecue. A friend that lives a few blocks away had recommended it, and I always pass it when we go to Space for our band rehearsals, so decided to venture south today. Did not disappoint. Hipster quotient relatively minor, will check it out again sometime (although wife was excited to see Conan's across the street, so we've already made plans to hit that the next time we're down that way...). Wrapped up with a few brews at St. Elmo, all in all a good day.
  15. I'm almost a little disappointed (just a little) that the premier Monday is the first 2 hours. Of course I want to binge on 2 hours of BCS, but that just means it's going to end that much sooner. I'm perfectly fine with letting this season stretch itself out.
  16. I watched a Frontline episode on the Liberty City Seven called “In the Shadow of 9/11”, very similar situation, very different outcome. I wonder why? Can’t quite put my finger on it…
  17. FYI, this is the performance from 2015 that is mentioned in the first article I linked above...
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