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  1. LOL, not true but would rep 2x if I could... Hit @Dennis Taylor with some reps please!!
  2. Last time I swerved hard was for a cat, in 1988.
  3. Despite the bad quality picture I am confident it is a non-venomous water snake, likely a plain bellied water snake, from the body shape, color, eye position, head shape, and labial bars.
  4. Brenen Thompson just ran a 10.24 at state so he might have something to say about it
  5. With this defense, I’d just be happy forcing a third down of any distance
  6. joder y averiguar
  7. GW Fins pork belly Aged Bluefin and swordfish
  8. 4th and 5

    Arc Angels!

    The Angels return tonight at Gruene Hall!
  9. Herb garden Basil, purple basil, lavender, Mexican heather, penta, sage, rosemary, oregano, more basil, mint, cat nip, variegated oregano, variegated Sage, mums onion radishes wildflowers lambier Big garden update, potatoes and tomatoes are thick, blackberries are taking off
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