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  1. You know what they say about assumptions... they make children's buttholes appealing to republicans.
  2. Obviously fake. There’s no black folks in Vidor
  3. We were also younger when that movie was filmed. Brittney was 16 when Hit Me Baby One More Time came out. Can we not look back fondly on that either?
  4. Looks dry af. Would not eat Or is KC known for its bone-in jerky?
  5. Got it on SW this morning. We had to rearrange seating before takeoff because they needed to balance more weight to the back of the plane. It was crazy
  6. That’s how I first interpreted it, but I don’t think that’s correct. The “crime” was taking it out of the country to sell it. Presumably, he could still sell it in Spain
  7. How so? Let's just take the premise as absolute fact and use a bit of logic from there... - In late 2009, Cam Newton was paid as much as $250K - A few weeks later in early 2010, Texas alumni told players that they would receive $1k for every interception, presumably as an incentive - If $1k for an interception in the BCS Championship game was considered worthy of a conversation in the locker room, doesn't that kind of imply they were not already receiving any meaningful amount of money? In other words, if they were already getting paid, the "floor" for an incentive would be a hell of a lot higher.
  8. What a dumb statement. So his point was that it was different because "they didn't do it on the field." They just talked about it on TV instead?
  9. I think that's the Village at Western Oaks. If so, their CCRs require trash to be put away by 9pm (not 5) on collection day. And their fines are no where near $2k. She would've had to ignore multiple notices and left her trash can at the street for a substantial amount of time. She's either not telling you something, or the HOA sent her the wrong notice.
  10. No idea how long it takes to fire those off, but I would assume they could be launched nearly simultaneously? The second one lights up 12 seconds after the 1st impact. I'm guessing they saw the first missile fail to destroy the target - and being under the assumption they were firing on a US military plane that could potentially fire back the longer it remained in the air somewhat intact - someone requested orders to fire again, and then the order was given. If that totally baseless guess is correct, then I can confidently make the further baseless claim that they're unaware of the capabilities (or lack thereof) of their weaponry. In other words, they are terrible. We should win convincingly. Also, interesting question about what the pilots could see. Do commercial airliners have systems capable of saying "hey, there's a fucking missile locked on to you" or would it be more like a blip on their screen moving really fast in their direction?
  11. Judging from the pics on those links, I don't doubt it. If those are phishing scams, they're really terrible at it.
  12. Ooh, this sounds like fun. What neighborhood/HOA is she in? That may be the craziest set of CCRs I've ever reviewed. I'm intrigued.
  13. Not sure because it didn't make me lulz as much as cock my head, but the recipe starts off as "Shortly after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001..." That's certainly an odd time to find inspiration for a new desert recipe.
  14. Crazy to see it in a list like this. But yeah, I’d say Bijan is the only one we’re “depending on” contributing early. There’s others that will see the field, probably breaking into the 2 deep, but barring injury there aren’t many (any?) that we NEED to contribute immediately. Very refreshing. Let’s pray the injury bug has moved out of town!
  15. How many endangered-spider/salamander/whatthefuckever colonies have they accounted for? Because if it’s less than 9, the time/cost is going to increase. That being said, I almost always vote yes on these. Gotta start somewhere
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