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  1. Well Anakin does have friends in low places.
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  3. I know right... what an idoit. Total regard.
  4. https://www.npr.org/2019/10/25/773291951/pilots-ground-crew-share-blame-for-lion-air-737-max-crash-indonesian-report-says These are the findings of the official investigation Indonesia concluded recently for the Lion Air crash. Indonesia has no alligiance to Boeing or the FAA. The report criticizes the FAA, Boeing, Lion Air's maintenance practices, AND the actions of the two... well you know. They list each of those entities as contributing factors, any one of which could have broken the chain of events that led to the crash. As for the MAX, the propsed fixes for the MCAS are complete. I think I read last week that the flight testing is also complete. The task force they created is made up of a who's who of Air Force test pilots and engineers, NASA pilots and engineers, and a host of other experts. Those guys have all flown it and signed off on the changes. They are in the certification stage with the FAA and the other regulatory agencies around the world. With the eyes of the entire world on them it isn't going to move quick. Last I read the FAA and the EU equivalent are asking Boeing for more documentation about how the new software was developed. MAXs are also currently flying over the US, without passengers. They are being moved from desert storage to other locations where the required changes can more easily be made. United flew 9 of them from Houston Hobby not long ago. SWA has been moving a few too. around the country too.
  5. You guys are grasping onto the weight comments only. It's not just that, he's been pushing doping, bending the rules about medication exemptions,, and pushing good runners to cheat for years. He was recently handed a 4 year ban for pushing doping. Yeah maybe you'll say tons of them do it, but some of them did it because he's in charge of it and pushes it on them. It doesn't excuse any athlete who dopes, but the point is that guys like him shouldn't be in charge of coaching anyone. And when she was being told to drop weight she was already the fastest female runner in America, not just some snowflake slouch. Pretty sure she she didn't get that far by not being able to take some tough coaching.
  6. You badass motherfuckers know who I’m talking to. 0311... But Happy Birthday to the POGs too.
  7. https://www.insider.com/kara-goucher-nike-oregon-project-runner-supports-mary-cain-2019-11 More Oregon Project athletes' perspectives.
  8. No he's a scumbag. Athletes have been complaining about him for years. Kara Goucher, America's best female runner in her prime, got sick of his shit a while back too.
  9. Yesterday was the perfect example of why you can never count on a good team always playing good or a shitty team always playing shitty. 18-22 year old kids are so full of drama and emotional highs and lows, you just never know what the fuck they're gonna do. Preseason predictions and even gameday predictions are nothing more than pure guesswork, hopes, and dreams. There is nothing in life more delusional and gullible than a college football board in August.
  10. I have one of the cheap ones from Amazon. “Green Tea” or something like that. I was skeptical and figured there’d be a good chance I’d return it but it’s been great. I love it. Had it about 2 years now. The return policy is pretty easy. You call Salvation Army and donate the mattress and they come pick it up. Then the company sends you a new one or a refund or whatever. Just checked my amazon account and it was the Zinus Green Tea mattress. Probably the same one elfenix thought was too firm. Mine’s pretty firm but I love it. I had back problems a couple years ago and firm definitely is better for that. My girlfriend hated it at first but now she loves it.
  11. I do it but i only work 3 days a week, gone the whole 3 days. Also, I’m divorced but i don’t think the travel was the reason. I make up for those 3 days by picking up the kids directly from school, volunteering once or twice a week at their school, etc... Its not serious bonding time but it’s a way for the kids to know you’re involved and connected. I used to be gone 4 days a week and it was significantly worse. That one extra day at home was life-changing for me.
  12. Check into private lands. The burn bans aren't as strict. They do have to enforce a couty-wide burn ban when applicable but in general they allow ground fires in a ring when state parks don't. My kids and I like camping at Reville Peak Ranch. It's mainly set up for mountain biking and obstacle courses but you can hike their trails too or just relax at a campsite. https://rprtexas.com/activities/camping/
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