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  1. You guys would consider a new grad for a maintenance manager position? That’s a bold strategy….
  2. From the article: A family member of Garson’s confirmed his death to Variety. He died of pancreatic cancer.
  3. Texarkana. The one we are leaning towards is Morehead Pools out of Shreveport.
  4. I live in a decent size town, but there are only 3-4 pool builders. I’ve had 2 at my house and can’t get a quote. I’ve heard not so good things about both so no loss. I’ve called a third builder four times and can’t get them to call me back. The fourth is out of town and has 88 pools already on the schedule. The designer took me to a pool in my neighborhood that they built when he was there last week. It was damn impressive and probably a 300k+ project. I would rather wait on someone who I can get to come out and be honest with me on where they are at schedule wise than one who won’t even send me a quote. It’s pretty damn frustrating to want to spend that much money and have someone who won’t do what they say they are going to do.
  5. The one I was most familiar with was the Polaris, but I’ll check out the Maytronics. He also mentioned built in vacuum ports in the floor of the pool, but I’m not sure how well they would work or if they would plug up. We talked about saltwater and he said they’ve been doing UV and ozone solely for the last 7 years. Honestly I’m not that familiar with it and have no experience with it.
  6. [emoji23] yup. Opposite sides of the neighborhood, but he still patrols around keeping an eye on things.
  7. Ok, so it looks like we are moving forward with getting a design done. The builder is scheduling 14 months out, so it would be next November time frame before they could actually start. That sucks, but at least it proves they are busy unlike some of the locals here who could get started next week. Here is what he has in the list for the project, is there anything we’re fucking up on? Robot cleaning system LED lighting Flagstone/tile coping 3’6” to 6’ total depth Pebble sheen interior for pool and spa UV & Ozone sanitation system AquaLink System Tanning ledge Anything we should add or change? Thanks.
  8. @markstanco is our HOA president. You mother fuckers complaining about how bad you have it let that sink in for a minute.
  9. I live in Northeast Texas. A lot of the folks here don’t believe there is an issue. We were the only folks wearing masks at meet the teacher. I would guess my kid is the only one in her grade wearing a mask to school. It’s pretty damn sad.
  10. My daughters elementary school was planning on having grandparents day next Monday. The plan was to have all grandparents plus all kids report to the cafeteria prior to going to first period whether your grandparent was there or not. I told my daughter the first day she mentioned it that it was not happening. I told her she could either got straight to her classroom or go to school late that day. My wife emailed her teacher and told her that we did not believe having grandparents day during the middle of a global pandemic was such a good idea and that she would not be reporting to the cafeteria as required. Today we got an email saying that grandparents day has been canceled due to Covid. I’m not sure if our pushback had any impact on the decision to change course or not, but it should not require an email from parents to point out that it’s probably not a good fucking idea to put a whole bunch of old people in an enclosed environment with nasty elementary kids. What the fuck are these idiots thinking? I know somewhere there are parents bitching because Memaw doesn’t get to drag her oxygen tank and Virginia Slims out to come have a donut with little Sally, so fuck them too.
  11. My guess is it has the auto engine shutoff feature that you have to disable each time you start the car. Sometimes if it gets caught in between shutting off and trying to restart it will fuck up and die. You then have to shift to park and restart. It’s a fucking pain in the ass “feature” that serves no use but to piss people off.
  12. Put a couple of them on a biscuit and I might be in.
  13. I had a contractor come in for some work last week. He was going to hit another job site before he flew back out and thought about changing his plane ticket to an airport closer to the second site. He checked on changing the rental car to one way and they were going to charge him $1500 extra due to their shortage of cars. He drove back to his original airport.
  14. They have to listen to the podcasts over and over.
  15. lulz. I got curious about how many points I have because of your post. My kids love Chick-Fil-A.
  16. Is glass, steel, and screws codenames for beer, blow, and hookers?
  17. My oldest said “papie” for paper. It was papie towels, toilet papie, etc. It was so adorable and it sucked when she said paper for the first time.
  18. Your kids were in the movie Coco?
  19. PGISD checking in with 58 positive students during the first week. Cases broke out as follows: 10- elementary 4 - intermediate 9 - middle 35 - high school A small town in Arkansas not far from here has 70 kids quarantined after the first four days.
  20. That shit still goes on. I know a lady who used the same sitter we did who would knowingly send her kids to daycare full of tylenol when they were sick. I’d pick my child up in the afternoon and her kid would look like hell all because “mommy had to work”. Mommy worked in daddy’s office answering the phone and damn well could’ve taken off anytime she wanted. One guy I know was sending his kid to daycare and she ended up having RSV and an ear infection. His excuse was he knew she looked bad but mommy was out of town. Jackasses. Every single one of them.
  21. EE2B

    Sam Ehlinger

    This part of that picture above cracks me up:
  22. I’m hearing that a 41 year old passed away today in one of my local hospitals. Apparently no pre-existing conditions. No idea on his vaccination status.
  23. In school three days and we’ve already received notification that a kid in the elementary who was at school the first day tested positive. This morning they got all the elementary kids together in the gym for a “spirit rally”. Yesterday on the school Facebook page there was a picture of a student who spent time in Children’s hospital this summer with Covid being welcomed back to school by the superintendent. You would think someone who was worried about the kid would put a mask on to be face-to-face with him, but not these mother fuckers. All of the comments were “praise God” or something similar. Not having Facebook is preventing me from telling them they should be praising Children’s Hospital for keeping the boy alive and asking the superintendent why the fuck he doesn’t care enough about him to put a mask on. Holy shit I wish my kids were in school somewhere other than backwoods fucking east Texas. /rant
  24. Sushi before getting on a flight? That’s a bold strategy, Cotton.
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