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  1. Holy shit Max! *and he hit the wall on that lap??? Love it when Q ends like that w/ a new leader every time a driver crosses the line. Here's to Fred getting a great start and trying to block for 78 laps.
  2. Kinda want Stuttgart to get relegated. Would rather live at the top of the B2 table than the bottom of B1.
  3. Finally made my way to KG BBQ. Tasty, but not $34.62 tasty.
  4. That is pretty accurate as far as I'm concerned. Been watching this love fest the last couple of days w/ a raised eyebrow, as the show is just OK, imo. I watch for the quips and one-liners and some masochism watching dickheads backstab one another, but the setting of megacorp and plotline of who gets it does nothing for me. Certainly doesn't help that there's not a single protagonist in the entire series. It's well outside my HBO Top 5 and not even in the conversation for my overall TV Top 10.
  5. And nobody that voted for her will think negatively about her if they do.
  6. Dig the handle - great texture. Action is a little stiffer than I'd like, but it's also brand new. I did put a drop of oil on the hinge, but it's going to take some breaking in, imo.
  7. Picked up a couple of gifts for a buddy and his kid who is graduating HS this weekend. CIVIVI NOx and Petrified Fish Warrior My Kershaw Leek
  8. Am I being a BBQ snob when watching this? Saw it come through my For You feed and have no idea who the guy is, but the instant he says to toss seasoning on the sausage, I know he isn't from Texas. As I'm clicking to see where he's from, he starts pouring BBQ sauce on it...I'm revolted. I get that it's storebought, but how shitty is your sausage if you've got to add seasoning and drown it? Am I overreacting here?
  9. I mean....it's like Subway or Cava or Chipotle, but for Poke. You just walk down the line and point out what you like and they put it in the bowl.
  10. They're pushing the reasonable price w/ 2 increases in the last year, but they still get my money every week. That's my lunch crack.
  11. Blue _____ Cafe? I had completely forgotten about it until just now. Think I had an ex who worked there for a minute. That HEB used to be an Albertsons? Could have sworn it was a Kroger, but that was 20+yrs ago and I don't trust many memories that old.
  12. @Celery Man I'm told this is the best site: https://www.goat.com/sneakers/silhouette/air-jordan-7 There's 2 ways to buy - choose the one that sends the shoes to goat first to verify and then sends to you. I am told if they are fakes you get your money back....still trying to track that down in writing, but I think this is as close as I'm going to get: https://www.goat.com/buyer-protection-guarantee This is apparently another good site: https://www.rif.la/collections/air-jordan/jordan7 "I don't fuck with stockx. They've been caught with fakes too many times"
  13. I dig that model too, but I couldn't see me wearing them anywhere. Feel like I can pull off the 4s in casual dress. Definitely have to do your due diligence when looking for these reiussues as there's a ton of scam sites out there. I messaged my guy (read: black and 15 yrs my junior) and asked about www.darewhy.com as it seems like there's way too much product in too many sizes to be legit. Will update as I find a legit source. RIP to the goat mail order catalog.
  14. Something something something lie cheat or steal something something WHOOOP!
  15. He's asking why you negged the post.
  16. I'll admit to spending an inordinate amount of time window shopping for Jordan IVs lately. Hard to pull the trigger on a pair of shoes I'll hardly ever wear, almost no one in my world will appreciate and cost 3-4x what I've ever paid on any other pair of shoes. My guess is 3:1 I end up with them. Liked the movie.
  17. https://maroonlink.tamu.edu/organization/SQ17 https://www.facebook.com/Challenger17TAMU/
  18. Certainly could be a repost as the date stamp says 2017, but a good head seeking tire vid is still a good head seeking tire vid. Not seeing the sex though.
  19. Collectively, the dumbest motherfuckers around. FFS.
  20. 2021 weekend: https://www.facebook.com/BigBMXSyndicate/videos/4304802276206232
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