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  1. at the time, the dishwasher was in the rinse cycle, and I was posting on surly
  2. NPD got extremely lucky not to have multiple officers shot or killed. Had the subject been barricaded, loaded for bear, and a possessed a little tactical skills, that fast push would have been disastrous. But that’s the job they signed up for.
  3. The speckled king is a hell of a find, congrats!
  4. I have one of each and get lots of fruit. This spring they were covered in blooms. They go inside a warm closet with a grow light during cold spells. The closet smells amazing.
  5. The pictures show no injury to her. The whole case is bullshit. The state didn’t even try to reduce the felony to a class A misdemeanor assault - bodily injury - family violence for which the state only had to prove he recklessly caused her bodily injury (which only requires a showing of physical pain). The only thing he is guilty of is not getting rid of her before her “issues” got him fired. He was told many times by those closest to him.
  6. Whales are breaching the surface right out in front of the hotel. Pool scenery is top notch.
  7. First time at the Cape, this place is awesome. And high dolla
  8. Upham. It’s the perfect summary. Your mind can’t imagine the scene inside a corner of that classroom.
  9. How good or bad of an idea is getting into the market right now? 100% cash liquid now.
  10. definitely worth watching, thanks for the link
  11. I walked two steps up the back of a 4+ footer once while dove hunting.
  12. got all CDARS'ed up this morning, thanks for the info, gentlemen, this is a fascinating thread
  13. OK so #5 on that list is my bank Frost. I’m not a bank auditor. Cause for concern? I’m out of the market. What’s the best way to spread the risk? A dozen different bank accounts? Higher interest rates in MMAs if deposits are higher. Spreading it out costs quite a bit in interest. CDARS, but that limits me to CDs. Maybe just a number of 90 or 180 day CDs? Any way to get additional insurance?
  14. Say a person had well in excess of $250K in a major Texas bank. Cause for concern?
  15. Say a person had well in excess of $250K in a major Texas bank. Cause for concern?
  16. I took some hongos, hiked Ernst Tinaja, crossed at Boquillas, rode a donkey into town and had chips, salsa and Carta Blancas. And lived to tell! Die another day! Viva Mexico!
  17. I think its go time for tomatoes in Centex, I've got 24 nice plants about to FAFO
  18. Beer, champagne, red, white, desert wine and now brown water. This party fucks
  19. first time in my life I’m sad to lose a huge fat sweaty gaping pussy
  20. Minus the goggles and mask, I have all that crap in my truck
  21. User name checks out…. for that fish you lost.
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