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  1. Lol. Mine went and got a massage this morning and left me with the kids and a to-do list. I stopped requesting this because her regular response was just too creepy for me…”Your not MY father.”
  2. Oh boy. The wife bought a pro-grade snow cone maker for an upcoming party. This thing can process 500 lbs of ice per hour. Something like $300-350. Excessive for sure, but we’ve gone through several cheap ones over the years, and it costs $150 to rent a good one, so not a terrible long term decision. But today’s delivery of syrup is what earned her a new mention on this thread…
  3. You don't sit on a massive story for long because you risk missing out on being the one to break it. If you drop a bombshell story out of nowhere, everybody will still know about it. It's not a TV show or movie you have to hype in advance.
  4. Nice! So you have about $3,800 just from those, plus whatever other commons you got. Factoring in what you paid for the pack and the depreciation on all your hornets players, you still killed it.
  5. It's sushi. Just wait a few minutes. Space will open up
  6. Don't really know where to post this. We started 2020 off in AISD so we got iPads issued from them. Then we moved to Eanes, got new iPads, and at the end of the year they were very on-top of getting all of them back. But AISD still hasn't asked for theirs back. They don't have bar codes or names on them so I don't think they even kept track of who they gave em out to. Did they ask anybody to return them? Are they waiting to see how next year looks? Or did we all get free iPads? Think there's some kind of tracking on them and a resource officer might come kick my door down?
  7. Said it before, but it's worth repeating. A WR decommitting from OU to go to SMU is a complete moron.
  8. You're also out the $1 mil. Which is kinda the bigger difference
  9. Thanks! If the good captain is correct, then Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart all have sufficiently powerful generators in stock (or delivery within a few days if not in a local store).
  10. I'd have to buy about 120 Hornets moments. Highly doubt that would've worked out very well for me. Good luck to y'all that are eligible!
  11. It's just really suspect. Dude has been openly recruiting for us for so long, saying all the right things, seemed totally committed. Then this out of the blue...I'm not saying there's fuckery afoot, but there's fuckery afoot.
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