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  1. Yeah, fuck that. We were scheduled to fly to Tokyo on 3/13/20. Who knows when we’ll get to go now.
  2. probably until we're actually worth a shit again.
  3. Used to live in my neighborhood and you’ll be shocked to learn he headed the HOA. He is most definitely an asshole.
  4. Nobody could have seen this coming, right?
  5. Going and getting another ball for the sister was clutch and saved those parents a fit.
  6. Exactly. Shouldn’t we be a GOP utopia by now? If they can’t solve it in 30 years I guess we’ll just give them more time.
  7. 4th&Five

    2022 Albums

    BK’s is better than I expected.
  8. You fellow alt-rock guys should give Wilderado a listen. Other than a couple of them being Baylor grads they’re great. Hoping they’re on the same day as Spoon.
  9. First show in 24 years without Matt. I’ll be there tonight.
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