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  1. A perfect afternoon...switching between this game and The Mask Of Zorro. OLE!
  2. The Ohio State University can the kiss the my the ass
  3. Could we possibly get this playing on every phone in the stadium at the same time? I would pay to see that.
  4. "They can't disentangle themselves from him because they need him" This quote about trump reminds me about the story involving the frog that gave a scorpion a ride across the stream.
  5. My opinion of this ass clown has not changed since his first appearance on a public site. Worthless P.O.S.
  6. Yes, we will get a redo in the fall of 2022. Just be ready for it.
  7. Of all the stupid shit I could not care a rat's ass about, this one tops the list.
  8. Too bad that nearly half the population of this country is too stupid to believe any of this.
  9. As a TEXAS fan and the current situation, what do we do? What we have been doing for years; eat shit and bark at the moon.
  10. I have no clue who this guy is, but I know I would vote for him without hesitation instead of any of the crooks who are now holding public office, or hoping to get reelected to one.
  11. I sincerely hope he wears his costume to prison.
  12. Elizabeth, I'm comin' ta join ya, honey.
  13. Lemme see if I got this right. I did not plan on blowing nothing up means I DID plan on blowing SOMETHING up. Is that correct? Wonder how this dumbass got caught in the first place?
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