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  1. Doesn’t it say they may only remain closed for up to 5 days, not that they must close for 5 days?
  2. Well yeah. What’s hard to understand about that? It’s life, not everybody gets treated the same. Every aspect of my employment governed by seniority. There’s about to be a pretty big chunk of my company that’s going to take partial pay to stay home. Not everybody who wants that option is going to be awarded it. Some who would like to take that option are going to be forced to come to work, and be exposed and take risks they’d rather not be taking.
  3. Hypothetical is exactly right. I don't know exactly how it will pan out or how each individual teacher will feel about it. But in the end, I have to go do my job and risk being exposed to the virus and so do lots of other people. I'm sure 80% of my co-workers would rather not be there too, but we are anyway.
  4. Why would it be voluntary? Is it voluntary at your place of work? You're pretty lucky if it is. Most of America has a boss telling them from where they will do their jobs, not the other way around.
  5. Pretty sure thats the bike Seinfeld had hanging from his ceiling.
  6. That's a pretty generalized statement. Many of us have kids old enough to not need babysitters or to supervise the learning. My kids are middle school and high school. Their mom and I both work and have no problems trusting them to stay home and get the work done. That's not the issue for us. The issue for me is that my kids did everything expected of them this spring in about 15 minutes a day, brought home all A's (for the middle schooler anyway, the HS only did pass/fail grades) and they didn't learn shit. The spring was all unexpected, so I get it. I don't expect a perfect situation. But it was definitely a waste of time. We all have different tolerances for risk. To me the risks are worth it when you're talking about an entire wasted year and a half or longer for millions of kids. It's not a case of risking lives so my kid won't need a babysitter. It's a case of risking some lives for an entire generation to get an education that is actually worth something. We don't know when or even if there will be an end to this virus. We aren't talking about just the fall or even one entire school year. It's possible this is the new normal. We gonna homeschool forever now?
  7. There's a definition for close contact and I think simply being in the same room isn't it.
  8. I think there will be plenty of teachers who don't want to come in to classes and they can be the ones that make the zoom lessons and teach remotely. There will be others that are willing to come in and can teach live. I work at a large company. I have about 10,000 coworkers who do the same job as me. I'm hearing close to 100 of my co-workers have tested positive and probably many more than that are assumed to have had it but never tested. At least one has died from it that I know of. Work goes on. We've been given options to not come in but it's clear we aren't going to be fully paid if we don't. No doubt it sucks to have to make that choice but it's not a choice that's unique to teachers.
  9. Why would the entire class need to? Why not only those in close contact?
  10. Another vote for the Salomon X Ultra mids. I have the low and the mid and I find the mid much more comfortable whether I'm carrying a pack or not. I see the majority of hikers moving to trail runners but I just can't do it, especially with a pack on. For me it's not so much the ankle support, it's the foot bed. My feet are killing me at the end of the day if I hike in anything without a stiff thick sole to better support all the weight. I guess there are some trail runners with that sturdy sole but a lot seem to be normal running shoes but in an earthy color and with knobbier soles and that doesn't work for me at all. The Salomon X ulta low-top is good and supportive but something about it isn't as comfortable for me as the mid.
  11. Reminds me of a short documentary I recently watched.
  12. I'm colorblind too but that can't be right. I lived in Hawaii for a few years and they hate everyone from the mainland.
  13. Here I sit, cheeks a flexin'...
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