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Captain Ron

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I’m not a soccer fan.  Really only pay attention during WC.  But, the flopping diminishes the sport.  I guess that’s the only way to get the ONE real official’s attention … but
Maybe put a second real official on the field and dole out penalty minute(s) for flopping.  VAR or whatever the replay is called can quickly separate real from Hollywood.

Your trust in VAR shows you don’t watch soccer much.
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4 hours ago, Bottlecap said:

three referees in college basketball is over officiating. its fucking maddening to have a foul called every time down the court. there are already 3 refs on the pitch and one in the booth. thats plenty. some complain the 4th ref officiating the VAR has already overreffed soccer.

I wanted to come back to this because I had to take off for dinner not long after post this.

I've been a proponent of an additional ref in the sport a long time. I get you have the 2 linesman, but they barely cover much field at all. For plays in the penalty area, a set of eyes that can be much closer would be a benefit.

I would have introduced a 2nd on the field ref long before introducing VAR.

And also 3 refs for 10 athletes might be a bit too much. But 1+2 refs for 22 world class athletes is WAY too few.

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12 hours ago, Hagbard Celine said:

US announcers don't translate well to soccer regardless of sex

british analysis of a match: 10 words or less, and only when necessary and insightful

us analysis every 3 minutes: 10 words of superfluous crap not relevant to the match because they can't leave empty air; banal editorial the announcers believe is insightful and adds value

1) Not a fan of John Champion.

2) That guy that screeches like a loquacious parrot getting fucked every time Messi scores a skillful goal is insufferable.

3) I would not recommend that you ever watch Telemundo broadcast a soccer match.


11 hours ago, Wulaw Horn said:

Everyone in the worlds second favorite team [Brazil] getting ready to go. I haz teh excite! 



Argentina didn’t play yesterday. 


11 hours ago, Wulaw Horn said:

Just always blown away by how much better the Brits are at announcing than we are. Sublime use of language, clever turn of phrase, let the game breathe, excitement when warranted to match the moment. 

SEE: Responses to the first quote.


11 hours ago, Patricio Swayze said:

Por que vc está aprendendo português?

XQ: Las Putas


10 hours ago, Brisketexan said:

When Portuguese is needed, I mostly stumble along with Spanish.

All the Portuguese I know, I learned when we stayed on the Brazilian side at Iguazu: nao, sim, obrigado, pao de queijo, and leite quente. Oh, and cubim - FANTASTIC cut of beef.
Enjoy watching the Brazilian side, felt really bad for them when Germany DESTROYED them at home a coupla cups ago.

Cerveja, Misto Quente, Beijos, & Quanto pela sua filha?


9 hours ago, Dutch said:

¡Que Golaço!

Richarlison’s strike rate for Brazil is insane. 

His NOSE is insane!

(But his strike is so good for the national team because he plays with more freedom and playfulness.)


5 hours ago, Captain Ron said:

Also …



Yeah, we’ve seen that before. 


But this guy had to carry the entire team on his back.

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