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  1. I’m able to do it on YouTube version. Bottom right gear icon gives you the playback speed option.
  2. If it looks like it’s heading this direction, does Pence drum up enough cabinet support to have a go at 25th amendment-ing Trump?
  3. For today’s outing, we took our 5 year old to the 4-story parking garage for my office. It has gate access and nobody was there, so it made for a nice scooter racing course. Started at the top level and sped our way to the ground floor. Rode the elevator back up and did it again...and again....and again. Made for a fun hour or so outside, covered (since it’s raining in Dallas), alone, and out of the house.
  4. So then, we’re not doing the cotton ball up the ass thing?
  5. Why? Was he not optimistic about the market?
  6. God knows I’ve spent more and gotten less time and time again. Why stop now? Besides, regardless of politics, it’s time for the Senate to actually debate and vote on issues. Enough of this goally mentality. If my contribution helps to change that, then it’s money well spent. If it doesn’t, I know I did a bit more than sit around bitching and quipping on a football message board.
  7. ...And just made another contribution to McGrath’s campaign.
  8. <Intercom squawks> Jade, please report to Brisket's ledge. Jade to Brisket's ledge, please.
  9. I guess you can't always struggle with your demons. Sometimes you just have to cuddle them.
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