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    Better upgrade those shocks.
  2. Ranch House Meats, from Menard Tx would be worth a look in my opinion. Good people, they work the Houston Rodeo and ship anywhere. https://www.brisket.net/default.aspx
  3. I recently switched to Cricket from Verizon because I was tired of not having service when traveling to the Menard area, which we do 1 or 2 weekends a month. I looked at T-Mobile, but their coverage was the deal breaker for me. Cricket is owned by ATT and uses ATT towers. The service we get is the same as ATT subscribers get out there. You must sign up for the Cricket More plan to get the fastest internet speeds, and I can’t tell a difference in the quality of service and internet speeds from Verizon to Cricket. Except, of course, in the hill country. The cost is considerably cheaper than our old Verizon plan and the ATT plans I looked at. We brought our phones and pay $130 per month total for 4 phones - taxes and fees included. For unlimited everything. Very happy to have made the switch.
  4. Okay. It’s obvious that this fuckstick is begging to be crowdsourced. Let’s accommodate him. I’ve done my part.
  5. Those are outstanding, I agree. But I suggest that you get you one of their glazed croissants and you’ll never look at the crullers again. Their glazed croissants, when fresh, are perfection
  6. Fuck those dirt burglars. Ha ha
  7. Wildcats @ Horns : Don’t be Pussy Whipped
  8. “Large bookmaker” is only bringing in $2000 a day?
  9. Yeah, in the moment, I was cussing Harris. But with a week to reflect, and after reading that fine article, I’m not pissed at Harris anymore. Fangraphs sold me on the fact that the pitch was almost impossible to hit for a home run Just have to give the accolades to Kendrick.
  10. Never forget that aggy was #4 in the initial CFP rankings in, I think, the Kenny Trill year. All of this shit will get itself sorted out properly - just as sure as aggy got exposed and plummeted in the rankings that year. Edit: It was 2016.
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