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  1. Never really bothered me as much as most. We would have felt the same way and it was hilarious watching Tech roll them. I’ve always liked him and Aaron Jones is awesome.
  2. Yep. I expected the defense and especially the secondary to be good this year. Secondary has been trash for the most part.
  3. Has Cam Jordan made a single big play this year? Dude is hyped like he’s Aaron Donald but seems to go missing when it matters.
  4. It worked. They’re definitely gonna be on it.
  5. Fucking shit. Let the hall of famer decide this.
  6. That spot is ridiculous.
  7. Lulz. Looked like the Rudolph no call.
  8. I guess they put pascale in the hospital on a psych hold.
  9. Agree with both of you. That’s the weird part.
  10. I remember saying on that game thread that they just showed everybody how to beat us.
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