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  1. @Assman, what.. you don't want to take the family to the old DoubleTree around the corner from The Dollhouse?
  2. There's some good rafting out of Buena Vista too. We did that last summer. Lots of trout around there too.
  3. There's some high-tech mumbo jumbo PFM type stuff they do to reduce noise these days. Engineers have made entire careers out of quieting the engines as they get more powerful. Old stuff is loud. New stuff is quieter. Sometimes it's the most random sounding things like scalloped nacelle exhausts, etc...
  4. Your Mom

    Britt Reid

    I would guess that people arrested immediately for suspicion of DUI/DWI consented to a field sobriety test and/or breathalyzer and failed one or both. I think if you don't consent to that they are stuck with a blood draw as the only way to prove guilt. Admitting to drinking before driving is not necessarily admitting to breaking any laws. I'm not condoning drinking and driving nor suggesting Reid isn't guilty, but so far nothing he has said is prosecutable on its own I would think.
  5. I could do without Louisiana. Just make sure someone catalogs all the recipes for the rest of us before they all sink into the swamp.
  6. Your Mom

    D'onta Foreman

    The positioning of them both probably makes it look like Kobe and Lil Wayne are making out when D’Onta’s laying on the couch.
  7. I have Terra Grapplers on my LX and KO2s on my Tacoma. It's hard to tell which performs better, I doubt there's much terrain where one could take you that the other couldn't. The Nittos are quieter, IMO. I'm a fan of them and would buy them again. Ride quality... to many factors to say. My LX with the Nittos drives a lot smoother but it's got that Lexus adjustable height control and the variable suspension damping... It's probably more due to suspension but it rides smoother than the Tacoma on KO2s with Biltstien 5100s.
  8. I did a couple hours of hiking part of the South Austin trails with a chainsaw and getting some of the bigger stuff out of the way. I was impressed how quickly people out here got to work on them. I rode my main local loop this afternoon and everything was passable.
  9. I bought 200 paper plates, plastic cups, and utensils. Bought an extra 7 gallon water jug to add the two I already had. Also having a chord of firewood delivered. That completes my apocalypse prep. Some serious fuck-money around here powering up entire houses.
  10. Sweet! Make sure to post up some pics. I've tried twice recently to plan trips to Bentonville and both times shit keeps happening to prevent it. Still gonna try to get out there at some point this spring.
  11. What does that mean? 3 of those guys either had or are in the midst of very solid NFL careers. Maybe not HOF material, but not a damn thing to be ashamed of with those first 3 names.
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