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  1. Damn. My wife would be so pissed if I spent 14k on that. But that is awesome. Hmm.
  2. An extremely easy argument about why someone needs to be able to protect themselves with a firearm can be made. Legit body armor plates aren’t motorcycle helmets. I can easily be missing why someone would need this? https://uarmprotection.com/product/fas-full-armor-system/?gclid=CjwKCAjw7IeUBhBbEiwADhiEMSseUbtjpqQXlmtERyz39-o8U-VWtcxqneiytWyD03ZZY7sh2yorQBoCw64QAvD_BwE
  3. I don’t disagree. As much as I hate the idea and can see the fuckery that’s going to come along with red flag laws, I’m getting there slowly but surely. I have a real sense it’s going to fuck over a million innocents to every one it stops though.
  4. Yep. They could put anything in there. No one except for maybe a few lawyers that border insanity is reading that fine print and making decisions off of it. Cheaters.
  5. Unless you are fighting our troops, this will not be an issue. Look like /=/ same same. You can now, and would likely make money on the deal.
  6. Has never happened one single time in history.
  7. Ban shit like bump stocks, binary triggers (my 2nd homies about to not like me) and body armor. Loosen regulations on safety devices such as suppressors. That would go a long fucking way in getting conversations started.
  8. True. But I have a whole lot less issue banning purpose built body armor. The avg person does not need it for their safety or protection.
  9. What happened to yours? Should have been left up for a bit, lest we forget that brilliant display.
  10. I don’t understand, at all, not a single bit, why civilians “need” body armor.
  11. I know you know this, but companies make investments in other companies constantly. Some work, some don’t. The drivers have direct competition they can work for.
  12. Because apparently, every racist is a republican, as stated upthread. Which is a mind numbing my stupid fucking statement. Fuck, I can argue the president has done more racist shit with more long lasting detrimental effects than anyone posting here. Also wins the award of televised racist “gaffes” too. Republican?
  13. No. That wasn’t his statement. Do you believe only a Caucasian can be racist?
  14. Lol. Pubs would have the popular vote wrapped up if every racist person of color was republican. Or we only taking white racists? unbelievably false, but please don’t let that stop you.
  15. Between this heat, lack of water, and fire we dealt with, this year going to be frustrating
  16. I’m certain the police made that comment. Same comment we were told when I lived in the ghetto and we’re getting broken into. It’s some boiler plate cop response that sounds tone deaf, especially if they moved on immediately. But dad about to rightfully get fucked. Kid still needs an asswhipping tho.
  17. Quote seems like outrage bait. They correctly charged the dude with a felony. By moving out soon, they mean prison.
  18. My set made it 8. I’ll try and find out what set we got after so you don’t make that mistake.
  19. That kid might have caught one quick. Beating on my fucking door with a whip. He was already scared too. Wonder what made him act like a cunt in the first place.
  20. Commas to the top go wherever on the weekend.
  21. Drag it to Houston. There’s a shop that advertises on Craigslist that’s sub 3000 installed.
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