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I absolutely don't get why people rank Vapor Trails so consistently low. The back half of that album, from the title track on, is some of the strongest stuff they've ever made. Plus, I love "One Little Victory" and "Earthshine." Especially the Remixed version, which in my mind saved the album; cleaned it up without losing the original's edge.

But then, I agree with Peart that Counterparts might actually be their best work -- or no worse than second behind Hemispheres. Moving Pictures rounds out my top three. But I've probably spent more hours listening to Vapor Trails and Counterparts than any other albums.


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Not a huge Rush fan but Moving Pictures came out out at the perfect time to be one of those albums that takes me to a different time. Throw in Spirit of Radio and Freewill and, on a good day, Fly by Night, and I’m good to go. 

Apropos of nothing much other than I am too damned old, I missed the original airing of the MASH finale to see them at Reunion Arena. And to fuck a girl I’d worked with the summer before. 

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