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  1. The first time he shit on Mattis was the first and only time I’ve seen my ex-military, Trumper friend say anything negative about him. There’s something about Mattis for these guys that truly matters to them even though nothing else does. Don’t count on it lasting very long
  2. Convincing my wife to give me a blowjob
  3. Uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, cinco, seis
  4. Not to excuse the vandalism, but from that far away the thumbs up could’ve also looked like he was giving them the finger. Also, hella accuracy on the throws.
  5. You might get super powers from its radioactive, septic-venom. I’d say that’s well worth the risk
  6. Man, it seems like everybody is finding corals this year. Something seems different.
  7. Probably a large police force guarding them. Or the people burning shit aren’t actually opposed to Trump. It’s at least one of those, possibly both
  8. Bruh. Not cool to talk about people’s moms
  9. SquishMitten


    Weather lookin good still?
  10. Kinda similar to when I joined our board a few years ago. The old board had been the same folks for about 12 years. I was elected along with one other person (there were 2 terms expiring, and both were still seeking to keep their seats). Pretty clear voice from the neighborhood! That left the president, one of her lackeys, a really sweet old guy whose only interest was the neighborhood watch, then us two newbies who wanted to fix shit. Pretty sure the president was getting kickbacks, but the management company definitely was. They awarded every contract to one of their subsidiaries at well above market value. We were able to get the old guy to pay attention to what was going on so he started voting with us. By the time we got the management company fired, the president had gone off the deep end. She would scream in meetings every time we brought up bidding out contracts, funding things that desperately needed it, etc. She led this huge personal campaign against us and tried to gather the entire neighborhood. The exact opposite happened. She may have gotten 2-3 people to show up to meetings to support her, but 50+ were showing up to support me and the other new board member. She quit after the second meeting like that and posted a long-winded rant on Facebook about how we were going to destroy the neighborhood. It was insane. Then we filled her spot with a guy who I’ve mentioned on these threads before. Dude was a badass. Can’t remember the exact number, but he renegotiated all of our contracts, spent like $150-200k on various improvements, and we ended up with MORE money in the reserve accounts. So yeah, your situation isn’t entirely unique. People are crazy. But good boards can do wonders for your neighborhood. It’s going to suck, but good on you for trying!
  11. Ya know, if this EO were to remove the liability protections from Twitter, they’d almost certainly have to ban him just to protect themselves wouldn’t they?
  12. “Fighting age” doesn’t seem like it would be relevant. That would matter if you think there’s going to be a draft, but what you’re worried about would look more like a civil war. I don’t think the incels will actually take it that far, but IF they did, age is irrelevant. In that scenario, if you can hold a gun, you’re of “fighting age”
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    So when's the next launch window? Need to set my calendar. Almost forgot about today
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