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  1. Maybe, maybe not. Gave notice today. SOP is to cut my access immediately and terminate everything. My sales VP asked HR to hold off because he needs me to do some warm handoffs to ensure deal continuity. We've been friends for 22 years so I'm happy to do it. I'm planning to attend some of those calls from my boat. But my existing pipeline has me reaching yearly quota by July, I did the math, and even with accelerators my new gig is still 2X the OTE. Next 10 yrs is gonna be interesting.
  2. Oh hell yes this makes me happy. 4,200 soldiers with the 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, will replace the 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division. This is the specific swap to which I'm anticipating.
  3. Truth. I had lunch with the head of cybersecurity for one such facility recently and he confirmed. And 3 letter agencies are monitoring his dashboards as well. And teams of white hats are using the attempts to further the technologies. Airgap everything.
  4. Strange request, but can anyone recommend books on AI, neural networks, and machine learning? Maybe thow in some Kubernetes and cloud computing for good measure? I just changed industries and need total immersion.
  5. Great book. Speaks to my inner telecommunications geek child.
  6. Drag racing into a brick wall. I'm so stealing that.
  7. Agreed. "Allow her the dignity of experiencing the direct consequences of her actions." Detach with love. And the obligatory "Go to Al Anon" aimed at all her loved ones. You didn't cause it, you can't control it, and you certainly can't cure it. I hate it, but there are some people who can't be helped, and the question of getting the dreaded phone call isn't a matter of if, but when.
  8. Cancer. You have cancer. That's the bad news. The good news is that you can recover and possibly never have a relapse. Substitute any progressive fatal disease for cancer, the recovery probabilities are still outstanding. Because personally, my cancer is known as alcoholism. My chemo/radiation/treatment is the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. It's really that simple. I don't fall off the wagon, I stand up on the wagon and dive facefirst into the sagebrush, jump up, shoot my horses and anyone else that happens to be around. If I didn't have guns, I'd drive those horses off the nearest cliff. I don't need a wagon, I need a lifeboat.
  9. You are the prime example of someone in the center of the lifeboat. Can't wait to talk to you again soon. Congratulations on the year, that is such a tremendous milestone.
  10. Canali, Dickies, whatever it takes.
  11. Accepted a verbal this afternoon from my new boss, with written letter/package to follow by Friday. And tomorrow night I have to have dinner with the old boss and a presentation to a client I've been working for a year. Intending to accept and give notice on Friday. How to do so without burning bridges is gonna be delicate. I'm almost out of the wilderness. I think I'm going to play golf for a week. I see myself retiring from the new place. I was working with 2 sales leaders at the new place, with multiple headcount, and get the feeling they had to move quick or lose me to the other. I cant wait to find out the inside baseball on that one. Best of all, I've got a rabbi at the new place to help me navigate the entry, make key introductions. Fortune favored me today.
  12. Had a great video call with 1LT Bearschlong somewhere in Poland yesterday. He didn't tell me much but he looked good.
  13. Why even fly out of Raleigh on the return trip? Why not change the tickets to leave out of DC or BWI? Seems to me like that gives you an extra day to enjoy.
  14. Happy 3 year sobriety anniversary, @hullabelew. There's nothing quite like that feeling when you realize the gig is up and the world will continue to spin on it's axis without any input from me. Being flung off the merry go round was the best thing that ever happened to me as well.
  15. Interesting point. I can recall my last drunk wedding, it was my best friend's and I stood in the pulpit of an Episcopal church, pulled out my camera and took a photo of the audience and then slurred through some reading a la John Boehner. The rest of the night was blackout, and several years later my very last drunk coincided with me trying to bed one of his college friends and her turning me down. I made direct amends for the wedding fiasco, and if God ever puts that lady in my path I might just have to make amends to her for that night. "Hey, uh, I now have to practice rigorous honesty, I wanted to fuck your brains out since you were an 18 yr old at Rice and finally had enough courage to tell you when I was in my 30s, you shot me down, I got drunk for the last time, had a near death experience, and have been continuously sober since the next day." Maybe I'll discuss it with my sponsor first. The point is, I can't imagine an event where I drink that doesn't end in people recoiling in horror. Yup, I'm an alcoholic. Going through a very stressful time at the moment, my stepmom and I had a a very awkward discussion with my late dad's stockbroker today but I didn't have to drink over it. Fuck *** by the way, unless you are a very high net worth individual which I am definitely not, and with the current market I'm becoming less so by the day. I get it, I really do - but they aren't demons. And fighting is pointless. Would you call cancer a demon? And what is fighting cancer, other than getting out of denial and attempting to maintain a positive attitude? I have a disease where my body and brain metabolizes alcohol different from some other people, and the sooner I embrace it and treat it, i.e. get into acceptance and lay down my sword and submit, the quicker the paradox kicks in and the more enjoyment and meaning I get from life. Laypeople think it's a fight, or shake their head and say "that guy. . .he has demons" but nah not really. It's a disease of perception. It's not good, or bad, it just is. Reminds me of my good friend Kenny B, just a prince among men. He couldn't get out of the "warfare" mindset, enjoyed a few years of sobriety, then had an accident that required surgery, and eventually addiction killed him.
