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  1. Agree. At first I thought it was mostly on George, but after watching and thinking about it, and listening to the way each driver described it, I definitely see Bottas' veer to the right and that is precisely what put George into the grass-- everything beyond that was simply physics on a wet track, which is precisely why that veer to the right was dangerous and shouldn't have happened.
  2. I too spent hours at that public library after finishing my horn lessons, my folks were busy and had better things to do than pick me up right on time. I also often wandered down to the Winn's and bought candy.
  3. But let's be honest, the headache is probably from all of yesterday's DIPA consumption, right?
  4. Thanks. My wife got Moderna 1 and 2 a couple of months ago (healthcare professional) and had no issues with either. Hoping for the same, otherwise she's going to call me out as a wimp.
  5. Just got Moderna #1. Didn't even feel the needle or shot go in, I thought he was just wiping on a little topical anesthetic when I felt pressure, and then all of a sudden he said we were done. Fingers crossed the rest of it goes so well...
  6. Most class Bs aren't particularly well-suited to tow an additional car behind them, so keep that in mind. I definitely wouldn't want to have to break camp every time I needed to go somewhere. So the travel trailer and tow vehicle work best for us right now, but eventually I think we'll probably move on to a Class A moho and we'll tow our Jeep behind it.
  7. I always recommend inverter generators, they're quieter and produce a cleaner signal for use when operating your electronics. Honda and Yamaha are still the best, but several off-brands are making strides and getting decent reviews. I have a 3500W Champion that I use for RV camping/tailgating, and it has served well for the 4-5 years I've owned it.
  8. I mean, to be fair, stepping foot into a Walmart felt like that long before COVID...
  9. Absolutely. I hate the blue flag. Nobody should be forced to let themselves get lapped. If a car truly is faster and worthy of being ahead, then they should be able to make the pass. If you can't make the pass, you didn't earn the spot. But let's be clear-- that's not what happened to Lewis. He wasn't blue flagged and forced to give up spots.
  10. Two routes to herd immunity-- vaccination or infection. I'll choose the former, but those that avoid the vaccine, are choosing the latter. Either way, we're going to be back to business as usual-- at least in the more "open" states like Texas-- by Memorial Day.
  11. Where do you live? This certainly hasn't been my experience in Austin, through this week. Already had two cancellation/fuckups of trying to get the vaccine.
  12. Mazepin is like the illegitimate cyborg offspring of Grosjean and KMag, except somehow far, far worse.
  13. Not at all. Sadly, it sounds all too familiar and 100% believable. I'll never understand people that do their prep and rigging in the launch slip when there are typically plenty of places beforehand they could do it, most of them clearly marked as such
  14. Just anecdotally among my friends, several of them definitely waited to let their high-school-aged kids go back, until now. Most parents of middle school and younger kids, that I know, let them go back last Fall. Our 5th and 7th grader have been in-person since October.
  15. Oh yeah, same here. Shakey's on Airport was in the rotation. Then they opened the Pizza Inn right there at Rockwood and Burnet, and they had buffet night on... Tuesday I think? That became our go-to. Gatti's was usually a special treat for birthdays or after-team-sports-events. It's still my favorite "bad" pizza on the planet and I'll fight anyone that disses it. And we did Godfather's a little bit but with Conan's opening right there in 1979, we had our deepdish squared away.
  16. If we're talking about North Lamar, any love for Scampy's organ grinder? It's probably already been mentioned on this thread earlier. I'm pretty sure that was the first place I ever saw an arcade video game, it was the sit-down Space Invaders. I was awestruck by the bright colors and killer graphics. Shortly thereafter I became a frequent customer of the Gold Mine in Northcross Mall. But that was my first brush with the greatness of video games.
  17. Yeah the Kroger was the building that then became the Showbiz Pizza (and later Chuck E Cheese) and Ross Dress For Less. That site is now a Subaru dealership. I used to ride my (cheap, imitation) BMX bike in the concrete drainage out front, it was like a half-pipe with hard corners at the bottom. I came down one time and landed so hard straddled across that corner gap, that I cracked the welds on my frame in two places and it broke in half right under me. Handy Andy was our regular grocery store, in the Village at the corner of Rockwood and Anderson. It later became a Market Baske
  18. Where are you located? If it's that tough to get what you want at your regular grocery meat counter, then you could always search for a legitimate full-service butcher who can hook you up. Almost every town has one of those.
  19. Yup. My earliest gunplay in that field would not have been until about 1979 or 80.
  20. Oh yeah, then it was your backyard. Sorry for any BBs that I might have shot over your fence and hit your house... I was a couple blocks over on Kerrybrook. My folks still live in that house.
  21. I wear fine linen pants and silken shirts, and have my servants throw them away when the meal is over. But then again, I never wear anything twice, so it's just like any other day for me.
  22. utee94

    Mad Men

    My family are always looking for stocking-stuffer type gifts for me, and honestly I never have much of anything that I want that I haven't already bought, so I ask for blurays/DVDs of seasons of shows I like. Over the years I have collected all seasons of Mad Men, GOT, Simpsons seasons 1-10, and a couple others. And a couple of years ago my brother even found the entire series of Sports Night, which we watched avidly when it came out since we were roommates (and yes the early season 1 laugh track is still just as annoying).
  23. Underwood's was disgusting, for sure. I grew up 1.5 blocks behind Playland, but it was already built when I was old enough to ride my bike around on my own and explore. Even so, there was still "The Field" which was a chunk of undeveloped land behind what is now the Nissan dealership, that fits your description of carved-out bike trails and jumps, and kids smoking cigarettes. We also regularly had our bb gun and roman candle wars in The Field. The person who owned The Field had held out, and the neighborhood got completely built out to the NW and SE of it. Years later, when they b
  24. Had the OG from Tumble 22 yesterday, dang hot I think. Now THAT is a good spicy chicken sandwich.
  25. Exactly. They don't want us dead, just docile and subservient. Which is why these vaccines have some other agents in them, to chemically lobotomize all the stupid.... errr.... nevermind.
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