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  1. Can someone please help a brother out and explain WTF THAT IS?
  2. You look twice you'll get her preggers ... she needs one of those teeth masks for her va-jay-jay.
  3. Agreed. His contributions to network, operations, culture, and union relations strategy was unparalleled - only Bob Crandall comes close in terms of airline innovations. I love mavericks, and Herb tended to do the opposite of the legacy carriers, and it worked from planes, airports, travel agencies, revenue management, etc. It will be interesting to see as WN becomes more legacy like if it is able to continue to out-perform.
  4. I'm guessing he thought the suit and history would make the cops stay away from him ... I think he obviously overestimated his ability to cover up the crime. Putting the car and body on his property not the sharpest idea.
  5. So you did not type this: "Ok whatever. The documentary shows that he and his family worked to convince her to take the case. Point still stands that he isn't as dumb as he might appear to some, at least not in my opinion"? I realize you're not using "dumb" correctly, but I tried not to nit-pick and assumed you meant he was not the village idiot. Did you have another point? I mean cool, but maybe you should work to communicate more clearly, one dipshit to another. Since you're clearly the smartest guy in the room, how would you explain him using his sister's name to get Halbach to come by and take the picture, masking his caller ID repeatedly, and then placing the non-masked caller ID after the murder (as a means to establish an alibi, Columbo)?
  6. With all due respect, if you equate repeatedly electing a former Klansman to be a Democratic Senate leader for decades with some random jackass supporting a politician, I might suggest you get a clue. I think you're smart enough to ascertain the difference, but you're so tribal and reactionary it often clouds your perspective ... which is why the Cloak Room continues to be an echo chamber for tilting windmills and astroturf outrage. While I appreciate the invitation, the island of misfit snowflakes has really lost its luster. Chuckle at having my ass handed to me by you chimps throwing shit at imaginary bogeymen. I repeat my admonition to get a sense of humor, but maybe this one hits too close to home.
  7. I do have to congratulate you - first time I've ever been negged by a poster for agreeing with him.
  8. In fairness, that dude pretty much lost any calls for sensitivity. Being a terrible cross dresser should not give anyone a pass for being a dick to people (no pun intended).
  9. Kyle


    It's one of my top 10. Wife and I both loved it. Agree - like almost every show - later seasons were not as good, but still a great show. I think Raylen is cool and Olyphant does a great job. Two of my favorite lines the I regularly quote are the "asshole" speech and "dicks, dicks, dicks."
  10. Were secsecsec teams using the chant at the time or did SWC fans invent it? Graze in advance.
  11. Baylor friends reporting that apparently the Jets are at least considering interviewing Matt Rhule. Has done a nice job, but he strikes me about as far from an NFL coach as you can get.
  12. Stupid question amnesty ... is it accurate the chant originated from Texas mocking Arkansas in 1989 or is that an aggy-style "tradition." I think I read that on shag, but I'm old.
  13. Robert Byrd says "hi." And you should get a sense of humor.
  14. Not much more tragic than the death, especially murder, of a child. I'm against the death penalty, but there are times like this I may could wrap my head around a speedy court house lawn execution.
  15. If history holds, pretty obvious: 4209 Parry Ave, Dallas, TX 75223.
  16. I hate the gigantic numbers and "Texas." Like each is 24pt font when you need 16pt.
  17. Think the impact of leadership and the organizational culture gets under-clubbed in how it can impact results on the field. Sure, AD's don't make plays, but I do believe strong leadership from the top can positively impact coaches, recruiting, donors, players, and ultimately results. For example, I credit Eric Hyman for resurrecting Toad as much as anyone. All that to say, not sure we could have done much better than CDC.
  18. You realize I agree with you on this point, right?
  19. I see this mostly at church and kid's school - people (women) who stop in the middle of the doorway to chit-chat. I also see this phenomenon at Target - people (women) block the entrance to the aisle chit-chatting. Move to the side folks.
  20. Thanks - makes sense. Also not sure what "THOTS" are - "the hots?" #imsoold
  21. That guy needs a sweet gig with the athletic department / LHN.
  22. Two questions: 1. Someone named their child "cunt-uh?" 2. Is there some LBGTQZXY#@& thing where we now have to distinguish between cock and man cock? Is that a thing? #noracist, are they talking about chickens fighting?
  23. For reasons that remain unclear, I tried to watch "Spy" on a plane ... I think I just wanted to see Mila Kunis. If she were naked the entire movie it would not have been watchable. That other chick may be the least funny person in the world besides the two chubbies in the other movies you mentioned.
  24. I continually am amazed at aggy complete lack of self-awareness. They never will understand the difference between having one thread on a fan site about another team vs. posting regularly on a conference site about how they're not little brother. They will never get the irony of talking smack about XII, which is a conference it won fewer times than Baylor. It is so obsessed with Texas and XII that aggy has become maybe the biggest blowhard in secsecsec because being Alabama's bitch is all it has going for it.
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