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Texas @ Texas Tech 11am on CBS

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Efforts every 3 Febres hits he gives up 4 - 6 easy points on D... give me Donovan Williams or Cunningham all day over Febres’ +/- ... and fit that matter AJ and Febres need to play with more than pick up game level effort and toughness on D and rebounding 

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Just now, Brothahorn said:

Just as I was about go give Sims props for his passing he throws it away.



We are good for a couple of those a game. Throwing that pass usually gets picked off 

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1 minute ago, Horny Bull said:

Cunningham did the second time he was fouled

He missed the first.   


edit: you're correct.  he has 3 points.   

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I'm dumb
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1 minute ago, SDG said:

Foul trouble like AJ1.  they both have 2.  


1 minute ago, Js1 said:

On the bench with 2 fouls?

Thanks. I understand how fouls work. I think he was on the court a possession too late.

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