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  1. strip clubs on 45 made me think of the Ocean Cabaret, my buddy had a bachelor party there back around 97, the night before we rented a beach house in east and set up guided fishing trips.....being the trust officer holding everyones 20s, I picked out a stripper there, blond hair blue eyes, big tits, seemed too talented for that place, anyway she went by the cognomen "Dallas".... the things she did to the groom to be violated all sense of community standards in the area, and that's saying something for that location and I'm pretty sure he said at one point he licked her asshole....someone bought me a very large athletic black girl for an hour, I think that's where I got my taste for some "brown sugar" now and again....and then, best I can recall, someone blew a huge doobie in the restroom causing half the party to get booted from the club, prolly time to go anyway as the evening's events are as hazy in my memory now as they were the day after I don't think it helped his hangover the next day when I incited the guide into running the boat thru a flock of grebes at wide open throttle and one popped up out of the water and hit him in the head
  2. I swear by it for fishing.
  3. 200 for that grill is a deal, the Genesis is bulletproof
  4. Give yourself some credit. You have far more value to offer than just your rep. For instance, you could post pics of your tits. That would add value.
  5. Must have been 20 years since I went the Frank Bush route. Can’t say I miss it.
  6. Have the Mrs. throw in a couple of handies.... and then no, we still don’t have a deal
  7. Scored four bottles of W12 at 28.99 last night, that gets me up to 13. If anyone in Centex wants to trade a BTAC for multiple W12 hit me up
  8. If it is in the slot limit it can be retained. He said otherwise
  9. Box that doesn’t make a lick of sense and that ain’t how it works
  10. Ummm....who DOESN’T shoot squirrels with a pellet gun in the city limits?
  11. I took 2 steps right up the back of a 4+ footer on a cold morning dove hunting south of Tilden. Didn't move, didn’t rattle. That’s the day I stopped hunting in snake gaiters and started hunting in snake chaps.
  12. It’s called brumation
  13. A friend played safety in the NFL from 01 to 09. I asked him what RB he hated to tackle the most. He didn’t have to think long about his answer: Jerome Bettis
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