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  1. I can't believe the headline of this thread... Is this a joke??? Wtf?
  2. Hey, we have a 3 story home with some areas that have limited Wifi reception. It's 2500 square feet, so not a huge area to cover in this mesh setup. We are looking to move out to the burbs and get a 4000+ square foot house in the next few months, so it will definitely be more useful in a new house. I was thinking of getting the Google Mesh Wifi system with 3 pods, 1 for each floor. It's $189 for the set on Amazon, and seems like it will be fine for our purposes. Link to it There is a much more expensive version called the Nest Wifi system with 3 pods that is AC2200 and probably much
  3. wow, that's a nice haul for an unhappy diva superstar! Can't be upset with that, that's the new high bar for a trade of a superstar!
  4. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nba/clippers/2020/12/17/kawhi-leonard-recruitment-jerry-west-clippers-investigation-nba/3951324001/
  5. yes, it's sarcasm, because Ainge is a greedy fucking idiot trying to stockpile all these picks for years, and then does nothing with them. He tries to squeeze every last 1st he can out of everyone, and ends up doing nothing with it all. Boston is like the Houston of the EC, all potential with not much to show for it.
  6. That's because the Rockets didn't offer a few 1st round picks to go with it.
  7. So is he gonna make Hillary the Attorney General or what?
  8. lol Celtics... what a waste. Maybe they can get Paul George with that TE and win more a couple of games in the ECF before getting bounced.
  9. The level of difficulty of navigating a full season of Kyrie and Harden as teammates, and pulling both of them along to a championship would be a huge accomplishment on its own. Neither one of those guys would win a title on their own.
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