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Big Brother 23


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4 minutes ago, Scraps said:

I can't wait til Derek is the first black winner of BB and while the cookout will have succeeded they will have failed because that tub of goo will be their ambassador lmao

lmao i had the same thought. god that would be so funny. something straight out of Arrested Development. 

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1 minute ago, Scraps said:

Tiffany or small Derek will have to win Americas Favorite I am guessing huh?

for sure. i think the finalists will be Hannah, Tiffany, and Derek X, and i think that Hannah will get like 15% of that vote, with DX and Tiffany being very close. i give the slight edge to DX right now though. 

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1 minute ago, McFly said:

Only two people compete in part 2

right. guess i've been reading too many twitter posts while i'm four whiskeys deep. they're all starting to blend together. hell, i'm even remembering now that they posted, "X is heading into the DR and part two of the final is about to begin." goddamnit derka. 

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