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  1. Worked up the nerve to hit it today. Way smoother than it looks. I followed another guy over it the first time and matched his speed. That helped, otherwise I would have probably thought I needed to hit it way faster and landed long. There’s one the same size right after it but it comes quick and I felt like I needed an extra second to focus on it so I bailed. I hit the wood jump behind ATX bikes a few times to warm up. This is way smoother than the wood ramp and the sloped landing makes it soft. There's a third one but it’s twice as high and steep. Not for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I just think someone ate a raw bat.
  3. Oh yeah, I've never seen that. I always approach and depart the spillway on the lower section next to the creek. Gonna get out this afternoon and look for that. Doesn't look like something I'd hit though. Agreed about the new little jump . I always like hitting that hump and launching off it. I'm just happy they didn't destroy that part of it. Also agree it seems like they put the bigger lip on the wrong side. Will scope it out again today. Probably do my normal routine of talking myself up to hit it and then bail at the last second and roll awkwardly over it instead.
  4. Without a doubt. And to clarify, my employer is one guilty of excessive executive compensation and stock buybacks. I'm just saying you can be guilty of that and still have a healthy balance sheet and have what every businessman in America thought was enough cash on hand before this.
  5. A lot of businesses that will receive a bailout could have easily gotten by for 2-3 months. My employer has already said 6 months of very little to no revenue would be no problem. If that's all it was, full payroll could continue with cash on hand. But they're expecting this loss of revenue to last long beyond the end of the virus. Unemployment is about to skyrocket, emergency funds will be emptied across the nation, spending will drop, and the revenues of all kinds of businesses will suffer along with that long after the virus moves on. That's not an excuse for the out of control executive salaries, stock buybacks, etc... I'm as opposed to that as anyone. But it's kind of short-sighted to say a company with 6 months of expenses in savings didn't a healthy balance sheet. Plenty of business were prepared for a bad 6 months or beyond but are still going to need help.
  6. If you didn't want to take a bunch of dicks up your ass you should have thought of that before you joined the Navy.
  7. Your Mom

    Gym Pet Peeves

    That's good. One pyramid we used to do in the Marine Corps was: 1 pull up, 10 push ups, 20 flutterkicks 2 pull ups, 10 push ups, 20 flutterkicks 3/10/20, 4/10/20 5/10/20. Then 5 again and work your way back down to 1. Up and back gets you 30 pull ups, 100 push ups, 200 flutterkicks. Simple and quick. Take it up to 6 and back if 30 isn't enough pull-ups for you.
  8. Your Mom

    Gym Pet Peeves

    I'm not a crossfitter, never been to one of their gyms... err. boxes 🙄 But they have a workout I do in hotel gyms all the time. Been doing it in the garage here lately with the gym being closed. The CFers call it The Murph, named after a SEAL who died and earned the CMOH in Afghanistan. 1. One mile run 2. Any combination of sets and reps, in any order you want, until it adds up to 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 body weight squats. 3. One mile run I can't get to the 100 pull ups yet so I cut it in half. I used to cut the whole thing in half to make it 50/100/150, but lately I'm good with the pushups and squats but stick to 50 pull ups total. I start with sets of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 20 squats. Zero rest in the beginning, a little rest toward the end. 10 sets of that finishes my pull ups, then I just keep doing 5 more sets of just the 10 pushups and 20 squats only until the squats hit 300, then 5 more sets of the push ups alone. That's my method and if I end up coming up short on the pull ups I keep track of how short and add them in at the end. It takes some thought or some form of keeping track, but that keeps my mind occupied. My own personal anti CF note: Dead hang pull ups only. I may be 47 years old, no longer at my peak fitness, with a long rap sheet of injuries, but that's no excuse to be a pussy with your kipping pull ups.
  9. The steeper drop down to the spillway. There's the main drop down right at the corner and the steeper drop just a few feet west of it. I'd never noticed the steeper drop until that ride. When I go up that section from the spillway I always pop up it and then stay left and parallel the creek for a little ways until it meanders right and then up the hill. I've never gone up right up the hill above the spillway, always just assumed that led to the road.
  10. I'll have to look for that. I stayed on the south side in that section. There's also a new drop at the spillway at escarpment. South side. Next to where the trail goes up from the concrete, theres a steeper drop off to the side now. Maybe it was always there but yesterday was the first time I saw it and hit it.
  11. I got out for an hour or so yesterday. Just the basic south Austin trails. The best part was seeing some teenagers that had built a nice little dirt kicker gap jump. It's down behind Walgreens where there was already a nice hump that was fun to jump. The hump is still there but they added onto half of it to give the option of a bigger jump. I chickened out on it but I'll hit it one of these days. More rain today.
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