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  1. So glad that something warms my heart since ERCOT isn’t doing it’s job.
  2. She strikes me as more of a personality disorder than BPD.
  3. Attacks. Hmmm.... ever think it could be you?
  4. Let’s see...this should just about do it for her: 10 PRINT “STFU BITCH” 20 GOTO 10 RUN
  5. Can’t hear the National Anthem without the urge to shout “stars” each time in appears in the verses. Thanks, NHL.
  6. Burning evidence? Nah, just electing a new Pope. Nothing more to see. Move along.
  7. Why can’t he simply defend himself? People are saying he’s got the best legal mind and can grasp the most intricate concepts of law as well as, or maybe even better than, the great Justice Oliver Wendell Douglas.
  8. Seeing that I’m one of many with true ADD, I kinda resent this. But, given that I’m ADD, I’ve already moved on. Squirrel!!!
  9. Gonna need more mental health dollars for the prison system.
  10. He’ll probably get one, too. Then he’ll become a mascot/fixture at all future MAGA rallies where he’ll join the other sideshow oddities like Diamond and Silk, Sheriff Joe, and Chuck Woolery.
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