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Weekend in Toronto

South Austin

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8 hours ago, South Austin said:

Going to Toronto for a long weekend after July 4.  Was there last summer for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it.  For those who have been, what are your recommended restaurants?

Smoke's is a great poutine chain: http://smokespoutinerie.com/

I like the prime beef and country style ones as meals, and the traditional as worlds-best drunk food.

If you're remotely outdoorsy and want to earn the calories, renting a kayak and paddling around the islands with the skyline behind you is phenomenal. It's a really short easy ferry out.


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5 hours ago, Js1 said:

Top of the search - going for a long (5 day) weekend in May.  Any recs that aren't 4 years old now? 

Last time I went was June of 2019.  It was supposed to be a trip with my then-wife and our best couple friend.  But we separated shortly before the trip, and I ended up going with the husband, and we mostly hung around Yorkville and ate excellent food while I cried and got drunk. 

Here are the places I recall, and it all was really good:

Grey Gardens.  Outside of Yorkville.  Fantastic food.  We had a counter table to watch the chefs work.  http://greygardens.ca/

Trattora Nervosa.  Italian in the heart of Yorkville.  I don't think they take reservations, but if you get there when it opens, you can grab a seat on the second floor balcony (it was warm enough when we were there).   https://eatnervosa.com/

Alobar.  Sister to 5-star restaurant Alo (good luck trying to get a table there if you haven't already).  Great drinks, and we got some comped apps that were outstanding.  https://alobaryorkville.com/ 

JaBistro.  Very small nondiscrete sushi place in downtown.  Staff spoke little English.  Incredible sushi.  https://www.jabistro.com/

Barsteiners.  A good walk north of Yorkville on Younge.  A great causal lunch spot.  I recall some German influence in the menu.  https://www.barnsteiners.com/

There is one more restaurant that had the seafood tower to end all seafood towers.  The name escapes me and if I remember it I'll post.

As you can see, I'm a big fan of Tornoto and the food scene.  Have fun!

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Looks like I may end up in Toronto for a week in June. I haven't been there since about 2005. I am sure a lot has changed. Recs on areas of town to stay in? Seems like Entertainment Districts and Harbor/Distillery District get the most love online. 

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