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  1. With the proper adaptor the small camping bottles can be refilled. ^^
  2. It started out as LOL but most likely ended up as holy shit.
  3. guess you'll be having whiskey over ice then.
  4. If ya' can put some type of non led light source under it, maybe with a light wrap something like a towel, magazine, aluminum foil. anything to keep some heat around it.
  5. If you had a bidet in there you would have already known that.
  6. Drivers are heading back to the cars for the restart.
  7. I got a brand new bottle of Buffalo Trace and chili on the stove. I'm prepared.
  8. If you marry a woman fucks and can make gravy you'll be a happy man. If she can't do either, you'll become a philosopher.
  9. I'm happy with anyone other than Chase E or Joey L.
  10. Prove it and change my mind.
  11. a good Catholic I see. It hasn't me 40 years for me but.....
  12. hard boiled kept in the ice box for a snack.
  13. Tell me more about this nickel 9v setup. How long does it last with a new battery? Sounds like it could be a good solution for keeping an outdoor spigot warm if you wrap it in a towel but will it catch on fire? Rig one up and carry it around in your pocket for awhile use your best discretion. They won't last forever, but it may work just long enough. I've never had one catch fire, but there is always a first time.
  14. To put on a pair of pants like that I'd be drunk too.
  15. ^^ thaw comes stupid fingers made a typo
  16. vTexas Temperature Map - Air Sports Net (usairnet.com) quick way to check area temps. Any of you guys think to buy charcoal (for cooking not warming the haus) or camp stove fuel? If ya' lose power at least you eat some thing warm. In a pinch taping(several layers) a nickel over both terminals of a 9v battery will warm it up. I've never done that with a new one, but used "dead" ones with success for hunting/fishing trips for a pocket warmer. I'd also recommend that if you decide to try to get out to the local hardware store to pick up insulation add to the basket some items
  17. moto moto says hi.. Madagascar 2: Big And Chunky featuring Moto Moto and will.i.am - YouTube
  18. I wouldn't over think it, just let 'em roll and see where it goes. Or you could squash the riot with a water cannon.
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