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2022-23 Houston Rockets Thread - One More Season of Suckage


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The only way to guarantee tanking is to sit guys. Porter was the only key player that sat today. Green, Segun, Smith, Eason were all north of 24 minutes. 

They gave it the college try with Boban, Nix and Kaminsky, but the Wizards were worse than even that rotation. 

I'm not going to blame Silas for this shit. It's Stone's decision to sit or play guys. 


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For the draft, for teams tied they flip a coin for who gets the higher position. For lottery teams, you split the ping pong balls evenly and then flip a coin for who gets the odd remainder and better overall position. So, if SA wins and we end up tied, there is a coin flip for who is 2 and who is 3 but that would just affect the back end (ie worst pick being 6th or 7th) as the lottery odds would remain the same is my understanding.

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2 hours ago, Rockethorn1978 said:

Hopefully they trade him. Brandon miller has jumped scoot in most mock drafts. I think if Houston isn’t #1 you just take best player regardless of position.

Yeah it looks like Miller is going to stay clear on charges. I’m good with him as the Victor consolation prize. 

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