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Almost as unceremonious as his past 2 victories to finish off the season, Tom "the turtle" Herman has been removed as the head coach of the Texas Longhorns. 


We don't really wish you anything, but to get the hell out of here Tom. 


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We literally have every facet of life in this one thread. Boobs, cooking, beer, sadness, happiness, mystery, doubt, love more boobs and beer etc...ITS. ALL. HERE. 
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i was told to post this by my source: 


hey @futureman...
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Post in Urban Meyer or bust
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You guys know what to do. 

Also any comic or serious write ups about game predictions or keys to win or what this game means will be mashed up to be the OP of the game thread. 

My contribution:


Before kickoff tonight the Longhorns come without all year starters at many skill positions. Sam will try his bestest to run away from the buffaloes that will surely be crashing through the decimated offensive line. RoJo will be the key to victory with his trusty sidekick Bijan Robinson who need to rush for a combined 200 yards to win the game. Colorado will come out in a strange cloud of skunky smelling smoke and be lethargic asking for snacks on the sidelines and throughout the game. Tom Herman will do his best turtle impression and fully display his completely limp dick energy in what is certain to be the final game as his coaching career at Texas. 

Final prediction. 33-27 Texas. 
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Horrible bowl name, but the best matchup outside the NY6 (only one involving two ranked team). We're apparently favored by 1 point. Not sure why. Hubbard won't play. Tylan Wallace will play. Spencer Sanders is still a turnover machine. Gundy tends to let loose in meaningless bowl games so maybe we will actually have a decent offensive performance. Either way, hopefully it's a good mid-afternoon game before you guys throttle Colorado. 
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Post in Urban Meyer or bust

‘‘Twas the night before Christmas when all thru the thirsty 40, not a whiff of credible news, what happened to that gal port o potty?

The BDE was really hung by the firepit with flare. Surlies guzzling whisky/whiskey waiting for Urban to show up there. 

The 9.95’ers were restless spewing their usual nonsense and dread while visions of desperate subscribers twerked in their heads.

Nightcrew rocking the hope while the Daycrew rocking the clap, Eltife’s already gathered the millions by passing the hat.

When out in the football world there arose such a clatter, FUPM tripped on his squatty potty and emptied his bladder.

away to the bay window nicole44 flew like a flash and (...paywall lol) the internet did crash

Those 9.95’ers with their sources who know those in the know. Reading their shit is like dipping a McRibb in a bowl of Mayo.

When what on FLIGHTAWARE should appear but Urban our new HC riding a flying Longhorn steer. 

Fuck it! Merry early Christmas surly! It’s happening. Miracles do happen! Urban or Bust!

I have had more fun on this board in the past odd month or so than most of the entire year! Y’all are awesome. Thanks for not crowd sourcing me and letting me be me and post here! 

(My UT graduation day)
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I’ve never posted anything on a message board before but I can’t not share what I learned tonight for the price of a bunch of beers:

Meyer and CDC will meet sometime between 12/25 and 1/1, using the holidays and bowls for cover. The location will obviously not be Austin or Columbus. Meyer’s misgivings have never been about money but about the stress and time commitment outside of football activities, as a health issue. CDC is now offering a laundry list of changes to make the load lighter. New off-field support positions. Reconfigured office space with a quiet meditation area. Restrictions on functions outside normal working hours. This has at least gotten Meyer back to the table after he shut it down almost immediately the first time around. There is no backup plan. It’ll be Urban or Tom in 2021. Either way, Herman will coach the bowl before any announcement is made. 

My “source” is an acquaintance whose spouse is employed in the department. I don’t want to say more than that.
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The 9.95’ers bringing their usual disappoint today. Might as well have just said, we don’t know what UT is doing via a HC search and as such feel confident saying we lost out on a potential hire because that HC was on a list of names we pulled out of our ass as possible Herman replacements. Because it’s important to always undermine the school in every possible way even if it’s just speculation. 
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Early Signees 2021 Class...