  16. My stepbro had his luggage lost recently on a business trip, and the only pants available to be bought were from - don't laugh - Lululemon. Apparently they actually make pants for men that can be worn to work. He actually wears them with Tecovas. My SIL makes fun of him constantly.
  17. I've got a flat ass, and the pants that fit me best are Tommy Bahama Boracay chinos, so I just buy them in multiple colors - pants and shorts, they fit the same. Throw on a company golf shirt or a Brooks Brothers plaid and a pair of polished boots and I'm good to go. Would love to hear what you other flat assed middle aged guys wear in terms of pants.
  18. Thanks for letting us know. Bear (he/him) Sent from flip phone using Tapatalk
  19. Team Ryobi 40v here for everything. My only ragret is not getting more of the powerhead units, changing from edger to trimmer to tiller "cultivator" gets old but it is easy. The blower (the midrange one) is a champ.
  20. delete post, ban user.
  21. I love low and slow, but it sure is a bitch to get through the stall when cooking at 225-240. You fellas might be on to something. I think I've been overcooking my brisket, maybe I'll do 275 next time.
  22. That or buying from AT&T, for sure. Sure would love to PM with any current or former IBM sales types. Ok, writing is on the wall, I just had a 148% month but I've given it a good 22 months and I just don't see the long term upside of my current gig, not to mention the fact that my VP of Sales is about to give all our boundary partners and sales people coronaries. I'm officially in the market, will be happy to be a referral for SaaS, Cloud, or other technical sales enterprise sales gig, and will be happy to engage on specifics via PM, plus you might get a bonus. I'm open to things other than technology sales, really any situation that is positive, growing, and where I can get a whole lot of at-bats and make a healthy OTE.
  23. Much better, thanks. Have really leaned on my support structure. I'm at an inflection point where I'm determined to focus on what I want to do rather than what I feel obligated to do. The anxiety attacks have passed, and some opportunities have opened up on the career front that were beyond my wildest dreams. We got probate started. I've had a few meditation points of note, mainly that avoidance causes anxiety, and that I need to take a hard look at my standards and make sure they are congruent with my values. I'm still really upset with whats going on in Ukraine, not only on the humanitarian front but because my kid has spent a total of 5 months in the last 24 in the US with his new bride. Proud as hell regarding his service and mission, just that a year in Korea followed up with a quick and unexpected redeployment to Poland will take a toll on his marriage.
  24. The book goes into great detail about how his college coaching schemes worked great with younger players without the basketball IQ of NBA talent, but slowed the pro game down to the point where they lost games they should have easily won, and won close games on sheer talent that would have been blowouts had Westhead fully carried out McKinney's scheme. Like putting hobbles on thoroughbreds. Great bench coach as long as he wasn't in charge of the whole game plan.
  25. I've got a coworker who had some stress-induced health problem severe enough to put her on short-term disability. I see myself leaving the company within a few months, myself. Just not worth it. I just got a call from a dear friend whose baby mama died today. Their daughter is six and never knew her mother as he got sole custody when the kid was six months old. I hadn't seen her in a while, but she was at least 5'8", and when she died, she was 60 lbs. Combination of eating disorder plus whatever else, I remember a few years ago I mentioned that she drank a bottle of Robitussin and passed out in her car in the CPS office parking lot. The situation was such that I was pulling for her, praying for her, but ultimately knew in my heart it was a question of when not if. So today is the when. I"m pretty sure she was in her early 30s. And when I first met her about ten years ago, she had movie-star good looks, which is why my buddy pursued her. Just a cryin shame. RIP Lana, your suffering is over.
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