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Dallas - evening stuff to do for 19 yr olds?


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19 minutes ago, DefinitelyNotHollywoodColt said:

Maybe you missed it up thread but Snuffers is open to 11:00.

The funny thing is.....one of the boy's weaknesses is epic cheese fries.  That may be the pitch.  That, and the hope that there may remain a few SMU gals with questionable decisionmaking skills.

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On 7/21/2022 at 7:09 PM, ztejas said:

There won't be all that many SMU kids hanging around. Especially not on a Tuesday. The spot last I checked is Knox/Henderson - specifically East of 75. 

But... they don't have fakes so that info would be meaningless anyway. 

Indeed, a Tuesday in deadass summer that is hotter n balls

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lots of lameness up in here


for example, does Juve have a Dallas Supporters' group?  i know barca does.  where are they meeting up before and after the match?  are they tailgaiting?  young women with bad decision-making skills, a broken moral compass and wetasspussies are likely to be in orbit around these gatherings.

what about the outlaws?  or FC Dallas supporters groups?  i was a founding member of the inferno in '96 but those days are long gone and i have no idea what groups are still around and active.

both outlaws and fcd groups should be investigated because this is likely the last appearance of one weston mckennie in dallas before 26.  very much a homecoming and on the best pitch in the western hemisphere.

the easiest fallback is to uber to trinity hall at 4pm.  eat burger.  take dart train to fair park.  view game.  ride train back to mockingbird station.   *guarantee* hordes of people will be doing this.  it's also directly across 75 from smu.  the post-game crowd on a tuesday night will spill over to the outside areas where it will be easy for the boys to blend in, keep a low profile, and ask hot bitches is they will order drinks on their behalf.  protip: your son needs to wear barca kit, the italian juve kit, so they can go both ways.  also a conversation starter with stupid hot bitches.


please explain the pics rule to your son.

please wish him good luck, we're all counting on him.


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