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  1. yeah but Indy had to go retrieve it, take it to his dad, give him water for his wound, and made the grail available to the Nazis in the process. They couldn't or didn't figure out how to get past the trials before, so Indy did it for them and gave them access to the grail. Indy was somewhat complicit in the process, and while not wholly responsible for the death of the knight, he did contribute. I'm sure the Knight's family could sue all of them in Civil court and win some % of the damages from Indy, but the majority of the responsibility would be on the Nazis. I think this would be a good premise for a 4th movie, since they never made a sequel.
  2. So he basically murdered that knight guy to save his dad?
  3. OKC should have given Harden the max deal he wanted (A max for him was 6 million more over 4 years), and let him think about it. If he was intent on leaving to become an alpha dog of his own team, then you force him to make that decision. If he signs, great, OKC would be into the tax a little bit, but they can maneuver around it knowing the exact cost of Harden/KD/Russ/Ibaka. Start the season with him and the whole roster in place, and if it isn't working, you can trade Harden, Ibaka or whoever at the deadline to adjust. Really simple stuff, but OKC chose to flip him for Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb and a 1st. That would probably be OK for a franchise rebuilding, but when you're in Win-Now mode, you need to get better assets than that. Other option is to just keep him on his contract with 1 year remaining, where he is a very cheap, tradeable asset that likely would have fetched more at the deadline.
  4. Don't care who they nominate, I'm an independent voting straight ticket Democrat. Fuck the Republicans and everything they stand for. I'm never voting for that party again.
  5. I have no idea what's going on, so many weird trades today.
  6. Things change, and that was only an agreement to get him traded. Once the deadline passes and he's still on Memphis' roster, he absolutely should be required to show up and play out his contract. If he's unwilling to do that, they should suspend him indefinitely and not pay him a dime. If he wants to sue, then go for it, but anyone with a contract like that had better put forth the effort required to fulfill it or get nothing.
  7. I need to do one because some asshole in Basstrop thought doing 75 in 65 with lots of traffic doing the same was an issue. Anyone used an online course recently? I would prefer something easy that allows me to watch Netflix while it runs, but I know a lot of them require more interaction than that.
  8. Is there a new thread? Why even have yearly threads for something that is timeless?
  9. I have been drinkinger tonight, so I add er to a lot of words as well as some other letterers herer and therer
  10. Hey, doesn't someone around here own or co-own Greater Heights brewery?
  11. Finally saw this pile of garbage, and it was extremely disappointing and infuriating. So many terrible decisions with the story, constantly jerking you from scene to scene with no natural transitions, no character development, and I don't even remember the music. The plot was eye rollingly stupid with the endless fetch quests, new magical force powers (we can heal now!), And constant bailouts making the worst situations easily overcome. I recall the exact moment this movie lost me. I was already on the fence after all the fast scene changes and running around from place to place, but it was when they went to the desert festival and Chewy got arrested that it passes a point of no return. Rey and Kylo meet and play force tug-o-war and Rey 'accidentally' smooshes the ship with Chewy and kills him. At that moment, I was excited, we don't need Chewy so losing him is no biggie, he can die like the rest of the old cast who are just nostalgia props. I thought they were going to make Rey go dark, deal with failure, guilt, hating herself, etc. I was thinking they could go with a role reversal between her and Kylo, or maybe she kills him too and goes totally dark only to become the villain of the movie! But then 3 minutes later we learn Chewy was on another transport ship and he's fine. WHAT THE FUCK?!?! They were in the desert, there weren't any other ships or people in sight. What the fuck else would need to be transported out there? Did they capture the sand snake? That's some stupidass Rian Johnson bullshit right there. I was hoping he was dead, because that would be interesting and unexpected, but no, it's just a dumb hero movie where everyone we like lives, and everyone bad dies. Fuck this shit.
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