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  1. I chuckled a bit when Louie came on because I love him but that’s it.
  2. With how he’s trending right now I don’t doubt he can be in contention going into Sunday at The Masters. Not convinced he can finish yet though. Plus he has some demons on 12 to deal with...
  3. Fun to watch but needs to hit the driver tomorrow more like he did yesterday. Can’t count on aces and 40 footers tomorrow.
  4. That should have been used in PSA’s for the last year.
  5. Wife got second moderna yesterday and still feels perfectly fine. I get mine today and now expect to feel like shit 24 hours from now.
  6. just snagged a cvs spot in dripping springs for tomorrow. 2nd moderna.
  7. Mask requirements don’t end until Wednesday. I hope you’re right though.
  8. Janis Joplin lived in the finger hut house at one time. So did Linklater, obviously.
  9. ha...i pulled up appointment times in temple. may be specific to second doses though.
  10. looks like CVS in Temple has some appointments for this afternoon if anyone needs one up that way.
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