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  1. Nice little slack channel for live vaccine updates. https://texasvaccineupdates.slack.com/join/shared_invite/zt-n17mcy6d-yLAOrewrRP7aTBMmwfVSEQ#/ Also, HEB has some openings at the moment. https://vaccine.heb.com/scheduler FYI - with HEB links, sometimes it'll say spots are available, then you click in and it says there are none left. Go back, click again. Sometimes after a few attempts it'll let you through
  2. I'd go at the time you're registered
  3. Oil field workers do. Or rather they venture into the rural areas then come home to the city
  4. He's got football and basketball scholarship offers at a couple places
  5. Good point. That's why we're still posting on ShaggyBevo...wait, no, I mean ShaggyTexas
  6. Nah. I think using a really short sample helps if you're trying to make a fair use argument, but 30 seconds is way too much. That'd mean most commercials could use songs freely.
  7. I didn't say I couldn't identify ANY of them. After a second watch, saying I didn't recognize "most" was an exaggeration. I'll rephrase that there were several that didn't look familiar at all. Could have more to do with head/facial hair changes than my lack of familiarity though. Or maybe I'm just an idiot. If nothing else, I'm definitely not a katfid. So I got that going for me, which is nice
  8. In case it hasn't been mentioned, keep in mind you technically need to pay a licensing fee if you're going to use any song that's not in the public domain
  9. I dig it. Got a sad feeling watching it though. Realized how little I've cared lately when I didn't recognize most of the players in the video.
  10. I can fart into a microphone. I'll give you a friends and family deal on the licensing.
  11. I don’t know if it’d be that disastrous. Who would be pissed off at Biden? Trumpers who will never vote for him anyway? All of my ire would be directed at Abbott if he didn’t backpedal real fast. But in the long run, there’s going to be ample evidence of how this was a huge mistake. Numbers and deaths are going to shoot right back up again, and there will be no doubt as to why ... although we know certain folks will deny what is completely obvious to anyone that isn’t being intentionally obtuse. That is going to be a big problem for Abbott in the next cycle. He probably even knows that. This
  12. Like Trump withholding aid from blue states? I think you know this, and I understand the sentiment, but it’s not the right thing to do. At least not right now while millions of Texans still want to get the vaccine. Shit, I’d say they should give us even more in the short term. If our local leaders are going to fuck us, the fed is our only hope
  13. That was a bit of an exaggeration, but someone with a sign outside of a hospital/vax clinic, directing you inside the clinic would surly solve the problem of unused shots. I’d hop the median if I saw someone with that sign outside my CVS
  14. Grab a stick, some poster board, and a sharpie. Write “Extra COVID shots about to expire” and walk out to the street. Zero shots will go unused
  15. You’re probably at a higher risk than somebody without HC. So yeah. Go ahead and get it. If you feel guilty, take your laptop and a hotspot to CVS and help a couple olds get booked. I’ve seen a bunch walk up thinking it was available... only to get turned away. Given out my number to so many of them you’d think I was a retirement home gigolo
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