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  1. Gonna be awkward for him when we win in a couple weeks
  2. I'm cautiously optimistic on your point about the D. Throughout the season when it looked like TO was just running a "boring" defense (i.e., no dumb-as-shit blitzes) we did a pretty good job. Then we'd inevitably go back to the dumb-as-shit blitzes and we'd get torched. Tone down all the silliness, play fundamentals, and let our athleticism do its thing.
  3. Knew Reposa in college, but haven't seen him in years. His current Texas Bar profile is entertaining
  4. Nah. I’m going with the theory it’s because they’re old and don’t understand technology. They’re like the office geezer who prints emails, scans them, and then sends it as an attachment because they don’t know how the “Fwd:” function works.
  5. Really? At the doctors office with my kids so I can’t watch. Is that the gist of his testimony? “Who cares if he committed all these crimes, so I won’t even deny them, I just think impeachment is a bad idea” That’s the best expert testimony they could find?
  6. To be fair, that picture is captioned “tired of wearing bikinis the right way”
  7. SquishMitten

    Disc Golf

    You play almost daily? And you went 4 years without acing one?
  8. Gotta like a statement from someone who is dedicating their life to protecting apostrophes, bu There's also a comma missing in a compound sentence. So two out of five sentences quoted above have comma errors. No wonder his stupid society failed.
  9. What else would we do? I’m predicting two Tech TDs before we run our offense again.
  10. I thought I had mono for this entire football season. Turns out I was just really bored
  11. Good call. It’s definitely farther ahead in the broadcast
  12. Damn, I was out roaming with the kids the last couple days completely carefree from rattlers due to the cold. They were crawling through the brush around the stock tank collecting “dinosaur” bones. Glad I didn’t check this thread beforehand or they wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun. Also glad they didn’t come across any big mutherfuckers like bmbmd!
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