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  1. We’d be better off if some assholes weren’t lying to their doctors to get scripts when they don’t need them.
  2. How’s your sister’s ass looking these days?
  3. I’m with Baylor I’m Houston and my doc told me yesterday that if I get symptomatic to call him and he’d order a test.
  4. Wagyu ribeye from B&B Butchers. Berg hospitality has been very generous with charity work in Houston so I’m happy to help him out in my own small way. He’s having a bbq benefit at the restaurant this Saturday to help his workers. Betcha his que is excellent - looking forward to trying it.
  5. I think we should call the two strains Corporal Trips and the Wuhan Chinese Super Bat Flu Cough.
  6. Yeah, I couldn’t have read your most more wrong. I’m an idiot.
  7. 97% are symptomatic before 11.5 days. https://annals.org/aim/fullarticle/2762808/incubation-period-coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19-from-publicly-reported
  8. Have the cloak room assholes been kicked out yet?
  9. Take your bullshit to the fucking cloak room. You assholes keep your greasy politics in the pig pen and away from the eyes of normal people.
  10. Hey look, it’s Derka part 2! “Look at me! Look at me!”
  11. You have some sorta problem with God, tough guy?
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