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  1. In all seriousness, after I realized the Saints were going to lose, I was really hoping you two would pick the same game this week. When I realized y'all picked two different winners, I knew I was done. One upset was possible, two wasn't happening.
  2. First of all, congratulations. Usually I would be upset, but this time I am not. Currently, I am feeling great. Knowing that you were the one that won means the world to me. Yes sir, everything is great here. On to next year's competition. Under my current drinking conditions, I should probably go to bed.
  3. Why would that be important? The Trump 2020 campaign is paying every cent for each of these rallies, right? Right?
  4. Damn, Bartles wins by the length of a cunt hair. I hope that when you're blowing your winnings on lap dances, you think of TG and I.
  5. The double whammy of your favorite team losing to their rival and knocking you out of an eliminator pool. It's the second time in the last couple of years that the Saints have done that to me. Good luck to Bartles and TG.
  6. I don't know but I've been told Eskimo pussy is mighty cold
  7. I had a medical emergency about a month ago and the doctor has told me I can't drive until Christmas. Gentlemen, please get the wreath fund filled up because I may not make it until the end of the year with my wife's driving. I tried to tell the doctor that me having a seizure behind the wheel is still much safer than my wife's normal driving. He didn't agree, but then again he hasn't driven with her yet.
  8. We're here to kick ass and drink coffee .... and we abstain from caffeine.
  9. C'mon, man. Have some compassion. The homeless have been through enough. There's no need to subject them to watching our basketball team.
  10. My kid is the same age and that's my feeling as well. There's not going to be anything worse in this movie than comes out of my mouth while watching the Longhorns.
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