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  1. This means Art Briles ends up on the sidelines in Starkville.
  2. Don’t forget the inevitable “no shit, I went to high school with your Mom.”
  3. It is amazing. Has this happened before?
  4. Maybe they can get a loan from the University of Arizona.
  5. Maybe it was someone from our staff sharing info with Carrington.
  6. 4 field goals were not enough for you?
  7. I imagine an Iowa fan watches the USC-UW game with the same understanding of a 5 year old watching the movie Inception.
  8. So Harbaugh or Riley as the next coach?
  9. She has to be careful she does not knock her teeth out.
  10. Everytime they show Holgo they cut to street walker from the Third Ward.
  11. He called out today. He had a fantastic game.
  12. I would like to see Tre Wisner kill a BloU returner on a kick off return.
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