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[SERIOUS] The I need help, my house is freezing thread

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18 hours ago, phdhorn said:

Cross Post in 3 weather threads

Gave 1 case away to neighbors who lost water.  Don't much like the husband (lol) but in these times e'rrybody needs help.
With the case I'm giving to our Surly friend tomorrow that leaves me with 2 cases (48 bottles).


Thanks to phdhorn, I should be set for drinking water until the city supply is flowing again in South Austin.  Neighbors should keep me hydrated after that until I can get a plumber.  The worst of times brings out the best of surly.  I hope to pay it back or forward at some point. 

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2 hours ago, Nicole44 said:

Looks like all breweries across Texas are helping. Awesome. Since the big beer companies have tried countless ways to shut them down

We all just have tanks full of water, so there's no reason to not give it out. It turns out a brewery is a great place to head during an apocalypse. 

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I don't drink crappy beer, but Anheuser-Busch and Coors has stepped up time and time again by providing water to communities in need.  I think there are 60,000 cans of water from Coors arriving in Ft Worth today.  

ETA:  in no way meant to demean the countless good deeds of the local breweries.  

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On 2/19/2021 at 4:55 PM, idigTexas said:

Thanks for asking.  There still aren't any reasonable options for getting it examined, so I continue to wing it, so to speak.  Upon closer inspection there is actually some swelling at the elbow, but it isn't horrible.  Range of motion is improving daily, and I am able to put on a beanie with two hands now if I bend down far enough...I could not do that until a short time ago  (try putting on a beanie with one hand).  I can hold light objects, but that's about it.  I can also type with both hands again so that is significant progress. 

I don't trust it to drive yet, but maybe in another day or two.  It's my non-shifting arm, so that helps.  I have not been able to rest it too much, as collecting snow melt for toilet flushing was the priority of the day.  I am thinking it is just a bad sprain, but will still get it checked when it's doable. 

Still have drinking water to get me through the weekend.  Hoping by then, delivery will be an option, or that the water is back on in my neighborhood so I can steal from neighbors who didn't experience broken pipes. 


tldr:  I'll live, but still owie. 


I was finally able to get my arm examined today.  I have two small fractures, one on the head of the radius, and the other on the triquetral (one of the carpals/wrist bones).  No surgery or cast required.  I'll continue to wear a splint on the wrist.  I start PT next week.  Healing time should be 6-8 weeks, and full recovery in 10-12.  I was able to drive myself to the orthopedist without too much difficulty. 

The broken pipe was fixed Monday, so other than the challenges of one-arming it, things are pretty much back to COVID normal.  Hope the same is true for everyone else. 

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