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  1. Still pretty awesome for him to be there for the asswhipping.
  2. Are we going to have a legit fight this year?
  3. Damn sure matters if you want to vote on shit that affects you, but doesn't show up on your ballot.
  4. Buc-ee's is a white trash tourist trap. Only value to society is the clean shitters.
  5. Reminder that this is a jacked up race weekend.
  6. So you don't have to click the tweet for the full context: The “D-White Zone” (Top Right) shows white has the two best guard shot blocking seasons in the last 10 years…but it doesn’t stop there. He also has: 3 of the top 4 4 of the top 5 5 of the top 11 6 of the top 13 …this is his 7th year.
  7. He really was! Not going to embed all the tweets, but he asked for people to name any random school and he would create an aggy fact for it. Here are his results: In the last 25 years, Troy has beaten LSU in Death Valley more times than Texas A&M has The last time Texas A&M won a conference championship, Louisiana Lafayette was still called University of Southwest Louisiana Air Force has become bowl eligible before Texas A&M the last 3 seasons. Top 4 Finishes | 3 Major Men's Sports (Football, Basketball, Baseball) 21 Florida 3 Texas A&M Regular Season Championships 122 Texas A&M 216 Saint Scholastica Arkansas State has only beaten five Power 5 teams ever in school history.…one of those five is Texas A&M. (2 of those schools just became P5 in 2023) Louisiana Lafayette is 1-71 against teams currently in the SEC. That’s a 1.4% win pct. Guess who that one win was against?? Texas A&M!! Texas A&M followed the best recruiting class in the history of college football (2022) with a losing record and tied for last place in the SEC with Vanderbilt who finished with the 32nd ranked class South Carolina men's basketball and baseball have achieved more since 2010 than Texas A&M has in their entire collegiate existence. Either Arkansas or Texas A&M have finished last in their division the last 6 of the last 7 seasons, so there’s no wonder why they are the only SEC schools in the SEC West without a football Conference Championship. Kentucky had more wins on the road against ranked opponents in 2023 than Texas A&M has had since 2015 Since James Madison joined the FBS, they have been ranked in the AP Poll more weeks than Texas A&M UTEP has more NCAA National Championships than Texas A&M No team in the history of the AP Poll (1936-present) has ever fallen more spots in one week while staying inside the poll than Texas A&M did in 2022. The Aggies fell 18 spots from #6 to #24 with their loss to Appalachian St. Ball State won a conference championship and a bowl game in 2020 a feat last accomplished by Texas A&M in 1987. Texas St. (previously Southwest Texas State Normal School) has 0 Heisman winners, 0 Division 1 CFB natties and 0 consensus All-Americans, but they still have the same amount of weeks ranked #1 in the last 60 years as Texas A&M. In 2006, Texas A&M claimed their spring game as a win. Texas A&M is 3 times closer to Southern Miss in All Time Win % than they are to Texas Southwestern reinstated football in 2013 after a 62-year hiatus. It only took 4 seasons for the Southwestern University Pirates to go undefeated in conference play...a feat Texas A&M hasn't accomplished in over 30 years. Texas Lutheran University has a more recent baseball, football and men's basketball conference championship than Texas A&M. Ohio State has more 10-win seasons since 2009 than Texas A&M has in school history. Since 2000, Mike Leach has more wins over Texas A&M than the Aggies have over Alabama, Georgia, LSU and Texas combined. Ole Miss has more all-time vacated wins than Texas A&M has all-time wins over SEC East schools It took UTSA's football program 12 seasons to win back-to-back conference championships. It took Texas A&M's football program 47 seasons to win back-to-back conference championships. Texas A&M is closer in All-Time wins to the "real TU" (Tulsa) than they are to the school they call "tu" Texas A&M Football has 37 wins against the Longhorns. Texas Football got their 37th win against the Aggies in 1950. Since 2008, Auburn, Bama, Georgia, Florida, LSU and Texas A&M are the only SEC Football teams to have multiple Top 5 classes in the SEC. All have won National Championships except Texas A&M, who hasn't even won their division. When Baylor made the Final Four in 2021, it had been 71 years since their last appearance. That’s a really long time, yes, but it’s only 84.5% of Texas A&M Football’s current National Championship drought. Texas A&M’s “Gig Em” phrase was popularized at a yell practice before the 1930 TCU football game. The Aggies got shut out by TCU that game and watched the Horned Frogs win more National Championships in the next 8 years than Texas A&M would win in the next 90.… Points scored against 1-11 UMass in 2022 | FBS Schools 27 UConn 20 Texas A&M Coastal Carolina baseball has only been to one CWS in school history, but they still have more CWS wins (6) than Texas A&M (4) Since Donald Trump was elected president, he has been impeached more times than Texas A&M has beaten Alabama. Texas A&M has been in the SEC 12 seasons and they still have not won a division title or made the SEC title game. Missouri did it in back-to-back seasons...their 2nd and 3rd seasons in the SEC It's been 25 years since Tennessee's last National Championship. It's been 25 years since Texas A&M's last Conference Championship. Slipper Rock football has scored 285% more points at "The Big House" than Texas A&M has. Boise State football has more Top-10 finishes since 2009 than Texas A&M has since 1995 Lamar has played in a CFB Playoff. Texas A&M hasn't. Hawaii hasn't been to the CWS Semi-Finals in over 40 years but they still have the same amount all-time as Texas A&M Since 2000, Notre Dame has played in more Conference Championship games than Texas A& and they aren't even in a conference. Abilene Christian has more than 3 times the NCAA Championships that Texas A&M has In the last 70 years, Maryland has been ranked #1 twice as many weeks as Texas A&M Texas A&M Football has more Yell Leaders than National Championships, Big 12 Championships and SEC Championships combined. They have 5 Yell Leaders Oklahoma A&M changed its name to Oklahoma State in 1957. To this day, it's still the most successful Agricultural and Mechanical College in NCAA history by earning 23 NCAA Division 1 Championships before their name change. Texas A&M has 17. Florida A&M has 1.… Texas A&M argues that the reason they don't have any recent football National Championships is because they used to be a military school. Army has 3 National Championships since Texas A&M's most recent one.
  8. Don't really know where else to put this, but it's fucking awesome...
  9. That green Stake POPS on the screen!
  10. That refund gap is ridiculous.
  11. His mother's 1st cousin is Jake Langi. Polynesian Ties and whatnot.
  12. Timely thread bump. Took the 4Runner to Toyota for oil change and state inspection - at least I saved $40 on the oil change vs Firestone. Asked them to look at 2 other things while it was there - brakes and the door lock button on the driver door wasn't actually locking the doors - it made the noise, but the door would still open so I could only lock w/ the key fob. They wanted $730 to fix the lock, and on top of that, the parts wouldn't be in until the next day. Fuck that noise, I'll just live w/ the inconvenience.
  13. That is concerning, and I'm a lefty for the most part, but Garza kinda sucks at keeping people who should be in jail, in jail. I realize that's not 100% on him, but at this point I'm for anyone-but-Jose.
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