Signed Letter of Intent (18)
Ja'Tavion Sanders    Ryan (Denton, TX)     ATH  
6-3.5 / 220       0.9878    21 1 3.   Signed 
JD Coffey   Kennedale (Kennedale, TX)     S
6-0.5 / 180.    0.9314    156 7 26    Signed 
Jamier Johnson   John Muir (Pasadena, CA)     CB
6-0 / 170    0.9064    263 20 22    Signed 
Derrick Harris Jr.   New Caney (New Caney, TX)      WDE
6-2.5 / 215     0.9056    272 19 41   Signed
Jordon Thomas    Memorial (Port Arthur, TX)     WDE
6-3 / 240    0.9013     295 21 45    Signed 
Terrence Cooks      Shadow Creek (Pearland, TX)      OLB
6-2 / 210     0.8992    306 18 46    Signed 
Morice Blackwell    Martin (Arlington, TX)      OLB
6-1 / 196    0.8934    344 24 50    Signed 
Jaden Alexis      Monarch (Pompano Beach, FL)      WR
5-11 / 185    0.8925    347 56 57    Signed
Hayden Conner     Taylor (Katy, TX)       OT
6-5.5 / 317     0.8871     389 30 54    Signed 
Byron Murphy II      DeSoto (DeSoto, TX)       DT
6-1 / 290    0.8863     402 25 55    Signed 
Jonathon Brooks    Hallettsville (Hallettsville, TX)     RB
6-0 / 185.    0.8850.    420 23 60   Signed
Juan Davis   Everman (Fort Worth, TX)      ATH
6-4 / 217    0.8742.   537 35 77    Signed 
Gunnar Helm   Cherry Creek (Englewood, CO)       TE
6-5 / 225.   0.8674.   654 33 5.   Signed
Barryn Sorrell   Holy Cross (New Orleans, LA)      SDE
6-3 / 250     0.8593.   832 54 23   Commit 12/16/2020 
Charles Wright   Austin High (Austin, TX)        PRO
6-1 / 194.   0.8572    885 32 125   Signed 
Casey Cain    Warren Easton (New Orleans, LA)      WR
6-2 / 175     0.8519    NA 147 31     Signed 
Max Merril   Strake Jesuit (Houston, TX)       OT
6-4 / 273    0.8506    NA 95 162    Signed.
Isaac Pearson   ProKick Australia (Australia, AUST)    Punter
6-2 / 215.     0.8168.   NA 4 1     Signed 
Transfers (1)

Darion Dunn.  6-1 / 192.    N/A (HS).   CB.   Immediate   SIGNED



Hard Commits (1)

Ishmael Ibraheem   Kimball (Dallas, TX)  

6-1 / 175     0.9338.   147 11 25   Commit 6/15/2020.  CB

Returning Transfer (1)

Brenden Schooler  6-2 / 190    0.8111 (HS)   WR  Immediate 



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We are famous!
Only made it to #3 this year, gotta do some work to knock off the champs over at tigerdroppings.com 

Made texags our bitch though. 


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Harsin was just announced as Auburn HC on ESPN

Post in The Surly Official 2020 Corching Search Thread of DOOM and DESPAIR

TFB...FWIW (not a lot)

***Still chasing some additional confirmation on this one but received a call earlier today and based on what I’m initially hearing, Steve Sarkisian is going to be a name to watch. Truth be told, he may be the name to watch.

***Oh and btw, if Sark were to be the guy, very good chance you’d see Bryce Young in a Texas uniform next year.

***Also, from Bama source – “Sark is the best OC we’ve had here under Saban”.

***Also, on the general question of a coaching change, I am getting a stronger and stronger sense that a change is in the works. Don’t know what percentage I’d put it at but I’d say over 50%.

***I’m told nothing would happen till after the bowl game and I don’t know what impact a big win would have on the question of a change.
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Are we going to do a Bowl Pick'em Contest this year?
...because unbeknownst to me before about 30 seconds ago, bowl season starts this saturday.



password is: werefucked

$25 entry, PM me for venmo, cashapp or paypal.

don't mention gambling in the message, just put surly.
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The last 2 pages have more info than this and probably about 50 times more big dick energy. Night crew. 
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Something clean, thx.
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2021 Early NSD Thread - LOI's Confirmed Only
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Fuck off forever
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Post in BJ Foster, destructive back
Post in BJ Foster, destructive back
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2020 season is mysteriously upon us. 

We need a new motto and we need one now.
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I'm changing it from the good old fashioned forum look to the twitterized feed look. It's easier and better for ads and it gets engagement outside to the niche corners of the site. 

If you want to know what I'm talking about go to the "all activity" button in the activity drop-down.

I'm going to work to enable replies inline, but that capability will be available and is implemented in discord. Which you also need to be a treefiddy subscriber for. 

Also we will be opening up the gallery to non members for uploads. Once they are uploaded anyone on this site can use them in their posts. 

Videos will remain members only upload. We support most file formats and natively embed into the forum from our servers with permissions and copyright available. This data is on a redundant constantly backed up and replicated storage solution. Appropriate for a private cloud equivalent - we also will be supporting the S3 protocol with minio soon. Storage is limited to 100GB for treefiddy. Sizes up to 2TB available. 
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This week's edition of name that thread. 

Mullet references are encouraged. 
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LSU @ Texas 9/7 6:30 PM on ABC: Geaux Fuck Yourself Bitch
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Need someone to develop a formula for the ideal maximum amount of drinking possible by a person’s weight so that I can be just barely able to watch the game with minor cognitive abilities
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