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  1. Make friends with dilaudid.
  2. Yeah, but during most of that time, they're just prancing around, not really running hard.
  3. Tony Kukoc. Sixth man of the decade.
  4. There's dozens of those in my neighborhood at memorial and the beltway. We don't really have crime here.
  5. I apparently have to buy the family tickets to watch my eleven year old play in his rec league semi-final football game.
  6. UT: 70 TCU: 3 327 passing yards
  7. Judge and the prosecution bent over backwards to accommodate his crazy because the evidence was overwhelming. Better to put up with his antics than give him an inkling of a ground for appeal.
  8. They bought a bunch of mercenaries and thought they'd put aggy's interests above their own self interest? Poor, dumb rubes got exactly what they paid for.
  9. What the fuck do you think their intentions are? Maybe kidnap you and put you in a dungeon? Ooooh, sounds scary. Bunch of people on the field. Intentions unknown. Could be anything. Threat level midnight.
  10. The SEC added to blueblood programs to the conference because Nick Saban was scared of aggy recruiting? Secolobo seems like a smart dude.
  11. Yeah, but this whole Niemann thing would be like Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson. Just doesn't happen.
  12. Who the fuck gets all riled up from them durn BLM protests and decides an appropriate response is to cancel season football tickets? He sure showed em!
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