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  1. We typically watch this on the last day of school/first night of summer every year.
  2. The return of Sim Fighter as a sponsor (and more improbably, Sim Fighter passes for the callers)?
  3. Yeah...I think CDC decided to do away with the shade for our players in favor or more special big money donor $eats
  4. What a waste of what could have been such a great night game. Plus, as it will no doubt be balls hot at kick off, let's go ahead and get ready for all of the shots of the empty end zone as all of those fan$ will be inside at the buffet with the AC. Perhaps we could cut the AC in there too while we are doing the same to the Fox booth?
  5. Yes and I’m assuming this is just out of frame of the pic?
  6. I too am going to open a dealership with 5 star BBQ but instead tell people we are upgrading their elevations
  7. I’ll drink to that!
  8. Big proponent of wing based transactions though
  9. Scattershooting while remembering when Gordo used to do the fake Pink just to antagonize George.
  10. This was excellent and the first Green Flash beer that I’ve had in a while
  11. Did a Central Coast California themed dinner for Mother’s Day: Santa Maria-style tri-tip Split pea soup from Andersen’s in Buellton Little danish biscuits al a Solvang Firestone Walker beer from Paso Robles The wife was quite pleased
  12. hell yeah i'm still in
  13. Speaking of, that would be a good name for a band at The Reconsider Lounge
  14. They seemed to be focusing on the wrong game in that box….
  15. Fashionable songs from the likes of The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash?
  16. Is he ever gonna drink that delicious Coca Cola product?
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