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  1. I see two or three ladders a week on Houston roads. It's not that hard to secure stuff. I drive a flatbed pickup carrying shit all day. I've never had anything come off of my truck. Glad she's ok. That looked like a [Larry Mac] hard lick [/Larry Mac]. I probably just jinxed the shit out of myself.
  2. Lat22


    Lost my dad and aunt (his sister) to it. Started getting them at 40. They find enough each time to keep me on three years cycles. The procedure is nothing.
  3. Lat22


    Scheduled #5 yesterday. Good times. Good times.
  4. I saw one take off out of Hobby a couple years ago. I think there’s one based at Addison. I always know when a Piaggio is coming into Sugar Land.
  5. He sure did after Joey put him in the fence.
  6. Damn I'd love to have a dozer. The shit I could get done..........
  7. Effectively banning him from ever appearing on the show again. Guarantee you he’s still fishing on the Northwestern.
  8. Lat22

    Big Play Zay

    This is the new reality.
  9. Dwight Gooden was an Astro? I do not remember that.
  10. I turned it off early in the third because IT WAS 3-0. Good Christ.
  11. Is Tim the guy she's banging on the side? I had one fucking job…….
  12. What is happening right now a couple feet away. She’s scrolling Tim Toks with the fucking sound turned up.
  13. I’ve already ignored most of them.
  14. We’re playing against major league teams with 8 batters.
  15. Whatever it is, he knows it’s a big deal.
  16. That looked and sounded familiar. I was sitting pretty close that night.
  17. Yeah, I was serious. I’m a South Texas guy who recently moved from Houston to just outside of Houston. We have a pond and these crawdad holes are everywhere. I’ve eaten the shit out of them but had never seen one of these holes.
  18. I’ll be damned. They are located all around our pond but I’ve never seen one. Thanks.
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