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  1. Too bad he is not more like Kennedy, Garfield, Lincoln.....
  2. I only know that listening to his shit during the last aggy game makes me want to throw a brick through the screen. How this pos ever got a job announcing football games just proves that tv execs know jack shit about broadcasting. Rot in Hell, CJK5H
  3. OK, no more Mr. Nice Guy. After Trump's stupid statement that he will eventually be right about the covid, he can eat shit and die, the sooner the better. There is no more calming me down, accepting criticism for what I have known for years, or anything else. Fuck that piece of shit, the sooner he dies, the better off our country will be.
  4. At least Trump has admitted that maybe Dr. Fauci knows more about covid than he does, so maybe there is still some hope that....who am I trying to kid? Hand me the shit sandwich so I can take a bite, please.
  5. Redtails, Redhawks, Redasses, who gives a fk?
  6. l feel like the character in "Independence Day" who says "I've been sayin' it for ten damn years. Haven't I been sayin' it, Miguel?" Except I've been sayin' it for more like thirty years. How in Hell does this clown Trump fool so many people?
  7. Well Hell, Yankee Stadium has to go. That word Yankee offends my lower US upbringing. Can't say southern without offending some jerk. Statue of Liberty has to go as well, can't have some pyromaniac woman running around with a lighted torch in her hand. Let's just let these crazy mfers tear shit up until there's nothing left, then we will be able to tell which ones need to have their asses kicked.
  8. Thank you, Johnny! Now I can reclaim the title of Dumbest Motherfucker In The World.
  9. Saw some guy say in the AAS that he would vote for Trump again just because Biden is worse. Damn, I never knew Biden was a bigger liar, crook, con artist and thief than Trump is. And now that I see his reaction to the outbreak, I know he is a goddam fool as well. fml
  10. Several month ago I read an interesting article about this subject, I think in the American-Statesman. It was highly informative, provided by someone who went through the signup process. Now I am kicking myself for not saving it. I would appreciate input from anyone who knows about this article, or has similar information about the process.
  11. All you clowns who could not fkn wait to get out in a crowd, I really hope you caught it.
  12. Only thing I feel certain about is this: that jerk who runs the website and organized the gathering at the Capitol to defy safeguards designed to protect the public should have his ass kicked until he can no longer walk.
  13. "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it." That pretty well explains the current situation.
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