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  1. My understanding, not from the posted article, is that some cops or LEOs of some sort, were on the flight and were the ones that restrained him in the first place.
  2. You have no idea how close to the regular reality this is. And no to tasers for the FAs. I have more than a few from my younger days who would gladly tase me in the face.
  3. Who are the coaches they should go after instead? The ones who win titles at all these 2nd and 3rd tier schools like Tech, Washington State, and MSU? A guy like Leach is the best they could ever get and expect to retain for a while. You might luck into a Matt Rhule kind of guy but he won’t stay any longer than he has too.
  4. We did a 7 day trek this past summer. Covered 50 miles in 6 days on the trail, plan on a solid 20% more than the itinerary with route changes, food resupply, etc.. Our longest day was 15 miles because of a route mix up. The boys weren't lost but one ranger told them they should hit a certain camp in the morning before going up Baldy but when we got there the Rangers at that camp said it could only be done after coming down from Baldy, so we had some major backtracking that day. The boys took it in stride. We also caught some rain and a little hail that day, good times. The highlight of our trek was definitely climbing Baldy. It's high, it's a very long day, and it's very steep at the end. But they set it up as a day hike so you don't have packs that day, just lunch, water, and jackets. I can't imagine doing a trek that doesn't include either Baldy or Tooth of Time. Muzzle loading rifles were also a big hit at Miranda and the challenge course at Head of Dean was also great. Team building exercises. We had two 16 year olds, two 15 year olds, and four 14 year olds. The younger kids were just fine. No issues whatsoever. Have a strong personality for the crew leader (it should go without saying here but I'm talking about the scout leader, not the adult leader). The crew leader will be heavily relied on for decision making and delegating tons of tasks. He needs to be someone the whole crew will listen to. The rangers at Philmont will teach them everything they need to know. The packing, the navigating, camp set up, cooking, bear bags, etc... It's good to have seen all that a time or two before you go but if your troop is like ours all the kids have crazy schedules with sports and other extra curriculars and the shakedowns and long hikes you have planned won't always come to fruition. We had one kid who didn't show up to a single training hike at all. He's an athletic kid and ended up hiking stronger than the older kids who were more prepared. Your pre-trek planning won't always work out, don't sweat it. Just show up with the right gear and the ranger will teach them everything all over again anyway. The adults in the crew should be damn near invisible. I had to fight the urge to make the trip into a bonding experience with my son. It's not about that. There will be plenty of shared memories made but it really should be the pinnacle of the boy-led experience. The rangers are adamant that the adults be strictly in the background and shouldn't be involved in any decisions, navigating, or planning on the trail unless lives are about to be in danger. If they get lost, let them. If they move slow and leave camp late, let them. When your kid asks you a question the answer is always, "Go ask your crew leader." We kept a grown up map and the scout navigator for that day kept a separate map. We always hiked at the rear 20-30 yards behind the scouts and kept our navigation ideas and observations to ourselves. Our scouts, who showed up less prepared than we hoped, did just fine. A couple of backtracks but never truly lost.
  5. Victim's last words: "What's fumunda cheese?"
  6. This and this. Angelfire is where I'd look first. It's easy to drive to and cheap. Lodging, lift tickets, and lessons are all cheap compared to Colorado resorts. It's a great starter mountain. Right now they have 35-37" base which should hold up for good enough conditions at Spring Break, but some years it doesn't. I've been there 4 times at SB and only once was it absolutely crap conditions, the other times it wasn't always what I prefer but still plenty good enough for the kids. Make sure you check out the deals (often free lift tickets) for 4th and 5th graders if you have one. Those ages are the ones that have been identified as the age at which kids will likely keep skiiing once they start. So those ages often get great deals or are free altogether. If you're worried about snow conditions, Wolf Creek is the next closest spot with always great conditions. Stay in Pagosa Springs. There's everything from full cabins to cheap hotel rooms in town. Sit in the hot springs downtown. Side trip to Durango, the coolest town in Colorado, IMHO.
  7. Can we not have the conversation about which years belong to which decade. Can we just please not be those people?
  8. Given the lack of qualified candidates I'm gonna go with Luke Poelmann for his mullet. It was more impressive than what most of the others did on the field.
  9. Your Mom

    Truck Nuts

    I have a roll-n-lock. Love it. It seems less intrusive when rolled up than the bakflips which block your back window. Then again, the canister takes up a little bit of upper bed space. Works great for me though. I like the look of the Bak Revolver too, but again you sacrifice a little bed space.
  10. Your Mom

    Truck Nuts

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  11. Your Mom

    Truck Nuts

    I parked next to this guy a few days ago. Which of you magnificent bastards owns this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Does he have kids yet? At some point being home with them on Sundays becomes more important than more millions. Not for everybody, but I could see Colt having that mindset. He just doesn’t strike me as the type to chase money at all costs. Whatever he does I hope he gets to do it on his terms.
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