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Fuck the off-season

Cannot think of anything else

My body is ready
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Surly Storage is a feature available for TreeFiddy subscribers and members.

I wanted to start this thread to answer questions on how it works and collect feedback on the initial rollout of it and what we can possibly improve about it. Currently we are looking to allocate ~5TB of storage (5000GB), so that our users can store images, gifs, videos, documents, anything that is legal and not copywritten (This exposes our site to liability so I am going to err on the side of caution - if I receive takedown requests your files will be deleted.)

This storage will be redundant, however it is not "enterprise" grade, there will be offsite backups and multiple copies but don't put the only copy of your family photos on it - that's what Dropbox and Google Drive are for!

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Hook 'em Nick Rose. 🤘
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Can we pretty please get some ms paint?
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Galindo on the call, prepare accordingly.
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You guys know the drill. Two new Heights Surly people have bought homes. They can identify themselves if they want. See y’all there. 


Heights Biergarten 
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So me and Gary Holt agree on one thing at least. 

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That's worse than Charlie Strong. That's recruiting as well as Rick Barnes and performing markedly worse than Tom Penders. That is complete coaching ineptitude. He underachieved at VCU- fact. He is the only one of his coaching contemporaries at VCU to not win a conference title despite being there 2-3x longer than every other coach- fact. His miracle Final Four team was universally hailed as *the worst team to ever be allowed into the tournament*. The fact that a team with that type of ceiling didn't even deserve a tourney bid says it all. Fire Shaka Smart. Hire Musselman, Buzz, Cronin, Beard, Few, hell, go get Kevin Keatts if we have to, just please rid this program of Shaka Smart. It's so depressing to watch his teams.
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2019 Championship game - Bama/Clemson version 3 - who ya got?
So it's time to pick side, or at least guess a winner
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want to see the brutal Bears defense do some damage to Philly. 
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The "Post a Picture You Took" thread
I guess I will put this here since it was in Bada.  Let's do this fuckers.
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Game 14: West Virginia at Texas, 8 PM, ESPN2
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From the old board, post more if you got 'em.  

Google Maps Link

I'm driving to New Mexico in a couple weeks, and already planning a couple stops.
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North Dakota State going for a 7th national title. Game in Frisco on ESPN 2
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