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  1. fuck him and the chiefs for drafting/keeping him. Domestic assault conviction Stillwater police records indicate that on December 12, 2014, Hill was arrested on complaints of assault of his 20-year-old pregnant girlfriend, Crystal Espinal. The police report states that the two got into an argument and he threw her around like a ragdoll, punched her in the face, sat on her and repeatedly punched her in the stomach, and choked her.[76] Oklahoma State dismissed him from the football team after the charges.[77] Hill eventually pleaded guilty to domestic assault and battery by strangulation and was sentenced to three years of probation, an anger-management course, a year-long batterer's program, and was required to undergo a domestic-abuse evaluation, a sentence that Espinal was consulted about and comfortable with.[24][78] Espinal eventually gave birth to a boy.[21][79] Child abuse investigation In March 2019, Hill was investigated for alleged battery after an incident in which his three-year-old son sustained a broken arm.[80] The following month, his son was placed into care temporarily as a result of an emergency hearing conducted by the Kansas Department of Children and Families.[81] On April 24, the Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe released a statement, saying that his office believed a crime had been committed but the evidence did not allow them to conclude the perpetrator, and that the Kansas Department of Children and Families continued to investigate.[81] The following day, an audio recording of Hill and Espinal discussing the injury to their son and the subsequent investigation was released.[81] In the recording that surfaced, Hill and his fiancée discuss their son's broken arm, she said that their son is scared of him, to which Hill responds “You should be afraid of me too....”[82] As a result, the criminal investigation into Hill was re-opened.[83] On June 7, prosecutors announced the case against Hill was inactive.[84] On June 10, reports surfaced that medical investigations showed his son's arm was broken by accident and in a way that indicated it was broken bracing for a fall.[85] On July 9, 2019, the full unedited audio from the recording was released. In the full audio, Hill accuses Espinal of lying about the domestic violence accusations in 2014 and about Hill breaking their son's arm.[86] The NFL stated they have always had the full audio of the recording.[87] On July 19, 2019, the NFL released a statement saying that Hill will not be suspended and that they found no evidence that Hill violated the personal conduct policy, but the incident will be re-examined if new evidence emerges.[88]
  2. 4th&Five

    Dad music

    Mine are 7 & 11 and we all love The Beatles. In mom's car they get their fill of pop.
  3. Those tax cuts don’t pay for themselves!
  4. I thought he was gonna go the Willy Wonka route.
  5. Got to see him at Red Rocks in August. Pretty awesome. I’m a big fan as well.
  6. anyone know anything about opener? i always park in one of the state garages.
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