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  1. Once you get it setup, it's as easy as the ipad rings and she hits the big red button to answer. I'm not an Apple fanboi by any stretch, but it is a really easy program to use.
  2. If you can find that ipad or get her a new one, Facetime is really easy to use. My kids use it a lot to talk to my parents.
  3. Seriously? That sucks. They were going to be in my pizza/beer rotation during quarantine.
  4. Agreed. I obviously remembered the major plot twist at the end, but there were several other things in that episode I had forgotten about.
  5. My son decided he wanted to binge Lost during the quarantine. We just watched "Through the Looking Glass" and his mind is blown.
  6. Most states (including Texas) have canceled their state assessments for students. However, the College Board is going through with AP tests in May. The tests will be taken online (students can do them at home), they're only going to be 45 minutes each, and will only cover content that most schools have covered up until March. There will be more details released on April 3rd, but that's the gist of it.
  7. At this point, I should be looking at the surly pool standings and thinking that after my amazing first day, I have a shot at winning this whole thing. And then reality hits today when I only get 4 out of the 16 games correct and I fall to the second page of the standings.
  8. I feel like someone should intervene and stop this before it gets out of control. Nah, he'll finish soon I'm sure.
  9. If any of you have high-schoolers who are taking AP tests this year, the College Board is going to begin hosting online trainings on Youtube starting next week and going through the end of April. There will be an e-mail about it out tomorrow.
  10. If you're worried about the price, just invite a bunch of friends over for it and split the cost. Lots of people sitting close together in your house, sharing food and drink together, what could possibly go wrong?
  11. No, no, no. That has to be fake news. This is an election year and as we all know, new judges can't be confirmed in an election year.
  12. Jeff being too excited at the airport drop-off had me rolling.
  13. Oh, I'm jealous. The Americans might be my second favorite series of all-time, right behind Breaking Bad.
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