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  1. I love the show but wish they would move the overall plot along more quickly. There should be a backstory of what efforts Werner Herzog is taking to get baby yoda, the urgency attached to it and sometime around now (episode 6 of 8) we need to learn why baby yoda is important. Instead their have been three one off episodes that have not really advanced the overall plot. We knew Werner really wanted baby yoda in episode one and we've known baby yoda and Mando have had bounties on them since episode three. And, yes, I feel bad even typing this after being subjected to the aggravated sexual assault that was the Last Jedi.
  2. Haven’t been following the thread. Is there any reason to kick a field goal to make it a 4 point game with six minutes left? Cause I can’t think of one.
  3. I'm surprised more people don't watch during the day on Friday. Anyway, episode was awesome. Makes me hate that subhuman cum mop Rian Johnson even more for fucking up the sequels.
  4. https://www.kmov.com/police-man-pretended-to-be-handicapped-to-trick-home-care/article_f46340c3-7ea8-5080-ba07-3b780b59bda8.html New Orleans, LA (WGNO) -- A New Orleans man has been arrested for pretending to be handicapped in order to have home health care workers change his adult diaper. Rutledge "Rory" Deas, 29, created multiple social media posts for home health care workers. Deas would specify in the ads that the services would be for his 18-year-old mentally and physically handicapped brother, "Cory." Deas would then pose as "Cory" and pretend to be handicapped while the nurses changed his adult diaper, a process Deas used to "obtain sexual arousal," according to the Louisiana State Police. Home healthcare workers became suspicious of the scheme on at least 10 separate occasions. Deas was arrested at his home without incident and charged with 10 counts of sexual battery and human trafficking (labor), and one count of possession of a schedule II controlled dangerous substance.
  5. You’d think people would know how to spell his name by now.
  6. Of course, of course, of course . . . but maybe . . . .
  7. Well, we got screwed then in the bottom of the third with time about to expire. We recorded the 2nd real out of the inning, the eight spot, returned the ball to the pitcher, the one spot was in the box and the runners took off. This is 9u and the pitcher didn't know what was happening and didn't get the out. Umps let the two runs count, tying the game, then recorded the out on the nine spot. We lost in the bottom of the fourth.
  8. Sorry - the auto out was the third out. The umpire had not yet called him out.
  9. Rules question: Team is playing eight so the nine spot is an auto out. Eight batter grounds out leaving a runner on third. The ball is returned to the pitcher and the lead off steps in the box. Kid at third steals home before the auto-out is called by the ump. Does the run count?
  10. It’s almost like you have no knowledge about how this works. Dumbass.
  11. Bold of you to assume there have been no rapes.
  12. You’re a fucking saint. Pat yourself on the back.
  13. Just think, it was barely a month and a half ago that the goal (for some) and expectation (for others) was 2-2 against Clemson, Bama, LSU and Georgia. Aggies are like good BB pitchers - have to have a short memory.
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