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  1. We get sick all the time these days because daycare. I swear to God whatever we had should be covid, but we’ve tested several times each and no positive. Would be our first go round, so I suppose I just mean that we got something that gave us a 2 week moderate butt kicking. Not as bad as the stomach bug we had a while back, but it has just hung around. And weird sinus stuff for me - my jaw was swollen for a day, now I have pressure under my eyebrows. How was Wicked? We’re heading up in a few weeks and I couldn’t interest the wife in Hamilton, she wants to see the oz thing.
  2. One of my all time favorite prevail and ride panels is Connor Brewer holding his helmet and saying “jesus titty fucking christ” and I wish I had that image saved somewhere
  3. Plug for my buddy Julio - he and a friend of his just opened a guitar shop behind Lone Star Kolache on Anderson. Julio was the guy who did the actual work on that black Gretsch that I took to Straight Fret to get brought back to life - https://www.instagram.com/moonmusicpro/ They just opened up. Looks like they have some... never heard of these "Berly" guitars before but it looks like some boutique parts-o-caster builder, they have some interesting looking pedals. But either way, if I was still in town and I needed more work on guitars I'd take it to Julio's shop.
  4. I don’t know the lineup that well any more - is that the most “standard” out of the made in America strats? Agree that a strat should broadly be cheaper than a Les paul
  5. https://www.fender.com/articles/gear/the-history-of-the-fender-stratocaster-the-1950s fwiw I agree, seems crazy expensive. just interesting to remember that it was not a budget guitar in those days either
  6. i wonder what the venn diagram is on people who need others to come in to the office and soak up all their wisdom and people who get an erection from hearing footsteps in the office bathroom while they sit there making the air thick with what has fallen out of their rotting insides
  7. at 1 months I still use the shit out of the babybjorn. My wife some other version of the same thing, was absolutely worth it for us to each have our own one. Up until we lost our bigger dog recently it was nighttime routine for me to strap on Rory and have Kevin on one side and Sully on the other for a walk around the pond, and I wish I had a nickel for every new balance wearing dad walking by who said "looks like you've got your hands full!". I'll still wear Rory in the grocery store too if it's a quick one. If she wants to go on a walk she picks up her shoes and then goes over to where the bjorn is hanging and pulls on it. Secret on that thing is to tighten up the bottom strap that goes around your waist. If the little fucker is still getting an arm out using the velcro swaddles, go darkwing duck Ok, and now a help request for myself - as mentioned, 13 month old. We're going to drive up and visit my sister in New Jersey (NYC new jersey) which is about an 8-9 hour drive from where we are in North Carolina. Wife doesn't want to rely too heavily on videos because car sickness or something - what should we do to try and keep kiddo entertained? I think we should probably split it into two drives and stop near DC, but either way - bunch of toys to cycle through, snacks, make sure the nap coincides with the drive?
  8. teach your daughter not to crank the heat under an empty nonstick. like my wife's dad should have it's a nice looking toaster which I guess is the point but it's not any more functional than the ones that cost 10% of what that stupid thing did. wedding gift so I'm not even that annoyed by it (and do like the smeg stuff from an aesthetics perspective and I'm sure they are nice and functional) but damn, toasters pretty much toast.
  9. I'm certainly way over my skis talking about any of this due to age and amount of general expertise in the topic (although I have a fair amount of familiarity with the modern GE) but maybe there's some prisoner's dilemma. Company exists to make money which becomes company exists to increase the price of the stock. The company is comprised of people, whose wellbeing is no longer directly relevant to the goal of the company. Employees at all levels (or at least employees who aren't stupid) now exist to maximize their own wealth/power/safety. This makes for a large amount of dysfunction generally, and of course those at the very tippy top both understand this the best and have the greatest ability to achieve their goal. Which of course is at best indirectly related to what best positions the company for long term success and stability. Take a company like GE where they enter crisis, the worker bees start looking for safe harbor while each of the 10,000 little Machievellis in middle management is angling for their own outcome. And the big Machievellis up top or doing the same fucking thing. Whatever thought I'm expressing isn't very distilled. My feeling is that out of the Reagan era there's this feeling (greed is good?) that caring about other people is not only for women and children rather than serious men but is actually bad for the other people that you are supposedly caring about. This is of course ludicrous garbage to soothe the cognitive dissonance of the morally bankrupt who are not courageous enough to really understand what they are. It's also not smart business.
  10. the thing that I would immediately replace with something that cost $17 if it busted in our kitchen is our smeg toaster
  11. Wouldn’t say “all” and wouldn’t pin it squarely on him but… most and he’s as good as anybody
  12. If I could save three things from the kitchen, it would be my chef's knife, my lc skillet, and my lc saucepan. Use each of those things almost every single day, and I expect each will last me my entire life. We'll see on the chef's knife but probably. I don't feel the same attachment to the kitchen aid but I don't bake as much and it's a sentimental calculation for me. Will say that the cheese grating attachment is great if you need to shred a fuck ton of cheese.
  13. i was going to say that you must include the inevitable sentence ending in ellipses but slorch beat me to it
  14. just ran through this again since this thread came up this scene cracked me up fuck captain america fuck casey kasem
  15. I think people should be able to accurately label all of the parts of the female reproductive system before voicing their dumbassed opinion about abortion if that’s the standard we’re applying here with guns.
  16. Do we know all about this one? Daphne blue, aged plastic, adjust at the heel, some 👁 in that maple…. ay girl
  17. I’ve been thinking about this because we’re starting to be back in the office more, and I have a kid in daycare. And I’m getting my ass kicked constantly from whatever viruses and bullshit she’s bringing home. This combined with the new emphasis on staying home when sick but also with the… if I’m sick on Monday I’m really hoping I’m in better shape by Wednesday because that is when every significant in person meeting is going to occur. And it’s damned if you do damned if you don’t being gunky - nobody wants you there but you miss a few times and you’re basically never there. I don’t know what’s going on with superhero’s guy and I’m not trying to tie it directly, but we should all be having honest and open conversations with our teams as we go back in. Setting and holding ourselves to expectations and applying them fairly. If you don’t trust that your employee is sick when he says he is you have a trust problem with your employee. If that applies across your whole team you might have some problems you need to go off and deal with on your own. Teams work better when you understand people generously.
  18. This is the mass shooting equivalent of “I worked my way through college in the 1960s why can’t these millennials”
  19. lots of "masks in school = child abuse" folks from the past couple of years just really not giving a fuck about children as it turns out
  20. I'm actually genuinely curious - is this a thing Rogan has been talking about?
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