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  1. Holy shit, Jimbo blames the loss on defense? Their defense is the only thing that is working in that team. If I’m Elko I get the hell out of there ASAP.
  2. Dbeasy


    Oh ya he wrote that himself.
  3. Why has NBC ignored Spieth all day?
  4. No it’s perfect. The “early setback”.
  5. Holy shit poster called it with the Leon bitch tits move.
  6. A Texas win would mean the first first a new Texas coach started 3-1 since Fred Akers. Yikes.
  7. I don’t get why they always pair Spieth with Thomas. I know they are close friends, but their games are not all that complementary.
  8. Shout out to Phil and Thad for doing a fantastic job in helping one of my home buyer clients to get his house purchase closed. They made a huge difference in the process. They worked on a weekend to help us lock-down a contract on a house in a very competitive environment. They worked the process hard to be able to close almost two weeks early. They handled urgent questions and issues quickly, which kept the deal on-track. And they ended up with a competitive mortgage rate and cost. Awesome job guys. They may not have a sex tent, but they know their shit.
  9. Owens was a take purely on his numbers. I’ve gotten more skeptical about those types of picks. The fast wide receiver from a few years ago that blew up late because of his forty time picked Alabama and has since transferred. Can’t recall his name.
  10. There is a survey on the football forum that outlines what we are looking to do on NIL. Check it out and respond to it if you haven’t already. We are now in execution mode.
  11. This was posted in the NIL forum, but also posting this on the main board to get more survey results. Surly brethren, a group has gotten together to create an initiative around NIL to make Texas more competitive in the future for athletic talent. We need your input via a survey on the topic. Please take 5 minutes to answer this 7 question survey. If you care about UT sports, please do the survey. It's important. We won't spam anyone's email. We just need data on the idea/plan. Google survey is here: https://forms.gle/DSusiLn7c6JL8D9C6
  12. I’m confused about the vlogger video. When was that taken? We’re they just at that area unrelated to the disappearance?
  13. Sure there are some good coaches in that list, but if Saban is truly the greatest college coach of all time I would have expected a stronger showing.
  14. So many mixed feelings about Sark. When he was first rumored to get the job, I was lukewarm. I managed to convince myself over time he would be great, primarily because of stories about how good of an offensive coordinator he supposedly has become, and the opportunity he had to learn under Saban. So went and looked at the Saban coaching tree and there sure are a lot of busts on there. For some reason I was thinking his tree was stronger. L. C. Cole: Tennessee State (1996–1999), Alabama State (2000–2002), Stillman (2009–2010) Dean Pees: Kent State (1998–2003) Bobby Williams: Michigan State(2000–2002) Tom Amstutz: Toledo (2001–2008) Mark Dantonio: Cincinnati (2004–2006), Michigan State (2007–2019) Brad Salem: Augustana (SD) (2005–2009) Scott Linehan: St. Louis Rams(2006–2008) Derek Dooley: Louisiana Tech (2007–2009), Tennessee (2010–2012) Josh McDaniels: Denver Broncos(2009–2010) Mike Haywood: Miami (OH) (2009–2010), Texas Southern (2016–2018) Jimbo Fisher: Florida State (2010–2017), Texas A&M (2018–present) Jason Garrett: Dallas Cowboys(2011–2019)[71] Curt Cignetti: IUP (2011–2016), Elon(2017–2018), James Madison (2019–present) Pat Shurmur: Cleveland Browns(2011–2012), New York Giants(2018–2019) Will Muschamp: Florida (2011–2014), South Carolina (2016–2020) Mike Mularkey: Jacksonville Jaguars(2012), Tennessee Titans (2016–2017) Jim McElwain: Colorado State (2012–2014), Florida (2015–2017), Central Michigan (2019–present) Brian Polian: Nevada (2013-2016) Dan Quinn: Atlanta Falcons (2015–2020) Adam Gase: Miami Dolphins (2016–2018), New York Jets (2019–2020) Kirby Smart: Georgia (2016–present)[72][73] Major Applewhite: Houston (2016–2018)[74] Geoff Collins: Temple (2017-2018), Georgia Tech (2019–present) Mario Cristobal: Oregon (2017–present) Lane Kiffin: FAU (2017–2019), Ole Miss (2020–present) Jeremy Pruitt: Tennessee (2018–2020)[75] Billy Napier: Louisiana (2018–present) Mike Locksley: Maryland (2019–present) Mel Tucker: Colorado (2019), Michigan State (2020–present) Freddie Kitchens: Cleveland Browns(2019) Joe Judge: New York Giants (2020–present) Herb Haygood: Madonna (2020–present) Butch Jones: Arkansas State (2021–present) Steve Sarkisian: Texas (2021–present) Charles Huff: Marshall (2021–present) It’s way way too early to form an opinion on Sark but the way they lost that game we definitely concerning. That Saban coaching tree makes me wonder if more of his success has been due to primarily early and extensive cheating in his Bama tenure, and less about coaching greatness.
  15. Agree, but the rotten tomatoes ratings aren’t as high as they should be and some people express “meh” for those movies. Those people are sadly mistaken.
  16. Burn After Reading The Other Guys Great movies
  17. I'm getting ready to use the services of a Surly lawyer to update wills, etc and happened to run across confusing information about community property vs joint tenants with rights of survivorship (JTWRS) in Texas. My accountant wasn't helpful. Basically, it is my understanding that there are tax benefits to having property defined as community property for when one spouse dies, instead of JTWROS. However, I'm confused about how various accounts or assets can be defined as community property. I always see options to select JTWRS or Tenants In Common (TIC) for accounts and assets, but don't recall seeing community property as a selection option. Anyone understand this area?
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