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  1. I guess this means you’re not going to sell your Airstream to me?
  2. I appreciate the good faith response and I’m well aware of the timelines. I’ll make a motion to excuse you from the fart sniffers flock.
  3. Sure. Wake me up when all your batteries, panels, and EVs are actually carbon neutral. I’ll still be here … or maybe I won’t.
  4. Lol. Whole lotta feel good, back patting fart sniffing going on in here. Carry on all you carbon warriors.
  5. It is a sad state of affairs for the cattle bidness. Drought, high fuel and fertilizer prices, low sales prices … really shitty all around. We kept a few dorpers but that’s it. Guess we’ll just watch the grass grow if it ever rains.
  6. Dusty Baker used the offseason to become a Covered Entity just to fuck with the media.
  7. Lol. More than you can handle, probably. We sold all our cows at the end of last year. Mixed emotions but the drought this year and crazy fertilizer prices took a heavy toll. Maybe we’ll get back in if stuff ever calms down or it rains again.
  8. Camped there in October 2020. Shame - nice place.
  9. Park City tomorrow. @jeevsie @grazinhorn
  10. Ouch. Berry frop from too high.
  11. And just pay once a month Like you do your rent
  12. Quite the taint on both franchises.
  13. This is how they get him to not run for a second term? Which is the right decision for the country … but I’d rather he come to it on his own.
  14. The best to my taste buds … as a San Antonio native.
  15. Those were the droids he was looking for.
  16. Pretty sure there’s a recall on it. Once it happens take it in and the dealer can resolve the issue. Probably not worth the hassle but FYI.
  17. I haz sad. It’d be great to bring back La Pina.
  18. I’m still a pool noob and thinking ahead to this cold weather incoming … anyone thinking of preemptively draining equipment (pump, filter, heater) in case of wide spread and long lasting power outages? If the juice stays on I’m not worried not matter how cold it gets. But, I’m still a little skeptical our fearless state leaders have done enough to ensure the grid holds up. Interested to hear what others are thinking.
  19. Well done, ladies! Hook ‘Em! [emoji869][emoji869][emoji869]
  20. No matter how terrible you describe the circles it is no more depressing than the fact that fucking guy was the President. It is unto itself the most nearly perfect and unfathomable circle of hell.
  21. On, brave old Army team! On to the fray Fight on to victory For that's the fearless Army way!
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