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  1. Or a tailor's pin. It's not easy getting a Texans jersey fitted.
  2. I've heard of some crazy side effects from the vaccine, but giving birth hasn't been on the list.
  3. That's what we have Dolly Parton for. Wait, we're talking about Philip here, right? It's hard trying to keep all the Nazi sympathizing scumbags straight.
  4. OK, Lebron, if you're going to use my body there's a couple of things you need to know upfront. First, your right ankle will feel stiff when you wake up in the morning. Just walk it out and it'll be fine. Second, don't worry about that popping sound in the shoulder. The doctor says it's fine. Lastly, yes, "it's down there". You just need to bend over a bit and lift up the gut, but then you'll see it. And it works fine (most of the time).
  5. To answer the OP, yes, same procedures. You are required to wear a mask the whole ride.
  6. Why are these two issues being discussed in tandem? I'm going to start a thread asking people where they stand on ice cream and football. Do you like both of them? Neither? One, but not the other?
  7. "Anything, except for prostitutes" is what you meant to say there.
  8. For his sake, I hope he got free hemorrhoid banding included in his contract as well.
  9. I know I have to own the moment, but do I have to own the music or just lose myself in it? Do these opportunities come once in a lifetime or more often?
  10. I would take her out for a nice seafood dinner. But I'm not letting her drive to the restaurant.
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