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  1. Luckily this is correct and we've given Ukraine the support they've requested without starting WW3. You can lie down and let Russia dominate what they want if you wish, but that doesn't appear to be the will of the Ukrainian people so far.
  2. RIP El Diablo, but I always loved the Cosmos response to Barney and Betty Hill.
  3. I just finished Billy Summers and liked it. I'm switching it up a gear and reading the Dark Tower series for the first time this summer. Years ago I listened to The Gunslinger before I read any of his works and was pretty lost/disengaged. I'm excited to start it with a Stephen King background.
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    Yes -a, loophole in theory to buy THC in non legal states. Most likely illegal by the time it arrives but certainly illegal over time and when combusted. Quite a few hemp companies selling high THC-a strands based on early tests but these will be harder to find. Here is an example.. https://wnc-cbd.com/collections/frontpage/products/bordeaux-indoor-1 Life is hard in non-legal states lol
  5. BoA will send small amounts via regular mail. I had around $5,000MX mailed to me in April.
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    Ordered some of that TCHa flower that /cultofthefranklin is all about. We'll see how it goes.
  7. Brian Talley's is the worst. It reads like his mom made him turn it in.
  8. Well unless they are an originalist of course.
  9. Being a normal human being is a phobia?
  10. Like watching a USL game.
  11. Oh look, Orban and Erdogan are fucking everything up. Shocking.
  12. Def keep the windows rolled up.
  13. I'd go to Namibia in a heartbeat. Windhoek seems cool and safaris.
  14. Looks like GotG is getting good reviews. I'm 100% not a fan of the new Epcot, but at least it looks decent.
  15. I get really tired of 100 degree days that seem to never end as the summer goes on just like the rest of us, but people can't ride in 92-95 degree weather?
  16. Also hilarious that we're sitting here arguing about Spanish politics. Like we know what's best for them and their culture. This isn't the Talibam destroying all rights for women. It's Spain saying adulthood is 16 instead of 18 on an issue.
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