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  1. You said it was going to go away in April. I didn’t give a date! It is going away.
  2. I think he’s saying that without a miracle vaccine by July don’t even think about fb. Seems like common sense. We’ll still be in the shit mid summer. The curve flattening doesn’t mean we’ve solved anything it just means we’re on to the next step, which should be massive testing and tracking. I’ve heard nowhere that there’s any plan for that in the US yet.
  3. Am I the only one that hates Ben?
  4. There’s really no way to travel around right now and keep people healthy. One player gets it and everyone he’s played with is quarantined, so are their caddies and their families. It would be ridiculous to try it.
  5. The wife is a massive fan. I watched the first season and thought it was fine but nothing I needed to keep up with.
  6. CHATTANOOGA: Two-time All-American and three-time All-Southern Conference tight end ... four-year starter ... 125 career catches, including 18 TDs ... No. 4 on UTC’s all-time receiving TD list ... four multi-TD games in his career. Looks like he’s still with aggy too.
  7. Mine turned 12 on Sunday. She had wanted a big burger from Muck and Fuss in NB but they closed up the day before. We went with Lil Doddy and shakes from Culvers. It did the trick.
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