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  1. Now this guy won't shut the fuck up. And I thought the state went too long.
  2. He actually seems very methodical. The opposite of flailing. I'm not sure he's being persuasive but this is not throwing shit against the wall.
  3. What’s the percentage on that? Is it 99.9% plus that do live and can talk about it? Or is it thousands of deaths a day who can’t tell their story because murder???
  4. I pretty much concur with that although I have my doubts that different commands in that situation would have prevented the kid from turning on the cop. A command to not turn around should have been issued.
  5. No one told the kid to wheel around on the cop. That’s what got him shot.
  6. What in the bloody hell are you babbling about, Professor? I’m talking about this situation. If the cop believes the guy is carrying a gun and spins with his hands coming up, the cop is going to shoot. That’s that they’re taught to do.
  7. But that’s not how it works. Escalation of force doesn’t work like you want it to. Easy to armchair qb, huh?
  8. That’s not how use of force escalation is taught to police. A cop is taught to shoot before the suspect has an opportunity to fire. I’ve done the shoot/don’t shoot training and if the guy had a gun a second or so before hand, and the cop didn’t see him drop it, turning into what very well could be a shooting position is going to earn you a bullet.
  9. Wait, did a bunch of you all flat out make up that the cop specifically said, “turn around!”? Jesus.
  10. I was half listening and it sounded like the state found some newly discovered evidence in the medical records. Sounded like oxygen saturation levels. Judge kind of called the state a bunch of assholes for trying to introduce/disclose it so late in the game. Said it can't come in and if their rebuttal expert mentions it there will be a mistrial.
  11. It should work with someone whipping your face with a garden hose.
  12. Dude, cause he’s not convinced. You put those facts in his face and he discards them. End of story.
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