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  1. I watched this show for the first time during the pandemic last year, and my favorite character by far was Anthony Junior. That dude was absolutely hilarious. I was really disappointed that they didn't do a spin-off show with him as the head of the mob family after Tony passed on. It would have been amazing to see his dumbass running the show.
  2. Syndication contracts don't always include all the episodes. Some are banned for sensitivity reasons, like the one mentioned above. There's also a ratings component to some of these packages of episodes, and some will not garner as much of an audience, so they shy away from those episodes or don't play them at all. Others are so popular that they tend to re-run those more often to get people to stop flipping the channel and stay a while. Friends was notorious for missing some episodes when it was syndicated. Nick at Nite actually cut these episodes for dumb reasons listed here: Nick at Nite skipped these episodes: reasons why:- The One without the Ski Trip (most scenes include Chandler smoking)- The One with Joey's Dirty Day (Chandler goes to strip club and mostly talk for women sexual fantasies)- The One Where Rachel Smokes (most plot for Rachel smoking to join in crowd with coworkers that smoke)- The One Where Chandler Can't Cry (Ursula is in pornographic movies under Phoebe's name)- The One with the Stripper (Monica hires a stripper that turns out to be a hooker)- The One with the Sharks (Chandler watching porn on TV)- The One with Phoebe's Birthday Dinner (Chandler smokes addicting which Monica is against)- and those specials like The One With All the Other Ones (but not all networks would air on syndication), this was clip show
  3. Sonos Arc SL is $750 at Costco right now. Difference from the previous version is that it lacks a microphone to give voice commands, but since my FireTV has that already built in, I don't need it and save $50. Win win [emoji16]
  4. Yeah, for $800 it better be good... Do you have experience with it? I think that's about the top of my price range for this. I found it on the MS store for 799: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/d/sonos-arc/92XH8QR839CG/6V09?OCID=AID2200065_seo_omc_goo&source=googleshopping&activetab=pivot:overviewtab Wow, for $400 I would expect better quality. Good to know. Yeah, those are all really expensive. I think about $800 for the Sonos is as high as I'm willing to go. There are about 10 different Vizio ones on the Costco site. Which did you get? I have the FireTV Box, which does HDR and Atmos. Should be good there, just need the right hardware. So if you get one of these bars that has the additional speakers, how do you power those? Do they need an outlet? It may be tough to find a spot with power for the surround speakers.
  5. Hey, i bought a new house and the new living room layout just won't work with 5.1 or 7.1 speakers. Anyone have recommendations for a good soundbar that's way better than TV audio?
  6. Sarah Chalke is never replaceable, you unwashed swine.
  7. Just bought a house in Cypress and will be moving up there end of June. Any suggestions on liquor stores in the area around fry road and 290? I'd like to pick one to use primarily in hopes that I can make a good connection and get some nice bottle's once in a while.
  8. I can't believe the headline of this thread... Is this a joke??? Wtf?
  9. Hey, we have a 3 story home with some areas that have limited Wifi reception. It's 2500 square feet, so not a huge area to cover in this mesh setup. We are looking to move out to the burbs and get a 4000+ square foot house in the next few months, so it will definitely be more useful in a new house. I was thinking of getting the Google Mesh Wifi system with 3 pods, 1 for each floor. It's $189 for the set on Amazon, and seems like it will be fine for our purposes. Link to it There is a much more expensive version called the Nest Wifi system with 3 pods that is AC2200 and probably much more future-proof. It's also $480 for the 3 set, which is more than twice as much as the one above. link Then there are other reviews that say the TP-Link Deco WiFi 6 Mesh WiFi System is a better buy and performer than both of those. It's $250 for a 3 pack. Link Anyone have experience with these or others? Anyone have any words of caution on any of them?
  10. wow, that's a nice haul for an unhappy diva superstar! Can't be upset with that, that's the new high bar for a trade of a superstar!
  11. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nba/clippers/2020/12/17/kawhi-leonard-recruitment-jerry-west-clippers-investigation-nba/3951324001/
  12. yes, it's sarcasm, because Ainge is a greedy fucking idiot trying to stockpile all these picks for years, and then does nothing with them. He tries to squeeze every last 1st he can out of everyone, and ends up doing nothing with it all. Boston is like the Houston of the EC, all potential with not much to show for it.
  13. That's because the Rockets didn't offer a few 1st round picks to go with it.
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