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  1. This thread brings back memories. In Nov/Dec 2019, I had three calcium oxalate stones. Two passed without much discomfort. Number 3 was the devil. It got stuck on the way down. The pain was bad enough, but it backed up urine flow, and raised my creatinine level. The doc had to go in, and up, and blasted and retrieved the stone as it broke up. A stint was put in and aside from that discomfort, everything seemed ok. Until the next day. I couldn't piss except for a few drops of blood. I went into the ER, and they had to shove a catheter in. Out came 600cc of blood clots and urine. I ended with a piss bag for a week. Fun times. Changed my diet, and drink 3.5 liters of water daily, along with potassium citrate twice a day.
  2. Close...6 in a row from 68-73. One of the best.
  3. Watashi


    This makes the off season a little better. Many thanks.
  4. There was another "coolness" factor of Omaha back then, and Council Bluffs - horse and dog racing. They had Aksarben (Nebraska spelled backwards) for the ponies and Iowa had greyhound racing. In the midst of that was organized crime. The KC mob controlled those rackets but the gang they put in charge of the metro Omaha area acted like Fredo. Instead of just focusing on those "core businesses" they were always getting busted for roughing people up and consequently staying in the news. But it proved entertaining, and something to keep up with, during the seemingly 8 freaking months of winter we "enjoyed."
  5. I knew I should have reviewed before posting...
  6. I was assigned to Offutt AFB in the '80s. It wasn't hip or cool then. Times change, so maybe it's different today. They did have, however, a BBC strip club combo downtown (closed now). You could eat decent brisket and take in the show.
  7. I had to look up the contract duration. It was 20 years for $295 million. I think it was signed in 2011. But hey, 2031 is right around the corner.
  8. My comprehension level is pegged at 0 today. I thought you were advocating yanking someone from the high school ranks. You aren't.
  9. Ask Notre Dame how that high school-to-big time college football transition worked out for them in 1981 with Jerry Faust.
  10. Henry Fonda - Mr Roberts Anne Margret - anything
  11. Damn! How much did you drop on those?
  12. My go-to's are the Padron 1964 series, Rocky Patel Decade, and Las Calaveras which I first tried a few years ago when they were introduced.
  13. Thanks for being a year older, I don't feel quite as bad...38 here. Time has just blown by.
  14. Texas Washington Oregon Stanford USC UCLA AZ AF Academy Boulder Nebraska TT Notre Dame Auburn FSU Army
  15. Always got a charge how Art's show started with some barritone voice who declared "Live from the kingdom of Nye...."
  16. Were you born a fat, slimy, scumbag puke piece of shit Private Pyle, or did you have to work on it?"
  17. With all the action Wilt got, his edifice might have a place in this thread
  18. Watashi

    Pete Rose

    I thought Pete had a slight "chance" a few years back to improve his status and public persona. He could have gone on TV, shed some crocodile tears, said he was sorry, begged for forgiveness, etc. But then, true to form, he went full Pete, got belligerent and slammed the door shut on any goodwill he might have garnered.
  19. As i recall there were three of these sets, an old west version and a military set. We had this one
  20. Don't need more than a couple drops of this:
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