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  1. It’s very easy. Login to their site and set up the auto-renewal. Whether it matters is an entirely different question. We have tags, there’s always money in the account, and we still get a bill every couple months because the cameras apparently didn’t detect the tags and the computers didn’t realize that our license plates were on file. Fucking infuriating. I’d say about 4 out of 5 times, the first bill we receive is a late notice. One time, the first bill I received was allegedly the third or fourth late notice...something like $70 for a $5 toll.
  2. I’d disagree with that. Are you familiar with the concept of MVP that every company targets when going to market? Suboptimal code or anything else is always going to be a strategic decision. * Not disagreeing that plenty of it is also a product of being lazy.
  3. [mention]midtown [/mention] yeah. You’ll get much higher WiFi speeds with your router. There’s something about turning off their signal, but I never did that and my router is still more than double what I was getting with theirs. I assume it would get even faster if I turned off their signal
  4. We need something like an “EABOD” that’s a positive rep for posts like that
  5. Anybody know where I can find 2021 recruiting news?
  6. Far as I can tell, they really only just started running ads in the last week or so. I like her, and I’m absolutely voting for her, but I don’t think the money has been there to defeat someone like Cornyn (who I’ve voted for in every election even though I voted mostly democratic in every other race). Hell, I was a huge Beto supporter, but at the time, I can’t say 100% that I would’ve voted for him over Cornyn. But now? Absofuckinglutely. Those of us on here pay attention far more than the general public, so I think those folks needed a full on blitz to get over the name recognition bump. There’s still plenty of time, but she needs a lot of money and a bit of luck. Worst thing that can possibly happen is for all of us to give up on her now and cause donations to dry up. Talking down about her campaign is a guaranteed path to a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  7. Turns out over taxing your constituents, making health insurance more expensive, and just generally bankrupting them has a direct impact on their ability to give you money. Whodathunkit?
  8. I was right there with you. The only other thing I thought was that they might use it as an opportunity to increase R turnout. But anybody paying attention to the polls probably wasn’t willing to take the risk of Trump losing and the shit storm they’d cause by cramming someone through in the lame duck period after having just touted the seat as a referendum on Trump. I was initially onboard with 2 new seats, but the more I think about it, I’m coming around to 4. We can’t really stick with fairness and precedent anymore, because the other side doesn’t give a shit about that when it’s their turn. We have to make sure the punishment is so severe that they either a) never get a chance to fuck the country over again, or b) never again risk incurring the wrath that is about to be brought down upon them.
  9. Romney will vote based on “precedent”??? What kind of pretzel logic he using there? That Garland was never actually brought to the floor?
  10. Start with the easy stuff. The wires need to be replaced anyway, so take care of that and hopefully it solves the problem. Every time I’ve tried to recharge Freon I’ve overdone it because the gauges on those DIY kits suck, but might be worth it to pick up a pressure tester or leak detector. I wouldn’t underestimate a rats ability to chew through anything.
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