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  1. Is it possible to slorch a thread in the first post?
  2. Wait, I'm confused. Trump has an ethics policy?!? I assume it's just "Fuck you, pay me."
  3. Oh right, I forgot. I'm sure we'll see a text as soon as he's done sinking the long putt for eagle on 18 to finish the round at 67.
  4. How has Trump not rage-tweeted about the Washington football team changing their name? Certainly, it's been mentioned on Fox News this morning so he has to know about it. Maybe his aides finally got smart and hid his phone.
  5. OK, Texas cannot handle this. Now we have someone coming into our state who is deadly when he plays a dope melody. I'm afraid that since hospitals are being overrun, nurses and doctors will misdiagnose this problem as the patient's brain being killed like a poisonous mushroom and it will lead to the wrong treatments.
  6. Anyone have any experience with fubo? They market themselves as the best streaming source for sports, but for a long time they didn't carry ESPN which is a pretty damn big hole in your sports lineup. But I heard that last week they said they would finally start to carry the ESPN networks. Maybe this would be the time to switch to them.
  7. Unless the Kentucky senator is the neighbor of a former senator who kicked said former senator's ass in a fight.
  8. So this thread is now about architecture. The Trump thread is about Mexican food outside of Texas. I assume the Covid threads will soon turn into discussions about, I don't know, maybe favorite reptiles?
  9. BamaChick, you know I have nothing but love for you, but
  10. We played around with the 2.0 and 3.0, shooting our feet and it felt like the 3.0 stung a little more but who knows. Either way the safety thing puts the 3.0 on top imo How much beer/alcohol was consumed before this experiment? I need to know for my control group that I'm planning tonight.
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