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  1. I grew up going to 183 but I can’t tell any difference at the BW one.
  2. Sounds like they’re trying to keep it quiet. My wife is friends with a few of the family members so that would explain why she hadn’t heard.
  3. That is a lot of independent researchers.
  4. I believe that was 3 shit’s and a fuck for marshawn.
  5. 4th&Five

    New Music 2021

    The new MMJ is great as is the Wilderado LP. I’ve had both on repeat.
  6. seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people?
  7. That’s why I’ve been exactly 1 time.
  8. Bummed to miss it. I’ll be in Denver for 3 nights of Ween though so not too bummed.
  9. The Franklin dining room finally reopens on 11/23, in case anyone else wants to place a curbside pre-order before then.
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