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  1. Yeah. Exactly. And what's the deal with airline food?
  2. If we lose all of our money can we buy in more? I like to live dangerously.
  3. 90% chance that I get in tomorrow.
  4. My cardboard cutout is looking kinda sexy.
  5. Its an entirely different kind of posting.
  6. Gargling flat rates of Covid works in Texas but the extreme instances are intending to continue without 21% in reduction despite attempting this in hospitals or under scale to differentiate. Unless the government understands or tributes this down or further South, doctors won't enter or use manual conditions.
  7. So my wife went to HEB a few days ago and since I was busy mowing the lawn she took our cute little dog Monster with her to the store. She only ran in to the store for a short list of essentials (hemmorhoid cream, Mountain Dew Zero, Busch Light and Hot Sauce). She put the dog in her crate and cracked the window. She sprayed water and dropped a bunch of ice cubes into the crate to keep her cool. Our dog has a disorder that makes her whine when she is happy. Well apparently some know it all WANNABE HERO KAREN walked by wifes car and called the police because she heard Monster whining. It was only 100 degrees and like I said we cooled down the crate with ice. Then the jerk opened my wife's car door and stole our dog FROM THE CAR until the police arrived. Once out of the store my wife was SHOCKED to see the police, a security guard and this KAREN holding my STOLEN dog. After a heated discussion with all involved my wife got Monster back. I am thinking we should sue this lady for emotional distress and theft. Thoughts??
  8. And this 7 day wait between testing and results is a huge problem . . . And likely leads many symptomatic folks to avoid testing.
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