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  1. WTF, pig parts?? The loss to Arkansas a couple of years ago was an inside job.
  2. City of Austin is adding sidewalks on both sides of the street and adding dedicated bicycle lanes to Bull Creek Road between 45th and North Loop. Street parking will be removed on one side of the street to make room. Homeowners will also be giving up some of their front yards adjacent to the street. The work is being funded by the 2016 Mobility Bond that was approved by voters. Mobility will be improved for walkers and cyclists. Construction has started. https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/2ea053bb2794484880f485b0775b1186 My guess is that the roads were temporarily re-striped to give construction crews some elbow room to work. Unsure why the center lines are jutting out like that - maybe as a "traffic calming" scheme during construction?
  3. Thomas J. Henry is currently parachuting attorneys directly onto the freeways in Dallas and Austin. After this is all over, they'll be able to single-handedly pay off the US National Debt.
  4. Texas will need to beat both Tech and the Big12 refs. So, I figure the Refs will nullify at least one Texas touchdown, and give Tech one touchdown. Texas will need to score something like 21 points more (before Big12 Ref "adjustments") than Tech to actually leave Lubbock with a win.
  5. Ewers now has a perfect setup for an NIL deal with UBER/LYFT.
  6. Also, Soylent Green takes place in 2022. Glad we missed that one.
  7. I just renewed my 2022 season tickets. Couple of things: + Ticket prices have gone up. + Can't yet order tickets for the ou game. Ticket office says have to wait until April to order them separately.
  8. AISD opening two hours late on Thursday.
  9. Since spring classes have already started, I assume he is a summer arrival?
  10. That was a makeup call by the refs in the whistle on the fumble for TD
  11. Five Texas OL could not block three Arkansas DL. Game over.
  12. Five Texas OL could not block three Arkansas DL. Game over.
  13. Five Texas OL could not block three Arkansas DL. Game over.
  14. Five Texas OL could not block three Arkansas DL. Game over.
  15. Five Texas OL could not block three Arkansas DL. Game over.
  16. They're now selling limited view, standing room only tickets
  17. Cell service worked on west side upper deck even during timeouts and commercials when everybody checks their phones. It worked last year with 25% stadium attendance - but it wasn't reliable in previous years with a full stadium. Some of the vendors couldn't get their credit card readers to work. It was like watching a caveman trying to fly a plane. I found it was hotter outside the stadium before the game than inside the stadium (west side upper deck). Went into stadium early because I guessed the entrances would be backed due to the mobile tickets. Very little wait at Gate 3 when we went in early. Since we got into the stadium early, there were no beer lines inside. Pregame beer lines outside stadium were long. As we left and went down the escalators (west side upper deck), it seemed staff weren't metering the flow. Got a little scary backed up on one of the landings. The heat was conducive to mini sundresses and halter tops - which was nice.
  18. I had some issues downloading the 2021 football tickets to my Android (Samsung S9) mobile wallet. However, I was able to solve the problem. Steps to repro: I attended the football games in 2020, and used the old version of Google Pay for the 2020 football season with no issues. Recently, I upgraded to the new version of Google Pay (v134.1.2) on same Android phone I used during 2020 season. At the same time, I deleted the old Google Pay version. I tried to transfer my 2021 tickets to my Android phone (with new GPay), but tickets would not show up in the new GPay. I deleted the new GPay, and re-installed the old GPay (v2.134.389763251). My football tickets/Champions Club passes suddenly appeared in the old GPay. tldr; I successfully used old GPay during 2020 football season. The new GPay didn't work for loading 2021 tickets. I had to downgrade to old GPay to access my 2021 tickets. DISCLAIMER: use this at your own risk.
  19. UTA recently achieved NRUF classification. UTSA is expected to achieve NRUF classification in 2022. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/08/19/ut-arlington-tier-one/
  20. DoD is assessing reports of Afgan civilian family casualties during US missile attack on alleged suicide bombers. https://www.centcom.mil/MEDIA/STATEMENTS/Statements-View/Article/2756293/update-us-central-command-statement-on-defensive-strike-in-kabul/
  21. UTEP 17-0 in first quarter. I don't know if it's on TV.
  22. State Department cancelled briefing today. Pentagon briefing scheduled for 2PM CT.
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