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D1 Baseball's Top 100 Programs. Spoiler they continue to be aggy honks

Sir Ulrich

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D1 baseball has been counting down their top 100 programs as they sit currently based on program health and trajectory. They finally got to the top 20 this week and lo and behold they have shown their aggy roots once again by ranking the Longhorns at #12 and the aggies at #11. I am more than ready for there to be a true competitor so we dont have to rely on their college baseball coverage alone. 


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OK, I know it's bait, but just a few facts, doing my level best to give A&M as much credit as possible, starting out with an effort to grab A&M's "modern era":

1993-2022:  CWS appearances (UT 12, A&M 5), CWS titles (UT 2), CWS runner-up (UT 2)


Alright, maybe going back to give them 1993 was too much.  Let's look at the last 20 years:

2003-2022:  CWS appearances (UT 9, A&M 3), CWS titles (UT 1), CWS runner-up (UT 2)


Damn, maybe 10 years:

2013-2022:  CWS appearances (UT 4, A&M 2)


Shit.  5 years?

2018-2022:  CWS appearances (UT 3, A&M 1)


Well fuck.  They beat us in Omaha last year?  That's the metric?


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Yeah but they are SEC SEC SEC. That is more important than stupid shit like CWS appearances.

But ignoring the A&M angle I am a little baffled why we are #12 as it currently stands. We have been to the CWS three times in the last four series. How the fuck are we not top 8 with our recent success? I get the teams that have national titles being ahead of us but this is bullshit. 

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