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  1. I’m supposed to be there right fucking now. Fuck this administration for making our passports useless.
  2. Like, just get a bullshit job working for your dad or something!
  3. Why? It has nothing to do with successfully pulling off a CFB season.
  4. anyone thinking schools won't all be shut down again by the end of september is being naive.
  5. closing in on 140,000 deaths and he says "We're doing great." He needs to go away permanently.
  6. we opted for online for the first semester. my girls are 12 and 8 and have really been great throughout this. i actually wish they wanted to hang out with us more instead of facetiming their friends.
  7. I got to meet her and travolta at the baseball hof. She looked amazing in person and he looked like he’d been carved out of play-doh and spray painted his hair on.
  8. Something else that will only be popular with his moronic base and do nothing but cost him votes. 4-D chess as usual.
  9. Yeah. Used to see him a lot when he first got to town. Talia is a great song.
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