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  1. It is amazing how fast all of the media and financial pundits have started spouting shock value headlines about a major recession and deep stock market corrections. Just keep in mind those pundits are probably trading on the opposite side of whatever they are saying publicly. And the Fed is trying to engineer an elevated inflation environment for the next ten years to inflate away the debt as a percentage of gdp. To do that they have to talk tough to scare everyone, slowing down runaway inflation, but then will have to lighten up once the data shows 4% inflation instead of 7-8%. We may have a deep stock market correction and negative gdp at some point, but the next ten years will be a 3-4% inflation environment.
  2. I was talking about everyone’s pool costs, not sod. This thread would be so much more powerful to price compare. The posting of the pool specs above was great.
  3. I"m trying to connect two monitors to my desktop. One monitor via HDMI is fine. However, I only have DVI and DisplayPort ports for the second monitor. I tried to use a DisplayPort to USB-C adapter to connect to a monitor with a USB-C input port, but my Windows 11 HP desktop doesn't see the second monitor. I've tried everything and am stuck. Doug
  4. The Hang Zone has been the big positive surprise of the shift. I like those guys. The problem with afternoon drive time is you have two guys that often need to be reigned in. Bob from going sports nerd mode too much and Corby from being annoying over the top sooner asshole.
  5. I’m where is Danny going? I have mixed feelings. The Bob, Corby and Danny mix has a lot of unlistenable moments, and Danny was a part of that. But, he also helped limit other unlistenable moments.
  6. Does no one want to share what they paid because they fear it will make them look like a sucker who overpaid?
  7. Fox is putting it on at 11 am because it’s a temper tantrum over Texas and OU going to the SEC. And ugh, first promo already highlights “Is Texas Back?” How many more effing years are we going to keep hearing that?
  8. I have to say I was indifferent to the news of his potential departure. If he produces and stays responsible, then I’ll get excited about him. Until then, I’m Missouri.
  9. On behalf of all surly posters, I’d like to express my deep appreciation for the posters who are taking the time to post news on this war. It is a history impacting event and this thread keeps us all informed about what is happening. It’s great info.
  10. The $13M Arch Manning NIL figure it incorrect. Because I'm also in for $50. $13,000,050.
  11. Given the 40-70% increases in and around Austin, and the fact that a major chunk of that real estate is not subject to the 10% increase cap, property tax rates SHOULD drop dramatically. They won’t, and there will be a massive revolt.
  12. I’m calling for a nationwide boycott of SeatGeek. If I have to watch one more effing commercial of butts talking while I’m eating breakfast I’m going to go medieval on someone.
  13. Headed to the Big Island again in two months. Looking for anyone that’s done deep sea fishing there recently. It had fallen off the last several years but wanted to see what experiences people have had lately.
  14. Burn It to the Ground by Nickelback is a good song.
  15. Barbacoa Can you please STFU and delete all the garbage you’ve posted
  16. There were so many plot holes in the last few episodes I had to stop counting. Garbage. Still not as infuriating as the last episode of GoT however. That was the worst in history.
  17. Like Strong not getting a QB, Herman picking the worst four and five star talent available.
  18. It’s okay. If there are narcs here they have to tell us.
  19. The smoke around Greathouse to ND is real. I know there was a view on the board that we were recruiting him as hard as the other top priorities, but that’s not what I’ve heard. If Texas misses out on one or two guys maybe there is another shot at him, but right now seems to be ND.
  20. I know this communication style. I’m almost certain I know this poster. Bloviating was the give away. Welcome hoss.
  21. Jeez I remember both of these. I need to get out of the house more often.
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